I Saw You

Week of July 23rd

Smoker Trasher: We Saw You, yes, we did! July 7th, 10:30. High Dr., Light-Gold colored Toyota van. Casually flicking your butt out the window on to the Bluff. Your butt is trash, it belongs in the garbage, it can cause a fire! Think about what you are doing. Please. Grrrrrr! Smokey T. Bear

Bear Lake Swimmer:
Cheers to the gal swimming across Bear Lake on 7/13/2020. I was lazily paddling around in my kayak when I saw you powering by. Inspiring!

SPS Lunch Heroes: Thanks to the Spokane Public Schools staff who make and serve lunches to kids in the community. You are much appreciated!

Cheers to the Inlander again! You are appreciated for printing a variety of views. Not sure it will Wake anyone Up, as people are so easily triggered nowdays, and scared! Regardless of what the news has stated...90% of people were wearing masks anyways, even when we didn't agree. Now it's 98%. I used my eyes, not what I was Hearing... Can we please drop it now. It's an absurd argument. You all just repeat the narrative we hear on TV. The ONLY thing you truly have control over is yourself, and that's where change begins. Please stop this Hate and Fear mongering! Wake Up and Grow Up!

Taking the sting out a traumatic time: We were camping east of Avery, ID on the St. Joe when I was stung a couple times by a bee/hornet/wasp. I ended up having a severe allergic reaction and as we set out to find the nearest hospital, we encountered a very helpful National Forest Service woman who directed us to Avery. There, the folks at the Avery Store & Motel were so incredibly helpful, getting me more Benadryl (trying to just give it to me instead of having me pay) and going so far as to give me their personal Epi-pen. Also, an off-duty physician was in the store and provided some much-needed guidance. From there it was on to St. Maries and Benewah General Hospital. The folks there were amazing and took great care of me. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of these people who helped get my wife and I through a traumatic adventure.

Cheers to the Genuine Kindness of Strangers: Cheers to the cyclist couple who stopped to help my mom and I at Higgins Point Wednesday afternoon. I have a rare genetic diagnosis that has had a neurological impact that the doctors have an idea about but don't fully understand. Between the pharmacy and insurance, my meds keep getting screwed up so I've been without a couple of them for two weeks now. I had an episode when I went up to the the restroom area and messaged my mom down at the docks I was in distress. She flagged the cyclists down for assistance on her way to meet me. It was not an emergency, but I was hot, shaky and in need of water and rest. The man asked if he could at least pray for me, and I accepted. No preaching, and they hesitantly left. I'm not a Christian, but his calm kind words and energy were greatly appreciated. I want to say thank you and let you know I made it home safely.

Dragon Lady of delivery: As a woman in a position of power, why are you treating your delivery drivers so disgustingly? Is it necessary to spend your days harrasing your employees? Some of whom are being pushed to almost double their daily amount of deliveries. This is a trying time in the world. Every day after you throw a fit and scream at a driver for not having on something as simple as the "appropriate" socks, please put on a pair and go run laps around the building for 12+hours. Hopefully then you'll begin to understand the shift you're sending them out on. They are all just trying to survive the day. We ALL are. Please allow their safety and well-being to come before your unhinged need for Authoritarian Control. Honey is always sweeter. If you stick with vinegar dont forget your safety vest, you'll need it for all that running!

Jeers to the Vapor Bro: I cannot believe that you will not let your wife out of the house unless she's making money for you. It's amazing how far all of you have fallen in my absence. Almost like I was the only person around you with a conscience. Fortunately, that isn't my problem anymore. I left because the things you're doing to your wife now you did to me all of our lives, and the thing your children are going to abandon you over. And you deserve all of it. How long until you turn our childhood friend out onto the street and your metaphorical pimp status turns literal, all to get rich. You disgust me. Hire someone to lose my phone number, you cretinous dipswitch.

Wear a Mask: Full Jeers to all of you that will not wear a facemask. You've proved one thing to ALL the rest of us. You do not care about anyone but yourself, a genuine Trumpism, it's all about me, me, me, proof of a low brainpan. Yes, I said it, "Deplorables".

You Can't Wear A Mask? So, simple question... If you cant wear a mask, for one reason or another, why don't you just put on a face shield..It covers the requirements, and you can breathe through it just fine... Move on...

Harassing our public officials: Jeers to those who joined the July 18 Patriot Prayer bull horn protest organized by founder Joey Gibson in front of Regional Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz' home. This was clearly designed to harass and intimidate. Contact the Spokane City Council — An emergency ordinance is needed now to curtail protests targeting individuals in their homes. There is good reason for concern regarding the safety of public officials. If a group wants to protest City or County ordinances, they may present their petition at their office — NEVER at their private residence. The city must find a way to stop protests in front of private homes. ♦

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