I Saw You

Week of July 30th

How dare you!
07/09 you driving a black suv, blowing kisses at me when our eyes met near Napa and Sprague. We pulled over, chatted and exchanged numbers. You had some bogus story about you living with ur STEPMOM and that you have been dating someone for a few months that was a friend of ur family, but ur not happy- dude!! If ur not happy, end it and move on! You refused to send me a pic for ur contact info, and said sometimes you stay over at her house, even though you hate being with her so you can't get late night texts. Guess what?! You're a huge POS for lying with the intention of cheating on her!!! I hope she sees this and dumps ur a$$ for being shady AF! You also told me several different times that you write children's books. I have a great idea for ur next book: Daddy is a POS so mommy kicked his A$$ to the curb! If you haven't already figured it out - I have blocked you because you were blowing up my phone!!

Gun nut while shopping: Yeah I saw you and reported you to management, but apparently they don't care about the safety of their customers in the Valley. I was shopping for some MUCH needed summer clothing for my 9 year old and saw you and your female friend walking around with a handgun on display on your hip... pretty certain you weren't police officers... looked more like meth heads. Management did nothing after I reported it and now I will no longer shop at that store. Who needs a gun while shopping??? No one, that's who. SMDH

Bubble Day Ambassadors:
Cheers to the Bubble Day Ambassadors at Riverfront Park. You both made our night teaching my son and I how to create some amazing bubbles. Thanks for making Spokane such a fun place.

Sock-Mask Guy: To the guy who saw the 'Mask Required' sign on our door and came back with a sock held over your mouth and nose, thanks. Whether you forgot your mask or didn't have one, you found a way to make it work. Thanks for supporting local businesses and helping to keep us open by following the requirements. You certainly made our day!

Thank you first responders: Thank you SO much to the firefighters and police for taking care of a car that burst into flames on Lidgerwood 7-21-20. I was about to call 911 and you were already there! Thank you all for taking care of it so quickly. Zoa

Wake up Veterans:
Oh... go piss up a rope. Signed, Jarhead

Kiss from a Motorcyclist: To the guy on the motorcycle that came up to our car window while we were out for a drive and waiting at a stop light. What were you thinking?! Are you INSANE?!! There is a global pandemic going on!! Maybe you thought it was a kind gesture to come up and give my 96-year-old mother who has Alzheimer's a big fat smooch on the mouth. But if she gets sick from COVID-19 in the next couple of weeks, it will certainly be due to your unwanted assault! Thanks a lot for putting another added stress onto our lives.

Tweaker accosting a delivery driver: Here's to the obviously drunk and/or high guy In the dark two door sedan at the 3rd street Taco Bell screaming and cussing at a woman in a silver SUV for absolutely no reason. Really tough of you to call her several expletives and proceed to throw at least two water bottles at her car... you kept screaming she was "blocking the drive through" when she wasn't... I had no trouble driving past her and I was behind you. I saw that she was parked lengthwise instead of correctly, because all the parking spaces were lined with lime scooters... takes a real tough guy to rage at a poor, defenses person just doing their job... grow the F Up already... Oh and drugs are bad... try driving sober next time. You are lucky she didn't call the police like she said she would... you would've been in jail. And to the young lady he was screaming at... sorry you went through that and if you need witnesses... I'd be more than happy to help... the dude was a nut case.

Corona!!! If you want the Rona then I suggest going to CDA Idaho where a mask and social distancing does not exist. And this is coming from a person that thinks the mandatory mask is bulls#*t!!! Come on Idaho, at least try!!!!

Riverside State Pothole: Here's to whoever is supposed to maintain W. Aubrey L. White Parkway between the golf course and W 7 Mile. It has craters deep enough to break a bike wheel and massive crumbling edges so large there isn't even room for two passing vehicles at once. As one of the area's busiest bike routes, I'd hope that more attention would be paid to this area.

PROTESTERS: I Cannot Believe These Self-absorbed Non Wearing Mask Activists Are Going To This Doctor's House Protesting, How Did They Get His Address, Why Did Spokane Police Allow Them To Get Close To His House, This Man Is Trying To Save Your Sorry Behind Life, This Is A Pandemic, By Order Of The Governor Of Wa Which He Has The Right To Enforce This Mask Law To Save Lives, If You Don't Like It Go To Idaho, They Could Care Less If You Live Or Die, If You Really Want To Blame Someone For Mandating The Mask Law, Blame The Bars And Restaurants, Cause Cases Surge After They Opened, So Take Your Sorry Behinds And Protest The Bars And Restaurants, Remember When Mt St Helen's Blew We Wore Masks And No One Complained, So What's The Difference? This Is Why Other Countries Won't Allow Americans Come To Their Countries, After All We Are The Laughingstock Of The World.

So why Now??? So The City of Spokane finally got a conscience? Not likely. When you've been able to do business the same way for longer than anyone can remember why change NOW? If the public — yes that sad Totally Clueless Group that doesn't seem at all interested in really what is going on in their city — actually had to face what goes on here that is Counter productive to their interests their heads would pop off their shoulders like a Zit on a teenager's face! This is why the actual phrase that is used to protect themselves from those overwhelming realizations is "If you don't like it you can leave"! Isn't that just clever? So! All of a sudden a Police Officer goes 65 in a 30 — hits another car — writes THEM a ticket and frankly up until NOW "Let 'em off Larry" would have done just that. Maybe there would have been a VERY quiet review but it would have been shuffled to the bottom of the pile. The PUBLIC would have paid for the cars involved. Maybe? The civilian would have been quietly told not to rock the boat and the world according to Chief Spokane would have been back to normal. WOW! Frankly — and I am truly sorry the people in the civilian car got hurt — but there have been very recent issues with Police Officers that make this look like they all just stopped for ice cream. What about Felony Criminal Assistance to family members for a VIOLENT CRIME when the officer left his patrol area to go to the criminal aid of his daughter and her boyfriend after they beat the crap out of the boyfriend's ex-girlfriend? The Officer was allowed to quietly retire NO further action taken on ANY of them. At least that is how I read it in the back pages weeks later in the Spokesman Review. But that is the quality of service people of Spokane get when they are completely buffaloed by CITY HALL. THAT'S why the Ombudsman office is such a nutless wonder! The public only complains when there aren't enough fries with their Happy Meal! The rest of this just might make your head pop off like a ZIT! So if you don't like it just look away! Otherwise you speak up and people will tell you to leave! ♦

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