I Saw You

Week of August 6th

Handsome guy at Northern Quest:
I saw you, in non-smoking on July 27th, You had on a green mask with little black lines all over it. I was wearing a purple hoodie. You moved one machine over, to play the Quick hit with the Hawaiian lady & tigers directly next to me and got a bonus right away; you said something about how I must be good luck. I said well Maybe you were the good luck! We laughed and chatted for a little. I had to leave and you said "Good luck, beautiful." I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, and while my memory is awful, I would know the mask you were wearing if I saw it again. I'll be at Northern for the drawing on Thursday the 30th. I really hope I see you there! But on the off chance I don't see you, I surely hope you see this. If you'd like to grab a coffee or something sometime, shoot me an email and we can connect! Kalinda509@gmail.com send a pic of the mask in the email so I know for sure it is you! Good luck handsome! Until we meet again.

Idaho Birthday Clown Girl: Stumbled across your profile on one of the dating apps. Immediately - and I do mean IMMEDIATELY - messaged you and thought, "Oh, I hope she writes back!" Alas. But I do want to thank you. You've given me a great idea for a romantic comedy screenplay. (I still hope you write back, though, although I've abandoned that particular app.)

Lovely woman: To the woman with the stunning aquamarine eyes the central YMCA. Yes, I see you. How could I look into those beautiful eyes and then look away? I was sad and lonely until you swam into my life. Life surprises you when you least expect it.

RK + SM: I just want to let you know that even though we are at a crossroads in our relationship, I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. As we sit in different rooms, you at your computer and me on the floor mat, I can't deny that there is tension and uncomfortable energy between us. I am truly sorry for everything I've ever said out of anger and I want to thank you for all the time that we have shared! I love you, baby!!!

Dory the nurse: You were the nurse for my grandmother on 7/29 at sacred heart. I came to visit her and was completely swept away by your beauty and fun attitude. I had asked you if I could have breakfast with my grandmother, but you recommended that I didn't because of everything going on. I was wearing the mandatory yellow gown and white hat. I would love to have a socially distant cup of coffee with you sometime. If your up for it, please email me at bonwelltw@gmail.com

RE: Gun nut while shopping:
Hmmmm, so you're mad because someone was holding in a public place?? If you lived in Texas you would notice that EVERYONE has a gun. It's a constitutional right for anyone with a weapons license to carry. So unless they were waving it around and threatening you, they weren't breaking the law. So please unbunch your panties lady!

Gun nut Karen: It's called conceal carry. You seriously would have an aneurysm if you knew how many people carry in public. I'm sorry that the big, bad, scary gun made you feel unsafe and angry. Especially when you didn't get your foot stomping snowflaky way in regards to management. Long story short, honey, you need to chill TF out.

White Privilege: I doubt my words will make any difference to those who feel slighted and possibly threatened by the Black Lives Matter mantra. But try to open your minds to what can't be denied. Since we white Europeans landed on this country we have dominated over those who were here before us. Natives slaughtered. Their way of life completely controlled. The introduction of Africans to America was nothing more than a purchase. Human cattle or horses or oxen. Humans. Black human-beings with feelings, thoughts, pain and hope, considered to be less than other humans. And didn't we White Lords of the Land get used to it. If you think about it, it hasn't been that long since slavery was abolished. But generational mindsets are passed down. The Civil Rights Law of the sixties didn't just flip a switch and "poof" ending centuries of domination. Hell, the confederate flag is still a symbol for some. The basic message. Black Lives Matter. Not the constant rhetoric, not the politicizing, not the talking heads needing to fill time, but a statement. Black Lives Matter. They haven't. We White Americans have always mattered you pompous ass. Don't you understand that Black Americans have always been considered second or third- class. They didn't matter. Now they do. Get over it.

Poor manager: As a manager, you foster a culture of fear and retaliation. We are tired of this. Perhaps you could make it your "mission" to make our work life just a little more tolerable.

Be Better: Jeers to the anti-maskers and their graying goatees and overly dyed bob-cuts, to the COVID-hoaxers, the QAnon conspiracy theorists, the pseudo-Christians voting against abortion but silent to the suffering of the living, the Blue Lives/All Lives Matter crowd, and the 2nd amendment gang that forgot what fascism looks like and were manipulated and bolstered by propaganda and their own latent/disguised racism. Also, jeers to Nadine Woodward for becoming a politician with the intention of furthering her TV-personality "brand" and her real-estate holdings. You are not qualified to lead in any capacity. Cheers to the patient, kindhearted service workers who are as polite as possible while morons pretend to be brave and patriotic by disregarding the well-being of their own neighbors. Cheers to the hospital staff who will bear the burden of these "patriots'" "bravery." Cheers to anyone who understands that, however divided we are at this time, we are still in this together, and there is no reason to be deliberately awful to members of your community to "make a stand against tyranny," or "exercise your right as a free American." You were ASKED to wear a mask, and it wasn't enforced. It was mandated, and you still refused and it's still not being enforced. Meanwhile feds are taking people away in unmarked vehicles like Communist China, and I don't hear a word of resistance about that. Put a mask on, you misguided scofflaws.

Left hand drivers: For those of you who forgot or missed this on your driver's test the left-hand Lane on the interstate is a "Passing Lane." To camp out in that lane at 60 miles an hour all the way from Maple Street to liberty Lake is just dangerous, worsening the rush hour traffic. It's also a ticket-able offense. These people also seem to have non working turn signals. Get a clue!

Spokane Public Schools vs Covid-19: The odds favor Covid-19. I've heard SPS is going to follow CDC guidelines, however no answer is provided with regard to what are the guidelines or what occurs when someone tests positive. Shouldn't all teachers, staff & students be tested prior to potential school opening? What about temperature checks prior to entry by anyone, students and all staff on a daily basis? When someone tests positive, which will occur, whether it is a teacher, essential staff, or student, who gets quarantine, the whole class? The entire office staff? The building? Then it affects their entire family. I've listened to all three webinars, these same questions have been asked and never fully answered! Covid-19 continues to rise in Spokane County and to even consider placing thousands of community members in SPS, not to mention their loved ones at home, is beyond a reasonable judgement with regard to the health of our community members, especially our innocent children, asymptomatic or otherwise, which can transmit covid-19. All staff members and children are at risk for a debilitating virus or even death if extreme safety guidelines are not strictly followed and enforced. That doesn't seem to play out well state nor nationwide. The question therefore must be asked, can SPS provide a safe environment to ALL who enters a public school? Covid-19 will prevail, SPS will shut down and as in war we'll pray for the casualties. May God Forgive Us For Our Sins. ♦

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