I Saw You

Week of August 13th

Sky's the limit:
Sky. I know you always trip on me about s*** that's happened in the past but I just want you to know that I love you and I'm trying to change that thought in your head so that we could be happy maybe you never know might just end up loving me please just see the changes that I've made okay I promise I'll be there for you through thick and thin I love you love B

Anti maskers: If you're not wearing a mask in public you give up your right to hospital care and a vent if you get covid.

Cute Gas station guy! I would see you at the Tesoro gas station on Thor/ Freya a lot in the early mornings!! I haven't been going there, so its been like 6 months. You worked there! Didn't catch your name. I think it started with a B?! But, you are super cute and I wondered if you still work there!? You were always so friendly to me... hope I see you again!! Glitterygirl79@aol.com

Spokane Hero: Cheers to Dr Lutz!, for making the courageous stand by stating the truthfulness, facts and consequences if the Spokane Public Schools were to open its doors to a devil's virus, that would've unleashed unimaginable despair to the most precious part of our community. Sure, we'll have to seriously adjust our lives, but by doing so we all may live well. Remember, LIFE, LIBERTY & the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Cheers Inlander: Thanks for keeping the platform open minded, for the most part. It used to be OK to have different opinions and conversations like adults. Nowadays the HATE being pushed in our faces is unending and causing division like nothing our elders have even seen before! We are being pitted against each other, intentionally, and everyone is too distracted to see the truth. Remember the other smokescreens in our history? There was always something bigger going on behind it, and the truth came out later...

Jack's good will found on Division: So, after working a 10 hour day, I am starving but only $3.76 in my pocket to eat with Sunday night. I go to Jack in the Box on N. Division at Foothills and order two tacos via drive thru, the cashier asks if that will be all and I tell him yes, that's all cause I'm broke and starving and appreciate being able to at least get SOMETHING hot to eat tonight... the cashier says "$1.67 at the window." I pull up around the building to see a young man on a bicycle attempting to order food, asking if his order for a hamburger was actually going to happen — it must not have been because the next minute I see the young man toss his bicycle across the bushes out of the way... I pull up to the window to pay and ask the cashier if the young man is upset because he can't get service for lack of vehicle in the drive thru and my suspicion is confirmed, so I tell the cashier I will order the young man a hamburger and I tell the young man not to trip because I ordered him a burger, but need a few dollars to pay for it and as we are discussing the young man's payment the manager of Jack in the Box comes to the window and informs me that she has bought both me and the young man a burger and it is on its way... her name is Monica. Monica, I just have to say that I love you and hope you rub off on every person you encounter because we need more Monicas in this world! Thank you so very much for your consideration, your generosity and your humble kindness. I hope you receive the same 10 fold in the next year.

Farewell Inlander: I remember how excited I was when I came across Volume 1, Number 1 of the Inlander. Here finally was a local paper that provided alternative, free, and independent journalism. I don't believe I have missed an issue since then. But more and more, I have become concerned with the ever increasing liberal bent, hyperbolic references, and the co-dependence of your paper. The final straw for me was seeing your editor simply parroting word for word the phrases of ultra liberal media when speaking of Portland and the 'unidentified, camo-wearing federal agents snatching protestors off city sidewalks and whisking them away in unmarked vans without explanation.' These "unidentified" federal agents are members of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and are there specifically to protect the federal building and courthouse from the so called "largely peaceful" protestors who have broken door and windows, defaced the exterior, and attempted to set the building on fire because the state and local leadership refuses to enforce existing laws. Protests are and will remain a part of our democracy and I myself have participated in them, starting with the Vietnam War. But there is a difference between peacefully protesting versus those who "protest" by wanton destruction of property and attempts and successes in injuring law enforcement personnel. If the people of Portland, Seattle, and others prefer anarchy in the streets, they can certainly get that by peacefully voting in November by supporting those politicians who want to handcuff and/or abolish law enforcement. We also have a clear choice in November for our President, between a narcissistic reactionary blowhard or a doddering incompetent old fool. "Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly". As for the Inlander, Volume 27, Number 41 will be my last issue. I wish you the best and hope you can find your way back home to what you used to be.

RE: Corona Panic: I shall correct you, facts are two-sided, you need to compare the facts equally, not one sided. You said "52,000 people have died from the flu and only 4,000 from covid-19, since October." First of all a hell of a lot more folks have passed on, well beyond 4,000. More importantly, how many more would have died from the flu if we didn't have a vaccine? Once a vaccine is available, the corona casualties will decrease tremendously. Till then stay protected and safe. Reason for toilet paper hoarding? Cause when someone sneezes, everyone within 12-ft crap their pants!

To Go Shopping List: Truck keys, cell phone, credit/debit card, cash, checkbook, camo underwear, white socks, combat boots, camo pants, NRA tee shirt, MAGA hat, flak jacket, shoulder holster, Glock 40, extra clip, another extra clip, ankle holster, another Glock 40, more clips, bandoliers, tactical bayonet and flashlight, and night vision goggles - in case the sun goes down while I'm putting all this stuff on. Uh, now what was it I was going to buy?

Axis of Evil: Never read the Spokesman-Review when you are eating! I almost blew my sandwich out my nose when I read the Lady Mayor and the City Council were going to start looking into Police reform (08/07/2020). I realize she is new to big time Spokane politics (and the City Council is just delusional) but ANYONE that has watched carefully knows NONE of these people Control Spokane. When I say "Control" I mean REALLY has the City by the "You Know Whats"—(BTW it rhymes with "Whats." The people that actually Control this city are home on Monday nights enjoying a beverage of their choice while the puppets are down dealing with the "Great Unwashed" (You and I). Some of you may already know the three people I'm speaking of? The three people that actually give everyone in City Hall their marching orders? That would be: The Police UNION boss — The Firefighter UNION boss and of course Let'm Off Larry (Who controls behavior). Now before you scoff at this stop and think about the history and how things work in this City. The "People" speak to say they want more "Oversight" of the police department. Has that happened? If you say "Yes" you fail the class. And reforms — EVER? NO! NOTHING of note. City Hall and the General Public capitulate on EVERY point and position. Salary negotiations? — equipment? — police/firefighter numbers? Do you honestly think the general public would EVER actually hear a Real Number as to what it costs this city for this "Service"? Even a ballpark number — not likely. OK Before you think I'm calling for defunding these departments that is NOT what I'm saying. But accountability? Which brings us back to who runs this show? It certainly isn't you and I. And it sure as hell isn't City Hall. So please Ms. Mayor don't blow smoke about how you all are going to step in! You'd have to have union reform BEFORE you could ever get police reform? And when is that going to happen? When pigs fly.

Moving to Spokane? If you are leaving your over-crowded and over-taxed state or city to come here... PLEASE don't vote for the same kind of idiotic things and fools that ruined your area!!! It's insane to think repeating the same foolery will have a different outcome. WISE UP. Practice social distancing on the roads too, and Back Off! And BE KIND!

Pay 2 Play: Riverside park trail users illegally parking at seven mile. Get a pass! You have a nice enough car to afford it, you're visiting regularly so you obviously enjoy yourself. Show some respect for the rest of the paying trail users. $30 for access to the two biggest parks in the state and you can feel good about using the amenities. ♦

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