I Saw You

Week of August 20th

Mask Nazi:
I was there on Tuesday, August 12th about 11am, in a store in Coeur d'Alene when you decided to freak out on a Vietnam veteran with COPD about not wearing a mask. That was a totally unacceptable approach, considering the way my husband was approached by people after he came home from being forced to fight the world's most unpopular war. I tried to rationalize your episode by being mindful how people, when dealing with their fears and insecurities tend to behave like you did... but then again, maybe you're just an asshole. Rachel & Henry Shaffer

Bogdan :) My love, you make a difference in my life. Thank you for seeing the best in me. You offer something beautiful, one of a kind that can not be replaced. XOXO - Teresa

JoJo: August 15... The words "...how'd we go from that to this? How'd we let a good thing slip?" keep going through my mind. It all still feels wrong to me. Yet still, I hope that you are well and that you are happy. I miss you.

Whale on Lower Stevens Lake Trail: To the family hiking down Lower Stevens Lake Trail Saturday, August 15 while we were hiking up: We found this treasure after you asked us if we happened to see a Blue Humpback Whale on the path. We have it and would like to make sure a reunion between whale and boy happens soon! Please email supermansmommy@gmail.com

Sean, Where Are You?? Sean, you beautiful genius. Where the heck have you been? If you see this, Rachel is looking for you.

Cheers to the Spokane YMCA:
Thank you, Spokane YMCA, for reopening with a highly organized process for your members to continue exercising/swimming. Your attention to the health and safety of your members during this virus is phenomenal.

Bloomsday is perennial: Cheers to the directors of Bloomsday to make the practical call to make this year's race virtual, rather than the typical in-person event with tens of thousands of people alongside each other. Initially, you made an effort to keep the traditional form of the race by postponing until September, and unlike many planned event coordinators that insist on pretending there is no pandemic, you eventually made the tough call to pull the plug and make it a virtual race. I've run Bloomsday for the past 11 years, and I missed it this May, and will miss the experience in 2020, but I will do my 7.46 miles.... just not on the course, like I fear many selfish runners will do on the weekend in September. Please Bloomies, run the virtual race, but stay off the course. You're not the only one that has that in mind.

Thank you for slowing down on Upriver: Over two million people use the Centennial trail each year. That is a lot of folks which need to feel they can not worry about cars and motorcycles driving way too fast. And by the way if the Spokane Police want to get their quota this would be a great street to hand out speeding ticket

Directions to the bridge: You asked me how to get to the bridge from Browne's and I'm a fool. Go to that street directly behind you, take a left and go until you hit Maple, turn left. Thanks for the compliment, it's been years.

Tolerance: To the liberals who consider the Inlander their Bible. Maybe take a breath and consider the public gets to have differing opinions, and just because they are not the same as yours, does not make them wrong or you right. You preach tolerance, but only if they think like you.

20 MPH on High Drive and Cedar: Jeers to the city council who thought it wise to reduce the speed limit on a main arterial High Drive and Cedar to 20 mph permanently. If you disagree with their decision email the Spokane City Council at citycouncil2@spokanecity.org and Mayor at mayor@spokanecity.org. Exercise your voice and let them know!

Jeers to the Spokane Caste System: It is ironic that inside of the Spokane City Hall building just right outside of the City Council Chambers, there is a big metal art sculpture statue of the Hindu/Hindi Indian elephant deity Ganesh/Ganesha. To be fair, India's caste system that is based in Hinduism, is racist in nature, and this involves the worship of Ganesh/Ganesha. The Dravidians of India who are of a darker skin tone are placed at the bottom of the caste system, and they are considered to be reincarnated in this way because they were supposedly "bad people" in their past lives, while the Aryans, the light skinned Indians, are placed at the top of the caste system because their light skin is supposedly a reward for being a "good person" in their past life. Obviously India's caste system is the downfall of India, where the "untouchables" are treated with utter contempt and hatred, kind of like the way Spokane's homeless population is treated, they are subjugated, marginalized, disenfranchised, and ostracized by Spokane's government and judgmental, prejudice, discriminatory and SYSTEMATICALLY RACIST and GREEDY Spokanites who have implemented unjust and inhumane laws like the "no sit no lie" ordinance, and have strategically and purposefully placed sharp rocks in places in the city where homeless people are unwanted, this is utterly cruel and inhumane. When the government of Spokane says they care about us and that it is "no lie", just know it is a lie, and most of them don't really care about the homeless or poor people of Spokane. The Spokane City Council should seriously consider removing this Ganesh/Ganesha obstacle and symbol of racism and greed from being set up in City Hall, and how about replacing it with something that is a symbol of the real founders of this city and the country of America, the Native Americans, the people who were here first before the "white man" came and murdered and massacred most of them off in the name of racism and greed. It's time for people to face up to the elephant in the room, and remove it. No pun intended. If you all haven't noticed, the majority of U.S. Republican elephants are ruining this country with immorality an injustice.

NO! You Sacrifice! Any of you receive your new property assessments in the mail? Remember when our courageous Lady Mayor and the Ever Diligent City Council pass a law stating that landlords — you know those evil people that want money from people to live somewhere — has to NOT demand rent from renters? So ALL these landlords who's bills kept coming in anyway could Not be paid for the product (apartments) that they offered the public. Well! Do you think the City stopped charging property taxes? After all that's a form of rent to the public! Hell NO! You and I (Not renters) still have to cough up THEIR (the City's money) you don't think they are going to sacrifice anything! They have costs — salary checks (which haven't stopped just because yours' and mine have) and other associated payments that it takes to run this fine city! Well Covid-19 has put a HUGE crimp into the City budget with loss of revenue — business taxes — sales taxes — convention business is non existent. So WHO (take a guess) is going to have to be "Milked" to make up the difference? You guessed it YOU and I! Mine went up 45% (yes in ONE year) while my business revenue has gone down 95%. One month I didn't make enough to cover my business insurance let alone food and gas to get around. So Ms. Mayor "WHAT are YOU Sacrificing"? Certainly NOT your paycheck or benefits! So as a Landlord — YOU SUCK!

Killed my daughters dog!! To the person who hit my daughters dog on Hwy. 2 in Airway Heights... there is NO WAY YOU DIDN'T HEAR THE 7 PEOPLE YELLING FOR HER... YOU JUST HIT HER AND LET HER!!! SHE WAS MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE, AND WE HAD TO FIND HER BLEEDING AND DEAD ON THE SIDEWALK!! SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT TRYING TO FIND HER OWNER! You had to of heard us YELLING from our cars Monster!! Monster!!! How can I ever mend my daughters heart. Tell me how? Your heartless kind make me sick!!! I AM SO SORRY MEREACCA!!! 

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