I Saw You

Week of August 27th

Responding to: JoJo: August 15... The words "...how'd we go from that to this? How'd we let a good thing slip?" keep going through my mind. It all still feels wrong to me. Yet still, I hope that you are well and that you are happy. I miss you." This is JoJo, I'm sure there is more than one JoJo. Please answer a question only we would know, so I know if this is you or not. Where did we meet?

Mall Barista: Hi. I'm Walter. We met back in mid March. When we introduced each other, you held out your hand, not like a business woman, but rather like a Princess, and I mentioned how DELIGHTED I was to meet you, as I shook your delicate hand. You made quite an impression on me. We had such a fun and instant rapport and we talked about so many things in such a short amount of time, from how you were an artistic type (you mentioned your sister was a graphic designer), to how I didn't believe in the one-year membership but you were still trying to sell it to me anyway, to how I needed to buy my own espresso/latte machine... (Unfortunately I had to be at work in less than 10 minutes so I had to cut our conversation short.) Do you remember me? That was over 5 months ago, days before the lockdown closed the Mall. Days before it interrupted our lives. Ever since your workplace reopened, I visit it once a week hoping to see if you've returned. ...Today someone told me you don't work there anymore. I'm Walter, the guy with the sweet beard, shaved head, and intellectual glasses. I still maintain a sincere hope of seeing you again. If you by any chance read this message drop me a line at waltherius99@gmail.com. I will know it's you if you mention your first name. Thank you.

Biker on Centennial Trail: You: biker, gentleman, sitting on bench on Centennial Trail. MP 6?, 7? 8? Thursday, 8/20 about 4PM. Me: biker, gentlewoman, headed W with woman friend. We exchanged Hi's. I would have stopped to chat if I had been alone (maybe). If single and interested, write to lj5717@hotmail.com.

Woman on Yellow Bike: You: beautiful blonde, with a unique yellow color bike, who moved to South Hill from Sea. area. You are exploring neighborhoods, and it so happened your were in the historic neighborhood I live in. We spoke briefly. I would like to be your tour guide!

The Grownup in the Room:
Cheers to Shawn Vestal of Spokesman-Review! Always thoughtful, decent, and frequently hilarious - going after the likes of Ammon "Al" Bundy and other Nazi Goofballs is nothing if not funny. Must be awfully lonely not sucking up for the latest imbecilities so highly prized by what passes for White People in America circa 2020 (more like jerka 2020).

Brothers Flooring: What a great flooring company to work with. Andy thanks for giving Veterans discounts of $500.00 dollars. From the showroom employees, to the delivery guys, and your installers, what a nice bunch of people. The floor looks Awesome!!! One happy customer.

Mr. B: Brock, I will always love you. Teresa your Dancing Kitty.

Cheers to Jeremiah! Cheers to Jeremiah at the south hill Trader Joe's. You have the friendliest eyes!

Double Dog Walker Downtown: Cheers to the young woman who was briefly stranded in the crosswalk downtown when her little dog crossed the street but her big dog refused to budge. Your smile and good-humor about the incident made my day!

Here's to You Comet NEOWISE: Amidst all the earthly goings on, it was great to catch a glimpse of something in the July night sky that was beautiful and neither political or COVID 19 related. When NEOWISE last visited 6,800 years ago, the first stone of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Wall of China, and Stonehenge hadn't been set. The majority of human problems then were real problems; food, shelter, not being eaten, and praying your children outlive you (by some estimates half of children died before the age of 15). In another 6,800 years I can only wonder what the earth will look like and from what issues NEOWISE will provide distraction. I will miss you NEOWISE!

You Are Gonna Hurt Someone: To the man that is throwing wood, garbage disposals, dry wall, and other contractor materials were on S. hill going up Altamont, you are going to hurt someone. The police know and you not having a license plate doesn't matter. We know what it is and they have it. Every time you dump something it is reported. I can't believe an old man would do stuff like this. You should ashamed and cited!! It's unreal the police haven't done anything. I hope you're karma catches up before someone gets hurt by what you are doing.

Is there nothing else? Okay, Inlander. We get it. People are complaining about all things COVID. Can we not hear about other things plaguing our great city? I'm sure there are plenty of other submissions to choose from. I long for the days of bad drivers and rude supermarket clerks.

Intolerant neighbor: Dear neighbor with the homemade, anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-ALL LIVES MATTER sign. While it goes without saying that all lives matter; no one is disputing that. Yet your dismissal of the Black Lives Matter cause is insulting, and also hypocritical since you display a Buddha statue in your yard. Is this just a decoration, or do you take the Buddha's teachings to heart? The one that comes to my mind is "radiate boundless love to the entire world -above, below and across-unhindered, without ill will, without enmity." Or perhaps "If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path."

HYPOCRITICAL PATIENTS: Why do people consult medical doctors when their health is threatened, take prescriptions and rationally follow their medical advice to stay healthy YET irrationally ignore their advice to wear face masks to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19? Taking blood pressure pills or dieting to overcome obesity is no more a political issue than wearing protective face masks. It is a MEDICAL ISSUE to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the lives of senior citizens and medically-at-risk individuals who tend to lose their lives to COVID-19 most frequently. Everyone is susceptible to the epidemic disease and anyone, regardless of age, can die from contacting it. Do the lives of others mean so little to you that you continue to ignore the mask mandate? What if you bring COVID-19 home and it infects your grandmother or grandfather and they die because of your selfishness? Think about it and use the rational side of your brain!

Mail Theft Of Baby Shower Gifts: Jeers to the new tenant at my old apartment who mistakenly received a package from my grandmother - intended for my baby shower of my first child. Jeers to you for accepting a package that didn't belong to you and refusing to respond to the apartment manager to ensure it got to the intended recipient. People like you are disappointing and selfish.

City lights: Jeers to The city of Spokane for not leaving the traffic lights with the pot leaves on Nevada and Bridgeport. It was just a piece of cardboard put in there to make it look like a weed leaf. If weed is legal then why not leave the lights as the prankster left them. I think it would have brought people from far and wide, bringing money to the city, and costing the city nothing. Spokane is stale and stuffy. People in Seattle would have left them alone, I'm sure. ♦

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