I Saw You

Week of September 3rd

Guy w German Shep puppy: On Sunday Aug 16th @ 9 am, my husband and I along with another lady and our two dogs were sitting outside at the Rocket Bakery and engaged in a conversation with you. You seemed like such a nice man and had such a sweet puppy. I kick myself for not getting your number for my daughter. If this is you, and you are single and interested, email me the name of your puppy and I'll know it's you! I hope you contact me, ya just never know! matchmakermom509@gmail.com

Teejums: I love you, so much. You are the only person I want forever, my other half, I want to fix what's broken.

Afternoon Delight: I saw you this Saturday afternoon at Jackson Hole with a very nice lady I'm assuming is your mother. I was with my best friend celebrating his B-day with friends and family. I locked eyes with you once, just once. You have beautiful eyes and with everything going on in the world right now I thought the gorgeous guy at the bar should know he has tremendously beautiful eyes. Nice seeing you.

Ali at ZIGGYS North: Me, older lady having a rough day. As I drove in to pick up my small order, you complimented my 1992 Subaru. Made me smile. You were very courteous and kind. Said it was your 3rd day on the job. You lifted my spirit. Thank you so much. Bless you.

Way To Go RNC! Haven't seen so many sheep on the White House lawn since the Wilson administration.

Thank you 8/29: Hi, to the car in front of me in the Starbucks drive thru, hey thank you for paying for my drink! That made me smile and I had just gotten off of work. I enjoyed my drink! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS.

Thank you Shogren's Auto! Justin and Roger (brother owners of Shogren's Auto) need a huge round of applause for repeatedly bailing me out of a jam with my truck... and NOT EVEN CHARGING ME! They have squeezed me right when I called for emergency break downs. They even did trouble shooting with a battery, installed a loaner battery until the right one was available over a weekend... at no charge! They corrected me when I thought I was due for a timing belt replacement... and told me they had done it a year ago. Amazing integrity, good work, friendly service! We need more people in the world like these guys!

Loud, Proud and Utterly Stupid... ...Trumpsters at Division and Mission this afternoon. While we certainly admire your dedication in supporting your POTUS (regardless of how wrong you are), there are a few things we observed while driving by twice: First, all of you adults are tall, fat, white and very loud, with screechy voices and trollish demeanors. 2) You had very young children with you, with the one preteen boy shouting back at passersby in an even louder, hateful voice. (Nice job, stupid, idiot parents.) 3) None of you were wearing masks, and there were far too many in your Nuremberg rally quorum to be safely distanced. 4) You also displayed "Christian" symbology along with the overbearing Trump banners. We send the jeers not only to you for polluting the environment and brainwashing your kids, but also to the Biden supporters for not getting out there and hosing you down with blue paint.

Look twice: To the girl in the silver car traveling west on Trent on 8/27: Your driving privileges should be permanently revoked! Fiddling with your phone or whatever you were doing when you pulled out in front of my motorcycle, forcing me to lock up my brakes, you compounded your error by being unable to decide on a course of action which left me with nowhere to go. YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME, yet you had the audacity (you'll probably have to look that word up) to behave as if I were the one in the wrong! Just WOW. Flipping ME off for YOUR mistake? Your parents should slap you and then go hide under a rock, embarrassed for raising such an ignorant, disrespectful, self absorbed, and thoughtless human. You shouldn't be allowed on the road. Actually, you shouldn't be allowed to go out in public since you don't even have the grace to acknowledge when you make a mistake that could very easily take someone's life. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN and PAY ATTENTION little girl or next time you may end up in prison for vehicular homicide! You're halfway already got "reckless disregard" down.

Loose dog problem: To the couple whose dog I almost ran over when it bolted in front of my bike while chasing a cat across the Appleway Trail, I apologise for blowing up at you like that (aside: I think that cat knew what it was doing...). This was weeks ago, but I still feel pretty bad about it. Totally out of character for me, I didn't need to call you an idiot. At the same time, East Spokane and Spokane Valley's loose and unleashed dog problem is becoming tiresome. There are so many irresponsible and just plain bad dog owners in this part of town. Me nearly killing your puppy by 3 inches and almost going over the handlebars in the process, jamming my pedals against my shins, was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Every week riding the Appleway Trail to the Ben Burr Trail via East Spokane I encounter at least one loose dog which gives chase. And hiking the Dishman Hills I regularly encounter unleashed dogs, often not even within earshot of the owner, explicitly against Natural Area rules. Even just strolling the East Spokane neighborhood in the evening I'm constantly keeping an ear out, not for the dogs, but for the panicked commands of the owners who know their dog is dangerous but still let it wander freely anyways. Even if your dog isn't dangerous, how do you know my dog isn't? Or if your dog "just chases bikes for fun" - what if it causes an accident? Medical bills are expensive... What if it was a little kid? Whatever your excuse or rationalization, if your dog is off leash in a public space which requires leashes, you're a bad dog owner. You're also violating the law. ♦

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