I Saw You

Week of September 10th

Rite aid pharmacy drive thru:
Sunday 08/30 9 am You: in a white suv waiting to pick up a prescription. Me: in a grey car — I was in front of you then I drove away once I realized the pharmacy opened at 10 am and it was only 9:05. I noticed that you didn't realize this so I circled around and told you they weren't open yet -— I said unless you wanted to wait 50 minutes — when you responded with "no I do not" and smiled. Omg your smile was amazing! I wasn't brave enough to ask if you wanted to kill the time by grabbing coffee even though I really REALLY wanted to. So... coffee? mmc8765309@gmail.com

Yokes September 1st 9PM: We crossed paths several times in the natural foods section. You: drop dead stunner in activewear and a silver sequin mask. Me: red and white tank top and Buffalo Trace hat. I offered to buy your groceries as a way to speak to you. I pray you see this!

Michaels on N. Division Aug 31st: You: spellbinding girl with amazing ink. Me: too spellbound to say anything. Please tell me you're real.

Re: Loose dog problem:
This is actually a cheers to you about loose dogs ANYWHERE! I don't see many in my area but it kills me when I do. Two days after we adopted our cockapoo she took off. I ran. I don't run. A lady pulled over and drove me around to find her. I eventually did and she is one of the best dogs we've ever had. Point being, true dog lovers DO NOT let them run loose. Ever. I've had dogs my entire 57 years. Oh and bicyclist? Trump says paintball guns are ok to use. Perhaps shoot the curb of a person who lets their dog loose?

Ruined Commute:
As if it wasn't fun enough dodging all the construction workers who play Frogger across Carnahan hill... and going 5 mph following an oversized load truck up Carnahan hill... it will be even MORE fun to try to get up the hill in winter!!! The Carnahan Glen apartments are the bane of my existence. I'm all for development in our neighborhood, and we need housing. But $1500/month luxury apartments on the left side of a 14% grade hill with absolutely no traffic revision... That is the dumbest decision anyone could ever make. Jeers to the developer for single handedly ruining the commute of the hundreds of people that go up and down that hill several times a day.

Who Lives There? I often go past homes and wonder, who lives there? Now that you put up that "Trump" sign I know. You must be a racist, a sexual harasser, a liar and cheat, a hypocrite, a bully, a non-believer in science and logic, a supporter of lunatics and dictators, but mainly you must be very scared and not a deep thinker. Thanks for letting me know "neighbor."

Defund Robert Herold: I am tired of this liberal spewing his hate for Trump. His rants come directly from CNN and are untruths. If this is the leanings/beliefs of your publication, then maybe I should find some real reading to enjoy. If you want unbiased reporting, then get rid of this retired (I am sure for a reason) Pelosi/Biden lover.

Stupid is as Stupid Does: The Theory of Human Cognitive Development recognizes four main stages of the growth and evolution of the human brain. They are pre-sensory, psycho motor, concrete and formal operations. There are dozens of sub-stages in each category that describe the milestones that should be reached by certain ages. If a milestone isn't reached by a certain age they will most likely not happen. The final stage of brain development is formal operations where the brain begins to be able to understand abstract ideas and be able to function as a fully developed adult mind. Formal operations occurs during adolescence, but half the young people in America never reach that stage of intellectual growth. Those adolescents will probably never achieve the final stage of cognitive development and will always remain in the concrete stage of thinking ability. For the sake of this argument we will call those people who never enter formal operations "stupid." Numerous studies have shown that around 70% of "stupid" people do not recognize that they are stupid. There is no meta-cognition in the concrete thinkers. So half the people in America are "stupid" and 70% of them don't know they are stupid, so 35 percent of Americans are too stupid to know that they are stupid. Welcome to the wonderful world the Donald Trump's supporters.

Centennial Speedway: Clearly the Centennial Trail was paved as a "Velodrome" for the city of Spokane bicyclists! My understanding of the bicyclists mind set is that unlike the rest of the people on the planet THEY actually CARE about the planet and wish for clean air and peace on Earth. The rest of us are carbon footprints that do not deserve to live (I cam imagine many bicyclists nodding in agreement) and that WE hope for such a levels of pollution that the world ends like an apocalyptic "Silent Spring." So of course that gives them full permission to not just flout any kind of speed limit on the trail but to literally ride in groups weaving in and out the POS pedestrian! In the Kendall Yards area there is a "comedic" sign that states 15 MPH on the trail. Actually at this point it is faint because the wind created by the passing bicycles has worn the paint off! WOW! Bicyclists hate cars because they don't give the "same roads same rules" courtesy but it's more than fine for bicyclists to come on the the Centennial Trail and go 20+ MPH? Instead of the city raising property taxes due to THEIR short fall (the rest of us may be unemployed but that doesn't mean the city should sacrifice!) they should send a couple of Spokane's finest with a radar gun to watch the trail certainly on the weekend but I think there is REAL money mornings and evenings too to write come serious tickets! Or is public safety ONLY serious on the streets? AND BTW! What about all those God d—n new MOTORed bikes and those POS green scooters? What the hell are THEY doing on the trail?

No kid goes hungry: Why am I being taxed to help feed kids in school? Isn't it the responsibility of the parent to take care of your kids not the taxpayer? I have zero kids for a reason... because I couldn't afford one so I wore condoms!!!! ♦

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