I Saw You

The week of September 24th

Blonde in black dress, Trader Joe's:
Friday afternoon, Sept. 18, we walked to carts same time, exchanged glances. I saw line, was discouraged, put cart back, left. I was in scruffy purple T-shirt, horrible hair day. Lol. I should've stayed, talked to you. Any chance for a rematch??

Great Article by Daniel Waters:
Article about Jenny Graham from September 14 was fantastic. Way to stay calm, cool, and collected and to maintain the integrity of your reporting. Kudos.

Response to Stupid Is...becuz: Hallelujah! You just earned a perfect "10" for your assessment on the IQ gradient between liberals and conservatives. The alleged covert cabals that feed the media have done a BRILLIANT job targeting the concrete thinking population by making them feel safe, superior, and somehow connected to them e.g. to the elite alpha males that run them. Unfortunately for the U.S. it seems that the conservative vote stands for an attempt to prevent the imminent Communist, gun-outlawed takeover by the Un-American, unethical, and idiotic baby killers aka the liberals. I propose the best initial response to this sad situation is to annihilate the Fox-given moniker of "liberal" and call a spade a spade: the liberals are THE INTELLECTUALS. On a final note, look out Status Quo, as we may one day win back our conservative brothers and sisters and, with the input of both concrete and formal operational thinkers, unite to address the real enemy. Thank you for your post. Sincerely, another card carrying American Intellectual.

Spreading Smiles: There is a woman who stands on the corner of Division and Indiana. She is out there quite often so I'm sure many of you have seen her. I don't know her name or her story. She always has her headphones in and a smile on her face. She dances, sings, yells, waves and overall always looks like she is having a blast. She never asks for handouts. (As far as I know.) This woman has brought a smile to my face so many times I've lost count. With everything going on in the world today it's heartwarming to know there are still people out here just trying to find some joy in the little things. A smile, a hello or a wave can go so far for someone feeling low. I appreciate this woman so much for brightening up my day and I'm sure many more. Cheers to you lady! And keep the smiles coming!

5-Mile Starbucks Confusion: Saturday 9/19 around noon. To the couple in the orange Subaru (Crosstrek?), we did not see you guys in line and cut in front of you by mistake. Thank you both for turning a hectic situation into a good experience that left a smile on our faces. We will pay it forward!

Cheers to paying it forward for RBG: As Donald Trump settles on his Eva Braun in Spanx pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Americans pitching for Democracy donate an astonishing 50 million dollars plus, in a matter of hours after RBG's death, in a baked economy, during a pandemic, to ensure that the Trump Party does not 'Make America Germany 1936'."

You called my son fat at Jack in the Box:
You spineless POS why would you yell at and call a kid a fat ass? I know my son well and he is polite to all so what ever you were thinking saying something like this to him, you are lucky he rode his bike there that day otherwise your day would not have turned out as well as it did and idgaf what is going on with you that gives you no right to come at my son like that! And he has a great memory so when we see you or your automobile around that will not be a good day for you and I won't even insult you like you did my son. See you when I see you

Ignorance on display: Jeers to "Who Lives There?" (Sep 10) for willful ignorance and blind, irrational thinking. You must be clairvoyant to be able to ascertain all those hateful characteristics about your neighbor from a sign in their yard. But you don't know them at all, do you? Do you know their name, their occupation, their family situation? You have let your hatred for the man whose name appears on that sign harden your heart against your fellow citizen, but why? It used to be that differing opinions and views about politics in particular were respected and debated, not vilified. But now, expressing support for a particular candidate or cause evokes outright abuse and even violence from some people. Shame, too, on the Inlander for choosing to print such a worthless, divisive screed. Surely there are more positive submissions to share. Interestingly, you never read about such hateful rhetoric being directed at a person with a B-H sign in their yard.

Why Didn't You Get in the Bike Lane? Dear Bicycle Lady, Tell me why on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 20th, you had to ride down the middle of the road when there was a bike lane on your right? I was behind you all the way from 29th to 10th on High Drive/Cedar along with other cars. I honked a couple of times especially when you got in the turning lane and I tried to pass only to have you quickly veer right back in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes. Did you want to be killed? Did you notice all the bicyclists riding up the hill were in the bike lane?? Bicyclists want to be treated fairly but when you act like this by hogging the road when a beautiful bike lane is right there — I just don't get it????

KHQTV BE THERE FOR EVERYONE: In the past I have always tuned into KHQ tv. We cannot depend on them anymore. Let us begin with 4:30-5 am, we need the weather report it delegates safe morning travels. I have called and begged them to please turn off that horrid hard rock noise so early in the morning. We are just rising and need just the news, not head banging noise. They refused our request. The cheer I give this weekend evening news goes to KXLY and KREM stations. The smoke was frightening!!! It was so nice to see they cared gave direction as to a safe place to breath, the convention center, I worried for so many knowing how hazardous the air was. What did KHQ have for evening news time? Sports!!! Really!! This was a serious time for the community. Shame on you for not taking care the of community.

My health is my business: To the female at the grocery store (not lady) who said I should mind my own business. You should respect your elders. Your husband was acting like a child in the store running and talking silly. I did not yell at him but he got the message. You felt the need to correct me after I changed lanes — to once again avoid the unmasked manchild — telling me to mind my own business. Oh boy could I have laid into you! However, I did not engage in your nonsense. Seems a grown man could stand up for himself if I had been rude. He was silly but more respectful than you. My health is my business and if you want to disobey the law in public you should expect people to care and perhaps comment. I won't see you again because I won't shop there again. I will only shop where the management enforces the mask requirement so I do not have to. Back to my local store! ♦

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