I Saw You

Week of October 8th

Millwood bottles, stuck at the train:
I saw you in your car stuck at the train in Millwood outside of Bottles, you looked upset but then glanced over at me while I was eating salsa. You pointed out a chip that was in my beard and I knew then it was meant to be. That's when the railroad X-ing opened and you drove away before I could write my number on the window. Damn you universe!! I've been here every day since, waiting with chips in my beard. Please if you see this I know it was a sign. Yours truly, creepy salsa window guy

Re: Flag Hijackers: Interesting, I saw the same people and was hesitant to honk because I didn't know if those people would hate me because solely through a chance mixture of DNA, I have less pigment in my skin. I feel it is racists such as yourself that have hijacked my flag and my country that I love. You hold yourself up as being something better, but you are EVERY bit the racist you are accusing others of being.

Cheers to you, sir or ma'am, for spending the time to (quite) politely, yet cunningly, address those US flag wavers who adorn our most public spaces! We commend you! Not only for bringing these actions to public attention, but also for opening the doors to those of us who wish to describe what these acts truly represent: The excitable citizens displaying our symbol of freedom (for all), integration (for all) and equality (again, for ALL) are willingly and ignorantly confused between the definitions of "patriotism" and "nationalism." They are, in short, rabidly stupid supporters of Donald Trump and his neo-fascist regime. In Germany and Austria of the 1930s, all pro-Hitler citizens also waved flags in public: those displayed the black swastika upon a white circle against a background of red, representing nationalism = to Make Germany Great Again. Yet the anti-Nazis flew the Weimar Republic patriotic flag of Germany, until they weren't allowed to do so under pain of imprisonment or eventual death. Yes, our own beautiful flag is carried by *both* sides, yet those who carry it for humanist purposes have already been harassed by those waving the same in support of Trump. Yes, a slight difference from 1930s Germany, but probably ending the same way — patriots versus nationalists. The Trumptards are, indeed, *hijacking* our sacred banner by hiding behind it, just as their rude, unholy, unqualified leader does every day. Please, don't blow your car horns to these asses. Rather, make sure you're clearly registered to vote, and educate your kin and friends, to be sure we will never have to honk at a swastika-like flag in the future. Again, thank you. See you on November 3rd.

Returned keys: Kudos to the person that found and turned in the key ring that I dropped in a parking lot in the Spokane Valley and noticed I had a PO box and turned them into the Post Office. THANK YOU!

Manito Park Volunteers: Cheers to the volunteers from the Friends of Manito who have stepped in to do weeding and other maintenance tasks in Manito Park due to short staffing. Our park is all the more beautiful for their generous contribution of time and energy.

Congrats: To that Goofy Little Kid from Central Valley High School: A World Jr. Gold Medal, a Memorial Cup, a Calder Cup and now a Stanley Cup. You are a true champion.

Corvette Club (?):
Saturday, Oct. 3 at about 10 am, there was a number of mostly new Corvettes that drove through Rosalia. The majority of the cars were driving at a decent speed, while the last ten or twelve cars (some distance back) must have felt that they were going to be left behind and decided it necessary to drive down the main street at speeds over 50, 60 miles per hour! Residents of town were yelling at at you to slow down, which appeared to prompt you to drive even faster!! If you have such a low opinion of small towns that you would behave like this and risk killing someone, then STAY HOME!!!! We live here, and our kids shouldn't have to fear walking down the street because of people like you!!

Handicap Parking Freakout: October 3rd @1:45 To the man in the light blue Toyota going to get a haircut. Did your mother not raise you right? You got out of your car SO aggressively, banged on the handicapped sign and started yelling at me because I was in handicap spot as I waited for my mom to come back out of Starbucks. You clearly didn't see the handicap plates on her car as we pulled in and immediately judged her because she didn't look disabled to you. Just because somebody doesn't fit the mould of what you think a disabled person looks like does NOT give you the right to get out of your car and act like a maniac. My mom has almost died three times and the last thing I need is to be harassed by some middle aged man who should be old enough to know better. PS. The face you made when you looked down and saw the plates was priceless. Maybe don't judge next time? Times are hard enough right now...

Tomato Street customer: JEERS to the woman and child at an Italian restaurant friday afternoon Oct. 2. You refused to wear a mask when you left your table and walked through the restaurant to the restroom and back. Your CARELESS behavior puts the business, employees and other customers at risk for COVID-19. Washington state governor mandates wearing a mask in public places. Keep your careless self and family home. Don't be jeopardizing everyone around you! I should've put my cane out to stop you both and call the manager.

Heroes: To whom it may concern... This is from one of the supposed "heroes". We are X-ray techs, who physically treat Covid Positive patients in your hospitals every day. We've worked every day this year, no days off. We go to work. No unemployment for us. We get canceled yearly raises, no personal protective equipment, unless you count reused disposable gear. We have no union, unlike our RN coworkers, who we work with and very much appreciate. And so we will care for you, with our wages frozen at 2019 levels indefinitely due to lost profits from our employer. We will be wearing reused single use masks daily, like we have for the last six months. And we will fall further behind in our lives while our company prioritizes profits over all other. Thank you. ♦

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