I Saw You

Week of October 15

Waving your mask in defiance after your COVID-19 Isolation at Walter Reed. More now than ever... I hope the nuclear codes in that football are not the actual codes. Yes, I know what that means, but if COVID-19 has an effect on mental capacity, President Donald Trump has never been less capable. I honestly wonder if the 'Melatonin Wars' the Far-Right is aiming for will spill out, beyond our (fortified) borders and spark a nuclear response. I have a friend who voted for Donald Trump last time around. We never talk politics, but she informed me, before the 2016 election, that she thought "it was ridiculous that people were saying he could start a war." We don't have guns, but we're buying extra canned goods every week. And yes, I'd share them with the Trump supporters up the street. Some of whom, I imagine, see their president's survival, enhanced by an array of uncertain pharmacology cocktails, as a sign from GOD. "Live and Lose!" That is my hope for President Trump.

I extended your reach: Trader Joe's 10/4 afternoon. You walked into my aisle and I couldn't move. Stunned. You couldn't reach something. I did for you. I wish you well.

Thank you for bringing to attention the blatantly obvious discrimination against disabled people in our area. We're absolutely disgusted that such a jerk should feel that it is appropriate to harass someone with a placard, as well as her own family member. Perhaps the man getting a haircut was in a hurry or, more likely, is just another angry, redneck Trumptard; pissed off because people who are "less" than his status have the right to park closer to establishments than he can to his own barber shop. Consider all aspects... Now: We loved every word you wrote, up until the point where you called out this man's supposed age range. Wow... So you've just proven, on public record, that you are an ignorant, little-minded, whiny AGEIST — therefore YOU also harbor irrational discriminations. Does this make you any better than the Toyota driver? Answer that to yourself while you read this and reconsider your level of respect of others in society besides your mom. Act accordingly...

Cheers to our Spokane Librarians and Staff: A shout out to the staff and librarians of our Spokane County and City libraries! They were able to keep the library services going by developing their "drive thru" book reservation system providing a welcome outlet for readers young and old. They staffed the drive thru during all kinds of weather-hot summer, rainy spring, smoke, wind, etc.! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Fly! In case you missed the Vice Presidential debate the other night between Kamala Harris and Buffoon Mike Pence, a fly landed on the flour white head of Pence and stayed there for approximately 2 minutes. Now we all no flies know excrement when they see, smell, and in this case hear it! Couldn't happen to a more scary person, except maybe Trump. Thank you fly!

Jumping Car After Casper: A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing folks that helped me jump my car after the drive-in movie of Casper on 10/10. You were all so patient and kind. I will never forget it.

Thank you for your support: Cheers for those showing support to SNAP recently — large anonymous donations, donations from people we helped in the past, and donations from many people who are helping us with our current Power of Connection campaign! THANK YOU to the many who give back to their community and want to support their neighbors — we thank you and your neighbors thank you! The Power of Connection will get Spokane through this!

Spokane Road Work: Jeers to the poor planning from Spokane roads. For those of us who need access to Upriver Drive from Greene Street, how are we supposed to get there in a timely manner? You've closed off the access road to Upriver Drive after having removed all of the other access roads north of it. Then you decided to restrict the flow of traffic on Market in both directions. This is one of the busiest roads (as evidenced by the North/South corridor). So, you decide to close everything at once while working on this and let people guess how to get onto Upriver Drive? You don't have any detour signs or notifications as to what work is being completed or when any of the roads are expected to reopen. If there is an accident on Market, how do you expect emergency vehicles to move? Idiotic!

Ghostly Chemical Warfare in Produce: To the dude in the yellow T-shirt at Liberty Lake Safeway. Damn Dude!!!!! So... I am walking through the produce section heading towards the soup by the deli, 'cause we are doing soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Well I see this guy who was casually walking toward me, to all the sudden blows by me like he had to be somewhere and quick. Didn't think anything of it. UNTIL... right before I hit the soup stand it hit me so hard through my face mask I almost puked. At that point I turned and watched you high tail it out of produce. You, dude, reek and probably showed, so get your colon cleansed. I was really looking forward to that soup and you killed it for me.

Flying the American flag: I am writing in response to the letter titled, "Flag Hijackers," in your Oct. 1 edition. In that letter the writer stated that the American flag has been hijacked by some group. I can't speak for the trucks that drive around Spokane with American flags on them but I can speak for the group that flies them on the overpass of I-90 each Saturday morning because I am one of them. We are not a political group tied to a particular party or candidate. We love our country and felt that flying the flags it might give hope and maybe unite people. There are no political flags or signs there, only American flags. We invite anyone to come and join us and enjoy the positive feedback we get from the several thousand people each Saturday for an hour when they honk their horns, wave through their windshields, blink their lights, give a thumbs up or show us the peace sign. It really is a great experience. I was dismayed with the writers suggestion that we think we are better, smarter and more worthy because of the color of our skin. To make that statement without first finding out who we are and what we believe is both disappointing and discouraging. I hoped by this time in our history we would be judging people by the content of the character and not by the color of their skin. Apparently not all of us are there yet. So we invite you and anyone else who would like to join us on Saturday mornings to come and enjoy the experience. After all the American flag is as much yours as it is mine. Jim Sanderson, Spokane

Stolen Biden/Harris signs: To the Trump supporter coward who stole several Biden/Harris yard signs in our neighborhood: thank you! I now feel confident Trump will lose because you are afraid of our signs! You can steal our signs but not our votes! You're a coward just like your Trumpster.

RE: DEFUND ROBERT HEROLD (SEPT 10): I like Robert Herold. He is a very smart man. If more people thought like him, our country would be in a much better place right now. Keep speaking truth to power Robert! Don't let the naysayers stop you! ♦

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