I Saw You

Week of October 22nd

Cute Dutch Bros girl:
I saw that lady throw her card at you after you tried explaining to her that her gift card wouldn't cover the whole balance. Then I saw you stand up for yourself by telling her she wasn't getting her drinks. Then I saw you explain all of this to me with the biggest smile (probably) under your mask. As someone that works with customers it brought me great joy to watch an employee stand up for themselves. Also you're cute, let's grab lunch. thisisathrowaway4545@yahoo.com

Thank you for just being a great person:
Thank you to the super awesome person who found my son's Star Wars wallet at Northtown!! The look on his face when he realized it was gone about killed me. And after retracing all our steps to no avail was further heartbreaking. But someone pointed us in the right direction and lo and behold, it was there! He never carries his wallet yet alone has cash, but he's been working hard to earn something nice to buy for family. And to find it with all his hard earned cash was truly awesome. Thank you thank you thank you!

Car Biz: Time for all us drivers to do a walk-around on our cars and check our lights. Head lights, park lights, brake lights, DRL, backup lights, license plate lights, high mounted stop lights. If you look around Spokane you can sure tell that Trump's tax break for the silver spooners worked with all the new Audis, BMWs Porsche, Lexus etc. but not many Chevys Fords or Dodges. Just sayin!

ARRESTED... ...development. Glad to see she's not putting up with your version of truth. You've been quite less than honest, most of the time she's given you. We know you've been unfaithful. Now, so does she. Work on your "isms" that linger, perniciously. Your maturity needs a catch-up. Aren't you way past your 40s? Charming, still, but creeping toward that ridiculous "age" that is not a great place for players. Didn't you say you were single? How convenient. Hoping you realize that loyalty is freedom. Devotion, divine.

Pay it forward: A few years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes along with advanced pulmonary hypertension. Needless to say I physically was unable to continue working. Sharing my misfortune with Dan and Janet, former site property managers at CCEB, Dan reached in his pocket and pulled out his cash and without counting it put it in my palm. Turns out it was close to $600. I haven't seen them since, and would very much like to see them again. I don't know their last name. but I'm sure he knows where I live.

Can't we just get along? People! What's becoming of our city? Covid has fatigued and strained us all, and perhaps left you scared and angry, but that's not what is poisoning us. Now you hate your neighbors because of a yard sign. You disparage others for simply waving the nation's flag. You aren't even seeing black and white now, it's all red, the color of blood and hate. "Yay for my side, the rest of you go to hell!" Sure, Orange Man Bad and Feeble Old Guy corrupt, but isn't your life bigger than politics and candidates? Wake up! You are being played. Go watch "The Social Dilemma" – you are being manipulated and deceived, with your consent! Go watch "Irresistible" – the political game (and it IS a game) is rife with dark money and corruption. Someone, somewhere, is getting rich off all this but certainly not you! But ask yourself, who really profits if we destroy and devour each other? Our real enemies, like Communist China, are hoping for the eventual failure of the United States, but right now they only have to wait for our system to collapse because we're too busy arguing about politics to realize we're doing the job for them. Come on, man! Return to first principles, let go of petty personal agendas, and try a little kindness. You still have a life to live no matter who's in office next year. And the real enemy is not your neighbor, but the one who wants your soul – the one who comes only to steal and kill and destroy. As my grandmother used to say, "Y'all need Jesus." We all do.

Spokane Road Work: Thank you, road construction workers, you hardhat-wearing asphalt warriors, for your steadfast efforts in what may be a largely thankless job. It's not your fault city planners could not plan our road repairs more efficiently and effectively to keep traffic levels flowing while you give us smooth streets. You're out there in the heat and cold, before sunup and after sundown, enduring the hard physical labor it takes to repair years of wear and neglect. Shame on the drivers who take out their frustrations on your foremen and crews. If we will all just relax, allow more time for the inevitable detours, and be patient, when these jobs wrap up and we are enjoying the smooth new pavement, all those temporary headaches will be but a flash of memory. Detours may be necessary for some weeks but the benefits will last for years. So thank you, some of us really appreciate what you do. And be careful out there!

Inland Empire A-List parties: One of the greatest moments of Spokane, Washington: U.S.A. is when Mark Few marched our Zags into the history books. We all remember where we were that day, aka which party. Team Zag will be strong for 100 years thanks to his level of excitement and engagement(s). Who doesn't love Mark Few? I was one at a multiplayer Zag event and it was as loud as an old Stihl chainsaw. Mr. Few should be treated like a Supreme Court Justice, tenured for life. He is so serious, stern yet talented... He not only brings out the best in his players — he also brings out the best in the student body, and others. Bravo Zag nation — you did it! What an education in class and structure of how to win, win, WIN!! P.S.: according to the internet, thx: Mr. Thayne McCulloh.

Covid petri dish: Jeers to a South Hill fitness center. It is obvious you do not embrace the danger of COVID and are placing profits over the well being of our community. Yes you clean the equipment but the vast majority of transmission is via the mouth. And there are more heavily breathing, unmasked mouths in your facility now then pre-pandemic. And those mouths primarily belong to the younger selfish people who are driving the covid numbers higher. Your gym is probably one of the top sources of the virus spread in our area. Sure would be nice to get our kids back in school, but that is not going to happen because of irresponsible businesses like yours.

Flag Protocol: Jeers to the T supporters who fly a Trump flag above the U.S. flag. The American flag protocol is that the American flags flies above lesser flags. Just goes to show those supporters put T above our country. Shame on them!

MAGA mask morons: Look... I know your "Glorious Leader" and his vice poodle "Fly Boy" have told you COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax. However, there are 220,000 people DEAD and over 8 MILLION infected. If you don't want to listen to the doctors or the scientists, that's fine. Call REPUBLICAN Herman Cain. OH wait....he died of COVID-19! Maybe try REPUBLICAN Chris Christie. He lived, but he spent a week in ICU. Or call your fearless leader and he can explain how he received $100,000 in medical treatment, that you paid for and how he is going to make damned sure you won't be able to receive the same treatment because next month he is going before the SUPREME COURT to cancel the ACA. Good luck MMM, you're going to need it. ♦

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