I Saw You

Week of October 29th

Monday afternoon, you were sitting majestically in the hatch of you Subaru waiting for a friend at Riverside State Park, 7-mile bridge trailhead, so you could embark on your adventure once your friend arrived. My friend and I came into the parking lot after our fat bike ride when I saw your adorable smile, I felt the breath leave my chest. Your beauty is as glorious as a unicorn dancing across a rainbow with its spiraling horn glistening from sun and fresh as the rain. As my friend and I loaded our bikes onto my bike rack. I grasped my breath tightly with my fist as muttered threw my giant, ginger-beard, "Have you ever ridden a fat bike before." You responded, "No, but I would like to." I thought to myself, her voice is as sweet as a songbird. Again, I muttered through my giant, ginger beard, "I have a second fat bike if you ever want to try it." Overwhelmed with your beauty and the sweetness of your voice. I got into my vehicle and drove away. Realizing I never asked if you would want to take up my offer to ride my fat bike. Therefore, I ask you if you will ride my fat bikes with me?

Still trying to get under my... I see that you are like that cat that keeps coming back CHT. What if I told you that I STILL do not want you? You keep living a lie and I cannot and WILL not be that other women. When are you going to get the message? You say you care and will still be here but actually a text every 6 months with two lines is not "caring for me". What makes it okay for you to lie and cheat on her? I do not care what she is to you if she put a ring on it then you belong to her duh!!! Over 40 and still trying to play the field is just sad buddy. Go tell her the honest truth and stop stalking me please!!!!

Match.com gone wrong! Darrel 43 of Spokane who works in IT field, you sent me a message on match and you piqued my interest. I checked out your profile and think we are a great match! I was so excited to send you a message so we could get to know each other. My puppy needed to be let outside, so mid-sentence I set down my phone and let my pup out. When I picked up my phone you and my message to you had vanished. I guess I deleted you when I set down my phone! I searched the FAQ, and there is no way to reverse this mishap! Online dating is hard enough as it is, but then when I find someone I'm truly interested in this happens!?!? Hoping our paths will cross again! pebbles02510@gmail.com

...deserve a heartfelt thanks for always saying YES, with no advance notice, nor time to change your own plans. You never fail to cover our Sundays. The intense ending to already "filled" days is a monster to us. Thanks for your calm, efficient leadership EVERY time we ask you to stay. We're guessing you're as exhausted as any of us. Know that we never doubt, nor wonder, how it is accomplished. We have believed in you, always. We hope you are blessed by accepting the challenges and responsibilities. We hope to rise to your level of commitment to our mission. Accept only the best in your days. We know you give yours, every time you're here. Your presence has been a light. We are grateful.

Lake Landing: Cheers to the pilots of the two boat hulled amphibian planes who landed on the small lake northwest of Newport two weekends ago. It was a joy to watch and you made my dad's day!

Last but absolutly not least: Cheers to the wonderful, caring people at "SCRAPS". On 10/19 (despite the fact that they were closed) they opened their doors and very compassionately did their very best to try and help a dog I had brought to them that was hit by a car. Even though the poor guy succumbed to his injuries you people cared enough to try. Bless each and every one of you.You will get your just rewards too! And I know it will be wonderful in every way! Thank you. SLEEP SWEET.

I love my country: So grateful for our President and Vice President during this time! It was so wise to hand off the leadership to make decisions during this time to our state leader. Proved who we will and will not vote for. Stop blaming the high death rates on our president. He's done all he could for our country during this time! Also, stop watching CNN, as a professional, the deaths are HIGHLY inflated! Question why the death rates of the #1 killer, heart disease, is at an all time low. Everything is recorded as covid death. Thank you Mr. President for pushing to keep our freedoms at a time where some people would push communism for their own fake security.

Spokane community: Thank you! To all the people supporting local businesses at this time, thank you! As someone who relies on tips with minimum wage (complete joke with the cost of living) your generous tips do not go unseen or unfelt. Groceries are had at this time because of you. And to everyone buying local goods, yay! Let's keep our community going! Don't think your $20 spent is too little and unnoticed. Everyone in service industry and local retail are hurting, spending money at your favorite coffee shops and places such as the Rocket bakery and Garland Resale, does SO much good! Keep on going community, I believe in the us.

Groovy Jazz: Thanks to the Vinyl Hour on KYRS on Thursday night for the super groovy jazz! And the super great vinyl music in general! Long live vinyl!

Coffee Kindness: With this crazy year it's the little things that others do that really pick up your spirits. I just wanted to give a shoutout to the gentleman with his dog in the big truck hauling a bunch of rock at the White Dog coffee stand on Pines in the Valley. With his big trailer he was oddly spaced in line to prevent himself from blocking traffic and I cut in front of him on accident. He honked to let me know he was there, waiting his turn in line and that I had cut. I waved and (embarrassed) quickly got behind him. When it was my turn the fabulous baristas let me know he felt so bad about honking (which he needed to do to make his presence known) that he bought my coffee! TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I bought the person's behind me hoping it would help make their day. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a smile, a kind note or whatever just remember we're all in this together and it's the little things that can brighten someone's day.

Thanks Gary Crooks: It is comforting to see reasoned folks like you call out the Stacey Cowles endorsement of Trump. Thank you.

Donald Trump patriot.....NOT!! You can stand in front of 1,000 American flags and not be a patriot! Donald Trump is anything but a patriot! Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a lifelong con artist, cheater, thug, racist, "crybaby" , and mostly a bully coward. Can you imagine him as a foot soldier in a war? He would hold up his fox hole buddy to take the bullet meant for him, he would be the first to retreat even though a retreat was not called, he would be over with the enemy selling out his own platoon and their positions leading to their deaths. Donald Trump is no patriot! He has been "fleecing" America and Americans all his life, and he wants to fleece you for another four more years. Get educated on this coward America before you vote.

Spokesman editorial from 10/25: What a pile of none sense garbage. Very frustrating and in this case embarrassing to have only one official newspaper for our city. How do we go about boycotting the Spokesman and making the Inlander our officially official paper? ♦

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