If you get there before I do! Cheers to that one guy who remembers everything a wife does! Thank u for the many years I got to stay home with our beautiful kids and the wonderful things u showed me I thought I'd never see I'm truly grateful to be your wife!! So if u get there before I do dont give up on me!! There is a letter hidden for that someday baby!! Thank u ohana no one gets forgotten or left behind!!

Character Still Matters: Cheers to those who believe character and truth still matter.

Great writing: Gary Crooks' Inlander article on the Spokesman-Review endorsing Donnie for President was the finest piece of writing on the subject. He was eloquent in making his case and it was spot on ... and his critique of Cathy was magnificent. It gives me hope knowing other people feel the way my family feels.

Jeremiah's Birthday Parade-Cheers to Spokane: A big thank you and Cheers to Spokane for rallying around the Lilly Family for Jeremiah's birthday in advance of his life-saving surgery in Seattle. Special thanks to Spokane Fire & Police Departments and Mike Ellis for arranging it all. Happy 4th birthday Jeremiah. You got this! Sending you and your family all of our thoughts, prayers and love.

Coffee Kindness: With this crazy year it's the little things that others do that really pick up your spirits. I just wanted to give a shoutout to the gentleman with his dog in the big truck hauling a bunch of rock at the White Dog coffee stand on Pines in the Valley. With his big trailer he was oddly spaced in line to prevent himself from blocking traffic and I cut in front of him on accident. He honked to let me know he was there, waiting his turn in line and that I had cut. I waved and (embarrassed) quickly got behind him. When it was my turn the fabulous baristas let me know he felt so bad about honking (which he needed to do to make his presence known) that he bought my coffee! TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I bought the person's behind me hoping it would help make their day. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a smile, a kind note or whatever just remember we're all in this together and it's the little things that can brighten someone's day.

Spokane community: Thank you! To all the people supporting local businesses at this time, thank you! As someone who relies on tips with minimum wage (complete joke with the cost of living) your generous tips do not go unseen or unfelt. Groceries are had at this time because of you. And to everyone buying local goods, yay! Let's keep our community going! Don't think your $20 spent is too little and unnoticed. Everyone in service industry and local retail are hurting, spending money at your favorite coffee shops and places such as the Rocket Bakery and Garland Resale, does SO much good! Keep on going community, I believe in the us.

Mask Mandate: The incident at a local grocery store was sad. Yes, the worker should have not put his hands on this man who says he has health issues and that's why he can't wear a mask. Really who is he kidding? I wonder if this non-mask-wearing man gets on a plane, train, bus, or Walmart — they all require masks no matter what. If this man doesn't like WA laws, move to Idaho. They don't care if you live or die. When we were on lockdown, people had no problem wearing masks. This virus is still with us. There are elderly who have health issues. You see them wearing masks, so move your non-mask-wearing behind to Idaho.

Why did I give you $5: We go to Greenbluff every year around this time just like thousands of other people, so this year we wanted to do the same (to a specific farm I won't out, I guess, even though I want to). I read that you were charging $5 in advance to reserve a parking spot and time slot to safely visit the farm and limit attendance for Covid. We got there and it was anarchy. A 30-minute wait in line to get up the hill, to find there were no safety protocols or reserved parking at all. You utilized Covid to get an additional $5 out of thousands of people. Sadly we won't ever be coming back. I hope other guests were smart enough to realize it too.

Did I Really Flip You Off in Traffic...? ...Why, yes, I did! Do you know the reason? Was it because you were driving an unnecessarily humongous, MANLY *white* pickup truck? No, not really. Was it because your vehicle was also excruciatingly LOUD and smoggy? Nope, not that either. Was it because you displayed an eight-foot TRUMP banner which, BTW, was flying in the wind *above* your smaller US Flag? Partly, yes. Was it because you were driving like a maniac on Hwy 2, weaving in and out of traffic on your way to a Trumptard Nuremburg rally? YES, that's why. You didn't need to place so many people in danger, young, MAGA ball-capped idiot. However, JEERS to me for making you angry, you poor little Gestapo-man, as you suddenly pulled up right behind me, turned on your fog lights and the blaring lamps from your bar, took a picture of my license plate with your phone (while driving erratically), then followed me after my exit. Did you think you wanted to bully me or something? Well, I'm not scared; we all know that you and your ilk will lose your magic Trump powers in January.

Let It Snow: Nothing like Oct snow in an election year to survey neighbors who shovel sidewalks according to campaign-yard signs: communal responsibility vs. individual/personal liberty. Civics 101, think schoolchildren, postmen/women, disabled, or just being neighborly. As for any party who won't/can't shovel, either move or get thee to a nursing home.

More on the Spokesman-Review: Few things are more pathetic than your local paper endorsing what they admit is a racist, bigot, wretched human being, except of course a nation having already voted for said racist, bigot, wretched human being.

A Matter of Power: Jeers to the golf course employee on Tuesday, 10/27, for your pathetic, big-headed power trip. You told me and my 4-year-old that we couldn't sled there, and when I asked why not, you said, "Cause I said so." Really?? Your agitated, knee-jerk reaction to one simple request for an explanation perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with how Republicans applaud strongman tactics and wield power with impunity. Had you said "it's just a city policy" or "it damages the grass" I would have thanked you, genuinely, for informing me and my son. But your fragile, authoritarian ego was just too easy to prod. I challenged, "Who are YOU?" Your reply says it all: "It doesn't matter."

Jeers to Anyone Trying to Suppress Voting: If you have to cheat to win, you are a LOSER. If you feel the need to bring a gun into a polling booth, you should maybe consider voting absentee. Thanks but NO THANKS to anyone planning Election Week Mayhem for whatever reason. UBER JEERS to needing an Emergency Preparedness Kit To Go To The Polls! Water, granola bars, blanket, anti-bacterial wipes, pepper spray, flak jacket...

To the young man at a custom boot store: I was not familiar with the bootmaker, but the quality of the boots looked good. The price was high but in 40 years working in the woods, I have bought several pairs of custom boots and don't expect them to be cheap. I decide to get fitted. Just as I sit down I realize you are not wearing a mask, and right then you say: "You can take your mask off." I reply: "I was just going to ask you to put one on." "They don't do any good!" you say. I take the word of every infectious disease expert in the country or some kid in a custom boot store I just met? I stood up and walked out. Committing to spend $500 on a pair of custom boots requires a lot of trust on the customer's part, and in that instant I decided I could not trust you.

Doesn't that leave mostly Covidiots on the SRHD? Might as well get our health info and advice from Fox News - R.I.P. with that. Bring back Dr. Bob Lutz!!!!! ♦

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