I Saw You

Week of November 12th

Smackys Connection: I go to Smacky's every Thursday because I know you'll be there. Always on time. 1145 like clockwork. You're so beautiful. I don't even pay attention to the menu because I'm busy fantasizing about you. See you next Thursday my cupcake.

Wondering.... .....why you don't have an intimate relationship with your significant other. (It's 'cause you have "one" with your therapists.)

Hi, MarBear: "We were at Altitude this Sunday, we seen each other and we both acted like we didn't but I know we did. You're simply not somebody that can be missed unless being thought of when you're absent, which I have. I wanted to say hi but it seemed as though you may have not wanted to be bothered and I was dealing with a horrible headache and a week's worth of work that felt like all day leg day at the gym day, for 8 straight days so needless to say I was feeling not only lame but fairly grody.... I remember seeing you jump from section to section like I usually do and thinking dang.... I wish I wasn't feeling so cruddy. I've thought of you several times over the years and hoped you were well, I still do and I'm more than free to do so, so if you'd like to have lunch sometime and or go on a hike, I'd love to catch up with you MarBear. You've always been one of my favorites."

At least a sliver of optimism:
Cheers to the three young ladies who walked in front of our office during the Chump Train event. You ran home and returned with three signs which expressed love, inclusion and support for science. I suspect it may be some years before you can vote, but I don't believe you will sit out your first election. You looked despondent and said you were "too late." I told you it's never too late to raise your voice. Continue to nurture your minds. Do not take answers at face value. Research, question, and then question again. Find trustworthy souces and read, read, read. You gave me hope in the face of a parade of ignorance. Some might not be able to tell fact from fiction, but your parents should be deeply proud of you. I know we all were. Stay safe.

Outstanding Book Sellers' Service: Willie + Valerie E., 6 Finches Books, Kennewick, WA, consistently provides outstanding customer service. They accurately describe books, promptly respond to orders, and, securely package books for shipment. They're friendly and most helpful in answering questions and providing information about products as well as most generous in taking time to assist customers.

Thanks STA/ Spokane Valley! "Thank you so much STA and the City of Spokane Valley for installing a bus stop right outside our apartments in the valley! Now, our unmonitored parking lot is visited daily by drunks and vandals. It's so much more colorful to exit my apartment at night, not knowing whether or not I'll have my car or if my possessions will be in it. Will there be a random stumbling idiot who doesn't know what part of town they are in? Will there be a group of destructive teens randomly throwing bottles at structures? Who knows! Badly executed graffiti? An assault? Jeez guys, yes please! Life was so peaceful and boring before and you've really spiced it up by making your routes less focused on Sprague, where the businesses with their pesky security systems, insurance and cameras were. Such a great way to show you care about the quality of life for your citizens. More of that! Plop those idle randos right here, where they don't live and there's nothing for them unless they steal it. Adventure!"

GRATEFUL: Your insight, wisdom based in experience, patience and diligence has led to such clarity that is likely, indisputable. Dr. Ramani, you are a light on the path. Your work, and the echo of Dr. Les Carter, has shepherded so many in need of wandering back onto the narrow path forward. Thank you is not enough. A life lived in non-confusion is the hope for all who dare to see. I am one of those. Courage is there for the asking.

Coffee Kindness: With this crazy year it's the little things that others do that really pick up your spirits. I just wanted to give a shoutout to the gentleman with his dog in the big truck hauling a bunch of rock at the White Dog coffee stand on Pines in the Valley. With his big trailer he was oddly spaced in line to prevent himself from blocking traffic and I cut in front of him on accident. He honked to let me know he was there, waiting his turn in line and that I had cut. I waved and (embarrassed) quickly got behind him. When it was my turn the fabulous baristas let me know he felt so bad about honking (which he needed to do to make his presence known) that he bought my coffee! TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I bought the person's behind me hoping it would help make their day. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a smile, a kind note or whatever just remember we're all in this together and it's the little things that can brighten someone's day.

Spokane community: Thank you! To all the people supporting local businesses at this time, thank you! As someone who relies on tips with minimum wage (complete joke with the cost of living) your generous tips do not go unseen or unfelt. Groceries are had at this time because of you. And to everyone buying local goods, yay! Let's keep our community going! Don't think your $20 spent is too little and unnoticed. Everyone in service industry and local retail are hurting, spending money at your favorite coffee shops and places such as the Rocket Bakery and Garland Resale, does SO much good! Keep on going community, I believe in the us.

Character Still Matters: Cheers to those who believe character and truth still matter.

Cross @ improper crossings: To all pedestrians, please use the crosswalks that are provided & wait for the glowing person to cross!! I'm SICK & TIRED of people of all kinds throwing themselves across the street!! Yes, cars need to stop for pedestrians, but pedestrians need to use the crosswalks & use them properly. Also, use the sidewalks! I'm constantly stopping for idiots walking just wherever! I understand that when there's snow it's hard to see the sidewalks, but while it's half decent outside use the flip-flip sidewalks!! We spend BILLIONS of dollars on this stuff for you to be safe! Use it properly. V Z ♦

Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition @ Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU

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