I Saw You

Week of November 19th

Barnes and Noble Cutie:
11/10/20 i held the door for you and called you cute. now I'm kicking myself for not asking for your number. i may be a youngster but give me a chance. I dont go to the northtown mall often so, if you see this, write back?

For all the Unicorns: Re: ginger beard. Despite everything that's happening right now I find myself, an outsider, ruminating on your post about the Unicorn. So much to unpack. Heaven forbid the Unicorn cyclist seek solace in the outdoors and endure an inane car side conversation only to be met with a mediocre published diatribe. One that attempts to whittle down her being to that of an 'adorable, sweet, songbird Unicorn with a glistening, spiraling horn.' I don't blame you for feeling threatened as the modern Unicorn gains advanced education, independence, the vice presidency... I acknowledge your neolithic impulse to belittle the Unicorn, to peacock with faux flattery in a misguided attempt to make the Unicorn 'sweet, adorable.' Controllable. Small. If only the women and gender studies programs in the area would dissect your post. My god. (Please do). In truth Unicorns are strong, albeit mythical, capable creatures — like the 2020 woman...

Smile: Down by the Spokane River. Throwing rocks in the water. You smiled. Waded in. You turned to me and our eyes met. Something special happened that day. I hope you return to that spot again. I'll wade in with you next time.

In the mirror: I saw the glimmer of hope in you're tear filled eyes hoping one last time you'd matter today. Hoping for one hand to offer you a life preserver as you drown. I saw that glimmer fade out as the day wore on and you're worth to the world dissipated. I saw the cracks of you're broken soul as you realize the day is over and you still don't matter. I see you Empty and numb now a shell of someone that once cared. In the mirror I see the reflection of a broken woman wishing to matter.

River Trail Hottie: I saw you on a trail by the river. We laughed about what I thought was something besides a rock. You watched me splash in to prove I was right; I was not. We shared a good laugh and you made me forget where I was going. I hope to see you there again someday, river trail hottie.

Bicycle Crash Angel: Thank you to Jeff for giving me a ride home on Halloween after I crashed my bicycle. I ended up with a broken clavicle, but it could have been a lot worse. Your assistance was greatly appreciated!

Mask Wearers: Cheers to all of the people wearing masks because it's a "rule." Despite nearly everyone in public wearing a mask while out and about, there still seem to be some people that just don't agree with the policy and so don't wear one. While I doubt the efficacy of them myself due to the surge of cases across the area and others that have imposed the measure, I do so because some people think it's a good idea, and it seems to make the public feel safer. To those who don't want to abide by the temporary rule, why don't you stay home instead? ...

You wonderful group of humans: To the staff at Spokane Resource Center; Thank you for all that you do. Each of you have your own daily challenges and your own struggles in this new pandemic world but you still show up every day, setting your own lives aside and setting out to help people and make a difference in as many lives as you can. You are appreciated, you are noticed, and above all you are valued. Without you our community would be a much dimmer place.

Perfection - or pretty close to it! 4 years ago we met in the waiting room of Perfection Tires while we got our snow tires put on for the pending winter. You, tall gentleman - me, short lady. And regardless of what you tell all your friends, (and mine as well, now that I think of it,) YOU asked me for my phone number!! (Not vice versa.) That was the BEST thing that could have ever happened to us, and now we're celebrating our first year of marriage! (COVID-19 and double knee replacements be damned!) I love you so much, and I love being loved by you! We are blessed!

Dear Madam Mayor: Nadine — You've made a grave mistake: Your recent statements supporting the firing of our County Health Director, Dr. Lutz, provide massive proof that his dismissal was nothing more than a sneaky, right-wing Republican political move. Is this coincidental with Trump's election loss? No, this was planned and executed quite carefully. And as such, the upcoming Amelia Clark investigation is, by all means, a welcome and necessary procedure. ... Ms. Clark not only vilified a great man, but has also placed herself into a dark spotlight alongside your position. ...

Enough ribbon cuttings, bronzer and BS: Spokane has the worst COVID-19 numbers in Washington State. Nadine, our feckless, ribbon cutting mayor, was caught lying (again) this week. For months, we've listened to her hollow support of beating Covid-19 in our community, while undermining our health care professionals. CMR made a rare after election appearance on KHQ- sporting an odd orange skin color, attempting to cast doubt on our election...yet she was re-elected. ICYMI- Cathy was found GUILTY OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE VIOLATIONS. The cherry on top of this mess is Amelia Clark (SRHD). She's been in our community for a year and is facing multiple lawsuits, YIKES! The disinformation these women spread is as deadly as Covid-19. Please wear a mask, stay safe Spokane!

YES! Please Take Inslee: WOW! I almost spit my coffee through my nose when I heard that Biden is thinking of Inslee for a job in Washington DC! If there is a God in Heaven and Trump doesn't prevail THAT would single handily be the BEST news of this election! Sadly because of the Very left leaning Inlander the likelihood of this actually being printed is truly the snow ball in Hell chance. Another sad point is that Anyone that points out the fact (Please see the voting map) that other than Whitman county EVERY county east of the Cascades is RED! Of course one is Immediately painted as a Matt Shea supporter and Banished. That is because Spokane is changing with all the people FLEEING Utopia (Seattle-Portland-California) to move here. WHY is that? How could you Possibly move to a place that you've Bad Mouthed for years? ... Let's be More like Bellevue and LESS like Seattle before it's too late!

Spokane Can't Pay Bills! WOW! Welcome to the club! The difference is the private individual can't just raise someone else's taxes to make up for their shortfall! With Covid cutting income for the City the do as I say NOT as we do City officials just raised property taxes by 1%. Well that isn't exactly true. My property taxes assessment for next year went up 47%!!! My small company business revenue has gone down by at least 50%. And No I haven't taken ANY City or Government hand outs! I've just struggled to make ends meet. Of course that would be Completely Lost on the tax and spend crowd at City Hall! ...

Good Riddance Bob Lutz: I don't understand what the big love affair was with "Doctor" Bob Lutz by the people in Spokane County. He was a self-important, egotistical, pampas ass! He was a "NON-ESSENTIAL" employee who deserved to get his sorry, loser self tossed to the curb! Glad you're gone Booby Putz! ...

"Don't be a Karen": To the lady in my neighborhood below Franklin School. You made friends with my neighbor next door. He loaned you his pressure washer. He helped you trim your trees. You asked the neighborhood girl that is friends with him if he would go out on a date with you. He told her the only dates he goes out on are with his dog. And then he put out his Trump signs and his anti BLM signs saying All Lives Matter. You turned into a Karen. You even wrote a letter to this publication bashing him for his beliefs. .. He is the type of person that would do anything for anyone. I'm pretty sure you burned that bridge. ...

You too, Lindsey. Jeers to 48% of the US electorate. Why is it the obstinate fervor one feels for a political candidate is directly related to the candidate's incompetence and venality? ♦

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