Everyday heroes: I don't see you. I don't hear ads thanking you. Sometimes, as I scrub my home and resent the unending necessity of everyday cleaning, I think about you. What stores, public facilities, hospitals do you silently maintain. You make it possible for the community to continue. Others are applauded. You are the silent heroes. Thank you, custodians, maintenance personnel, for your competence and dedication. Those who take bows stand on your shoulders.

Grateful: Thank you to the people who took the time to help me with my dead car on Ash and Northwest Blvd. on 11/23/2020 around 9:00 am. I hope you get to read this because I'm grateful for your kindness and obviously... You're Awesome!

Volunteer angels: I would like to give a shout out to the National Guard and other Volunteers for making the Turkey drive happen at the fairgrounds. It went so smoothly. The World needs more people like you. Good bless. Happy Thanksgiving.

To the rescue: When I parked my car to run an errand on Garland Avenue I noticed you outside your bicycle shop cleaning the window and sidewalk. Little did I know that 20 minutes later you would rescue me with a jumpstart as my battery died! It was starting to rain when you noticed my distress, and came out of your shop carrying a battery and cables! I am so appreciative! I made it down to the Dealer after that and bought a new battery. I also appreciate the fact that you were doing your bit to keep the Garland business district clean, and at the same time being a good example to others. Thanks again!

A real Thanksgiving: Many of the tenants at Cathedral Plaza (mostly women) prepared & delivered a hot delicious turkey & ham dinner with sides, to 70+ other tenants. These hardworking & thoughtful ladies took this upon themselves with feelings of joy & thankfulness because they were able to do all this for others who couldn't, for a number of reasons, leave their apartments. Andrea, our social coodinator, pitched in along with assistance from Catholic Charities to serve dinners (with pumpkin pie) that the tenants would not have had otherwise. So, with thanks & appreciation we all send our love to these loving people.

Just keep swimming: To the Green City Saloon in Greenacres....hang in there! Keep swimming!! The tent and heaters are amazing! The TV set is up is the best that it can be and... your people are here for you! We love that you are doing your best to keep the bar open... for us!! I don't know what I would do without THE BEST FRIES in town!!! (Love the burgers, too... but the fries KILL it!) Chin up and if you keep pushing forward, WE will, too!

Costco girl: To the short-haired girl at the Valley Costco exit door! Thank you for keeping the line moving and catching different receipt issues! Not only did you catch an overcharge, but your smiling face and happy attitude were an improvement to my day! It makes life easier when you know that someone is watching out for you! THANK YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Library superheroes: You make a difference Spokane library team!! We are so lucky to have you!! With every curbside pickup my spirit is lifted and my therapy costs go down. When you added the ability to add extra items by genre/interest, my mind was blown! Such careful consideration has gone into the additional items you've selected for me. You've supported me through my covid cooking phase, my language learning phase, my Wes Anderson phase, and my f-ed up memoir phase. Without judgment or delay you've provided a weekly lifeline in a tied white grocery bag. I've laughed with Bridget Jones, cried with Dickens and cooked with Martha. Sanity saved. Thank you for all you do dear library staff, you are truly Spokane treasures.

You already cause problems with dangerous diseases that should have been eradicated. Putting all of our children at unnecessary risk. And now you are poised to inhibit our ability to get beyond this Covid pandemic and back to living normal lives. But I bet many of you are gung ho to send our soldiers off to war. Yet they need to get multiple vaccinations in one day before shipping out and then they get shot at. And most of you have tattoos. Despite the fact that the tattoo ink contains very dangerous toxins. Grow a brain and be a patriot. Get the Covid shot. I will be first in line.

Jeers on me: To the person driving the SUV by Manito golf course, I know it looked like I didn't stop at 4 way stop but was trying to stay close to the car in front of me. They were driving so erratically and was really worried! Driving barely 20 miles an hour and in the bike lane and then in the other lane! I was close to calling 911 but they finally pulled over thank goodness. You sped around me which really wasn't smart but I get it. Just didn't want anyone close to this other car. So sorry but I did have a reason.

Cabin Creeper: High flying attendant working a small regional NW airline. How about you stay away from others' Significant Others. Haven't you already wrecked one home? You wanna do selfish and stupid?..., contain the damage to yourself! You're not impressing anyone with your cute-sie kitsch!!

Blue-eyed snake: the one responsible. You are correct to call him out. Indeed check Google, but don't stop there. Records searches. Pay the small fee to find what you must. Police records... arrests, charges, incidents. They are public records. The information that can be shared is "out there." They lurk and crawl amongst us. Be careful. Beware. Be informed. Share.

No, go ahead and be a Karen if it means calling out white supremacy: Last week another local apologist for the banality of evil called out a neighbor for holding the guy on Mt. Vernon accountable for his decision to use his property on an arterial leading directly to an elementary school as a venue to peddle his reactionary and hateful views. I don't care how well he treats those he knows personally. His political views are morally disqualifying and deserve to be noted as such. Speech is free, but it also has consequences. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Jeers to both of you. ♦

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