I Saw You

Week of December 10

You're sportin' our colors. You're sportin' our wings. Remember, please, Integrity First. Hoping you're getting the right kind of help on the journey. Seems you're "raging" quite. Reach out to any of us. Reach out to a Veterans' assistance group. You can do it, but keep it simple. Treat that "one" like you'd treat any of "us." You wouldn't talk to "us" the way you do, there. You've come too far to keep it cloudy. Clarity, Brother. We want the best for you!! Lean. Learn. Breathe. Life isn't as serious as you're makin' it. Step back and quiet that storm.

Albertsons: I went through your line a couple of months ago and your cuteness caught me off guard. I've been going to this grocery store for over a year and I've never noticed you before. Now I feel like I see you every time. I keep trying to think of an excuse to talk to you, but I convince myself not to. "That would be awkward." So here's a weird "I saw you" instead. I saw you, I see you, and I think you're cute. I believe your name is Max? If you're at all curious. zabajabaa@gmail.com

I needed that: To the man out early walking his dog in Browne's Addition: We don't know each other but you waved at me last Monday at the round-about. I don't know if you routinely wave at every passing car or you just sensed I needed a boost. I'm a nurse at Sacred Heart and had just finished my night shift. I was feeling really emotional and had been crying on my drive home. But your wave lifted my heart and I am grateful for your kindness. Thank you!

Thoughtful early morning gesture: December 2, 7:40 am, Starbucks on Ruby and Sharp — THANK YOU to the person in the car in front of me who paid for my drink and panini! Very thoughtful of you! What a positive start to my day!

Chik-fil-YES to Daniel Walters: I'm a huge fan of the Inlander, but was a little bummed when I read the article hating on an objectively delicious sandwich. I love Spokane and am constantly supporting local restaurants but why make it sound like we have to choose either/or? Why can't I love my Chik-fil-A and eat at local establishments? This seems to be the problem with our country today. We make things so divisive and force people into a camp. You're either a homophobic, bigoted, Trump supporter or a communist liberal who supports the "murder of babies." WHAT IF I (AND MOST OF US) ARE NEITHER? Cheers to Daniel Walters for recognizing that this establishment has brought a tiny sliver of hope. No it's not local — but with millions of canceled weddings, funerals, graduations, missed holidays, missing our niece's turning 1 — it's one bright light in many people's lives right now. Let's not make more reason for division and polarization, Spokane. Let's come together and love one another. Thanks Daniel for taking a step towards unity with us. (Oh, and you should totally get the number 1 when you go, it's pretty damn good.)

A touch of kindness made a good day great! Thank you for the people in the red Scion ahead of me at Elixir on Dec. 5th. I was standing in the drive-through line because I went out for a walk. I must have looked silly (and maybe a tad sad) standing amongst vehicles in the cold. Actually, I was having a pretty good day. The sun was out, which was nice even with the cold temps. I was getting some exercise and escaping cabin fever at the same time. I was shocked when I walked up to the window and the nice lady said, "Yeah those folks bought your coffee." Awesome! My day went from an 8.8 to a 10.2 (on a 10-point scale). On the rest of my walk home I was waving to everybody driving by as if we were close friends, because that's how I felt. Thank you red Scion people for making Dec. 5th great! Next year on Dec. 5th I will do something random and nice to a stranger making Dec. 5 great again!

You and I: First off... I love you for not only who you are but for who you were. It has not been easy for me to understand you at times and I feel that you don't understand me at all sometimes, which has fueled endless arguments. However, if you and I fail to see the passion and chemistry between us when we argue, then we are either in denial or ignorantly blind. That having been said, I propose that we start fresh and forget about the things that we have said out of anger. I cannot speak for you, and I will respect your decision, no matter what... but as for myself, I am truly sorry for the things that I have said and done and I release all resentments and forgive you 100% for anything that I either thought you had done or otherwise. I trust you and will not go on treating you as if I don't. I love you, woman!

Disgust with Board of Health and Administration:
I continue to be disgusted with the way the Board of Health (BOH) and the Administrator have handled the dismissal of Dr. Lutz. It was glaringly obvious that his removal was personal and political. Sit in any meeting with the administrator and/or the BOH and you can see just how controlling Amelia Clark is. She doesn't stay in her lane, not even close. Her Veruca Salt type behavior is offensive and unprofessional. She panders to politicians as well as another elected official. When you have brought on two lawsuits, a state level investigation, as well as a letter of No Confidence from staff in barely a year of employment, you need to be shown the door! They all got their "YES MAN" in Dr. Velazquez though.

Racism at Music Store: Jeers to the "genderly confused" employee at a Spokane music store. My black fiance went in to make a large purchase and was treated with such disrespect it makes me sick. Not only did not 1 of the 4 deadbeat employees at the front counter even approach him, when he confronted an employee (after 10 minutes of being ignored) was blatantly rude and racist to him, even insinuating that he was using a stolen card! I went in about an hour later for the same transaction just to see if it was just poor customer service, but was met by multiple employees who dropped everything to help me in a quick and respectful manner. When I spoke to the manager about the horrible experience and let them know they lost our business, he didn't seem to care. Don't support racism. ♦

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