I Saw You

Week of January 7


The Last Five Years: I saw you every day for the Last 5 Years. I saw you today all day and night I saw you crying in the shed all alone I saw you holding our babies in your arms I saw you the most beautiful woman in the world I saw you as genuine and amazing and true I saw you as perfect I saw you as my wife I I saw you with me for my whole entire life I saw you a healthy old woman holding my hand I saw you never leaving me not even chance but you did it really my life I don't know how to fix it know if I could but I saw you one way and now I see you another but I still have this great love for you and so I'm confused I'm sad and I don't know what to do sometimes I see you now and it brightens my day I still work through the things I feel that bring me down I see that you're broken with the way things have gone I see you in a brightens my day so I can't stay away so God help me God help me what's the things I can change and I love you my wife nickname Kandy its Dave?

Re: Mirror, Mirror: While quietly yearning for acknowledgement, boisterous fools receive attention. Disappointed with my reflection, I too, tend to wander. Hey self, if you see myself, tell her I'm looking for her.

Throwin rocks: Sorry bout delayed response. But, after all these years... someone saw me?!? Let's make sure. Was this girl at the pisshole? Trying to skip rocks.lol.i throw like a girl

The Flag Gifters: Thank you for the Italian flag that you left on my porch. I will fly it proudly! Each flag that I fly has a personal significance. I hope to tell you about it someday. I'm glad that I can bring you joy!


Chan's Bistro Manager: Overheard manager (maybe owner) have the most pleasant, encouraging and kind conversation with employee. Giving her the holiday weekend off after a tentative request. Will continue coming to all the places like this that treat workers with the gratitude we all deserve.

Stuck: Thank you so much to the young couple who helped push my car out of the middle of the intersection near San Sucha during the snow storm on Wednesday. Just minutes before, I received devastating news about my dad who has been in critical care in the ICU with covid. I cried and cried after you helped push me out; feeling so thankful for such human kindness at that moment. Thank you. <3 <3 <3

Gnome on a Rock: To whomever painted the adorable gnome on a rock that I found in my neighborhood Little Free Library, you made my day. It's just nice to know another human shares my affinity for gnome culture.

Thanks Parks and Rec! Thanks Josh and Spokane Parks and Rec for fun virtual games of trivia and bingo! My family appreciates your creativity in providing low/no-cost safe entertainment.

Buyer Beware: A big thank you to all the businesses that advertise their support for Donald Trump, Cathy M-R, and Loren Culp! You save me time from spending my money in your establishment. You may think that avoiding a business for political reasons is nonsense, but as most reasonable people know, the three aforementioned stooges are not just bad politicians, they're terrible people. I hope your business flounders so that you may accept government aid to remain operational — you know, welfare. I know the conservatives despise that word, so call it what you will. Or, blame Jay Inslee...or retreat to whatever pseudo-reality your type finds solace in.

Bless You, First Responders: While I was writhing in excruciating pain (hip joint) on our living room floor Monday morning, December 14, my wife phoned 9-1-1. The Valley Fire Department EMTs arrived in quick time, soon followed by the ambulance company and their EMTs. I was taken to Sacred Heart emergency in an ambulance, the pain was treated, and I was able to return home the same day. I was blessed by the professional care I received from everyone involved in the whole episode. Didn't get any of your names, but you people are my heroes. THANK YOU!


Clear Your Sidewalks: Shame on the City of Spokane Valley for not enforcing their sidewalk clearing ordinance and shame on all the people who aren't clearing it on their own. You have an obligation to clear your sidewalks! In some places it's impossible to traverse. I was just watched a man in a wheelchair weaving through traffic, literally through the middle of the intersection because he couldn't use the sidewalks. That's a really good look for the city...

2020 Whiners: Contrary to popular sentiment, 2020 hasn't been a bad year. Just the opposite! One of the many lessons taught is that the way we did some things was dumb. For example, does it make sense to have 100,000 fans sitting on top of one another at a sporting event? It actually doesn't make sense even without "the virus." This flu and cold season, it's been nice to not have people coughing, sneezing, and gagging on one another and partly because of that, our flu season is still looking mild. One of the other lessons taught in the local area is that some costs are too high. Some restaurant owners have been whining that they can't stay in business due to revenue loss. However, fast food and economical establishments are doing great! I wonder what lesson that might impart? Perhaps the value of the restaurant to the consumer was overrated to begin with. If you're going to ignore the fact that people in the local area are struggling and can't afford your food, perhaps you should look at your prices because they aren't going to "wander" in. By the way, where are any good pasta/spaghetti places? The ones I see in this city are those that charge $16.95 or more for plates of garbage. When economic times are down, it's time to adjust. Now where is that pint of "local" draft ale for $6.50? Never mind. I found it. It's in a six-pack at the grocery store for $8.99. It actually isn't "local," but it's from close by and tastes better anyhow.

Chasing the Dream: Jeers to our new Spokane Valley representative who wants to turn eastern Washington into a new conservative paradise. You are in office to serve the people of Spokane Valley, not promote political ideals. Any funding of this idea of a new state should come from its supporters, not the citizens of Spokane Valley or anywhere else. I certainly do not oppose new ideas introduced into government but if that is going to be your focus, resign your position with the state you oppose and run your campaign for the new one. There would not be a medical community the scale of what eastern Washington has today without our western influence. You should go visit one of our hospitals to influence the staff and patients that they really are making too much of all this covid stuff.

JAIL ROSTER: As i was browsing through names on the jail inmate roster tonight i noticed that many names had a "no bail" status while only a few were bondable...yet of the accused the inmates who were charged with crimes against people (for example: child rape in the 3rd degree, harassment with threat to kill, assault in the form of strangulation domestic violence) were the people who by the courts discretion were able to post bond and get released. By comparison, those who could not bond out were accused of crimes which did not involve other people getting hurt. Now, call me crazy but is this not a little bit (or completely) backwards? If anyone should be refused bail, it is those that rape, kill, attempt to kill, and especially those who are accused of abusing and molesting children!!! The justice system is in place not only to provide justice to those who are accused! It needs to reflect our values and priorities: keeping the masses safe from harm. Punishing those who bend the rules of the road or those who steal (as long as it doesn't involve violence) should be second to KEEPING US SAFE. If i were any dumber i might interpret this pattern (giving bail to those who present a higher risk of harm) as an act of terrorism (delivered by publicly appointed judges?) ♦

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