I Saw You

Week of January 14


To the Sky God: I saw you smokin' your cocoa baton stogies from the old year into the new. We sent 2020 packing with a giant octopus, a shark, and a dancing skeleton, and welcomed 2021 with a game of Peek-a-boo in a downpour. You are my greatest adventure. And all I can think to say? "Hi. I like you." We'll make it through this, count on it. Know that you are loved.

Doug Funnie at the Target: It was brief, but I passed you at Target and I hope I didn't make you feel self-conscious when I giggled. You were humming/whistling the theme song to the cartoon show Doug, and I couldn't help my smile as nostalgia overtook me. Thank you for giving a stranger a smile without even realizing it. You've got good taste, friend!


Mask Smile: I apologize to the woman in My Fresh Basket last Tuesday. You were getting something cooked at the deli counter, and I made a snarky remark. Though I made it as a joke, I realized after I walked away that you couldn't see my smile. So looking forward to the future where we can share comments/jokes/snarks, ... and smiles again. Peace.

Nice Work, Representative: Good for you, Representative. You didn't object to certification of the Electoral College results. It probably feels good to demonstrate you have a backbone along with some moral authority over the 120 representatives that support a right-wing fascist government.

Cheers to ———-: Cheers to whoever it was that decided NOT to have an armed force waiting at the Capitol for the Pretend Patriots. If there had been soldiers, if there had been SWAT, if they had started shooting, even with legitimate reason, it would have been like 9/11 and Kent State had a baby. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching imagery of Americans killing Americans on the steps of the Capitol!

Plant Farm Poinsettias: There I was, frosting Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve when I heard a knock on my door and saw a white van in front of my house. After wiping the remnants of colorful sugar of my hands, I hurried to the door where, through the half opened blinds, I saw a silhouette of a person holding some type of object. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a woman holding a bouquet of fully matured, white leaved poinsettias. It was enormous! The plant was full, healthy and so beautiful. Imagine my surprise when the woman said, "Merry Christmas from the greenhouse." After a few seconds of shock, I replied, "really, for me?" and before I knew it, I was holding the poinsettias, and she was off in her van to the next house. The greenhouse she was referring to was the Plant Farm, which is a few blocks from where I live. In these days where it seems like nothing is free and people can't seem to catch a break, what a refreshing surprise to have a local business travel around their neighborhood delivering a gift like this to brighten people's spirits. Thank you to the Plant Farm. The plant is still the centerpiece on my table, full as the day it was delivered.

Internet Heros: Cheers to the people who sleuthed around the internet and helped authorities identify many of the Capitol insurgents last week. That right there is people being awesome and using their internet powers for good! Some of us don't have internet powers. Thank you for helping us all!


Dirty Little secret. To the married "dudes" putting up your hotties in cutesie-condos. Your wives know. To the involved guys claiming you're single on "sites." Your S.O.s are chatting with your hookies!. Not so secret...at all. Dirty yes, but very clearly seen.

CMR: Too Little Too Late: Plenty of us knew from the 2015 presidential campaign that Donald Trump was a sick and dangerous man. So don't expect a pat on the back for accepting that while you're sheltering in the tunnels of the Capitol Building at the 11th hour. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been a Trump sycophant for the last four years. It is time for her to go! The citizens of the 5th Congressional District deserve someone with a spine and a conscience.

Jeers ... to "Jeers"? The very first thing I read in the Inlander is "Jeers" — I've even had a few published on this page — but I am beginning to think the self righteous pleasure it evokes in me when I read something I like (and the anger I feel when it's something I don't) is, to quote The Godfather, "a little dangerous." I am no Pollyanna about human nature and our capacity for violence and willful ignorance. Free speech is central to our democracy, but we have seen this week how unbridled and incendiary speech, when lies are repeated until they become plausible to the gullible, can lead to terrible outcomes. What — if anything — can be done to slow this dizzying descent into national chaos? Should we ask ourselves whether jeering at the other side, even if it feels good in the moment, even if it's just about a trivial matter, is going to change anything or anyone?

United My Ass: Been a heck of a week huh? Covid continues to spread like wildfire. We, the people of the United States of America, are number one, numero uno, top dog, in cases and deaths around the World. Way to do. We are sooo smart and pompous. Oh yeah...then there's the domestic terrorists who call themselves Law and Order people, among other things, who stormed the Capitol and caused the deaths of five people. Egged on by a president who thinks grabbing a woman's genitals is okay, gave-up on the pandemic, and fomented a riot. Apparently Republican pimp CMR believes that Twitter's decision to block Trump for live is censorship. You cannot shout FIRE in a theatre because (Supreme Court, Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1918) "The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent." By the way CMR, where were you when your Republican Brothers and Sisters stormed the House? These United States. Beacon to the world. Being torn-apart by politics led by a maniacal president. United we stand, divided we fall. United? My ass.

$600??? Dear Cathy Must Retire, You make $174,000 a year. Corporate gave you $3,303,000 to get re-elected again by mail in ballots tenth year in a row. Must be fixed. You have added $8,000,000,000,000 to the debt but today you do not to give any more then $600 to people who have lost everything. It has been 127 days since Malden and Pine City have burned. I hope they don't spend this largesse from you foolishly.

DUMPing the American Flag: The Cult Leader called TDUMP and his anti-patriotic, violent, racist, sexist, cult followers have trashed the American Flag. I have never seen so many atrocious flag crimes in all of my life as I have seen in the last 4 years. Never!...do you Ever!...fly any other flag with the American flag! Ever! Flying Dump flags anywhere close to the American flag is unacceptable and a pathetic, horrible irony. If you do this you are un-American and should be fined and go to jail. You are a criminal. These DUMP F#%KS arrived at Our White House did this and worse. Confederate flags! American Flag Upside Down! Flags on the ground! American flags replaced with DUMP flags! American flags with snakes on them! Even altered flags with a blue line is absolutely not right in any way! OMG! All my Veteran Friends are Appalled! This is a massive trashing of our Symbol of Freedom, Democracy and Country. ♦

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