I Saw You

Week of January 28


Groovy! Cheers to David at Groove Merchants for tracking down a hard-to-find copy of my daughter's favorite album on vinyl. She was overjoyed when she saw it. Thanks so much!


Jeers to Myself & Apology to Couple: Mon AM at Sacred Heart elevators. You were a middle-aged couple who pressed "close doors" before I could get on, and I reacted in an annoyed fashion. I am very sorry; hospitals have been causing me great discomfort and I'm still getting used to it. I was a jerk in a neon yellow knit hat. I'm super sorry if I added to any anxiety about having to be at a hospital. Best wishes and sincere apologies.

Value Democracy Over Your Guns: To those who are armed in this country in order to maintain freedom and safety — remember: that's the point. Attending protests and occupying federal lands and buildings with your oversized weapons scares and silences the people you were or are armed to protect. You are charged with maintaining democracy, and instead you terrorize people and seem to think that unlimited gun freedom is more important than democracy and the well-being and safety of your neighbors. The right to bear arms is a rare freedom, and you are endangering it because your idea of freedom seems mainly limited to what works for you and you only. You should be at the forefront of maintaining the right to bear arms in a manner that reflects the reality of the killing power guns now possess. I have a feeling some of you rail on about the second amendment mostly because you get off on intimidating people with your big guns. You don't have many other ways to feel important or seen. You're dealing with your insecurity and fears in a way that frankly hurts to witness. I feel like I see every screwed-over guy from my screwed-over hometown in you. Get off the internet, get off social media, and go to the library and ask a librarian for help. They'll get you on the right track. And please don't take your damned guns with you when you go! You won't need them there.

Tragedy Waiting to Happen! Jeers to a local motel for putting lives in danger including children! In the last year I have rented a room on three separate occasions each time in a different room but they all had one thing in common: light fixtures exposed and hanging by their wires and smoke detectors without batteries.

OK, Time to Put Up Or Look Stupid! So the worst person to have EVER lived is leaving the White House! And tomorrow the Greatest Statesman to have entered the Hollowed Halls of Political Endeavor begins 8 Years of Diplomacy! It's been 5 years of having the press bad-mouth everything the President did to now 8 years of the press and social media covering for his 45 years of absolutely NO accomplishment other than he isn't Bernie Sanders. Many have predicted that between his mental state or health it is guessed his lasting between 6 months to two years before the Queen of the Swamp steps in and pulls out Article 25 on him and puts the Vice President in his place. Then there will be policies that are SO far Left it will be interesting to see how even the Left can stomach it. And where will all the money come from to pay for this? As Prime Minister Thacher said, "Socialism only lasts as long as OTHER people's money." And it's amazing how in a country that is (or WAS) about Capitalism how HOSTILE the public has become about ANYONE that has ANYTHING! You work hard now and it doesn't matter because there are ALL kinds of people that think you owe THEM! SO! the next 4 years are going to be interesting! Be careful what you wish for you might get it!

Making Schools Less Safe: Jeers to the private school on the north side of Spokane for firing a beloved teacher into a pandemic recession for political reasons. The teacher you fired was the strongest faculty voice for LGBTQ+ students and Students of Color. By caving in to the demands of wealthy conservative families, you made your school an even less safe place for all but your most privileged students.

I Saw You... and if I see you again, I'm going shame the $#!t out of you. I saw you walk out of the stall at Costco, middle-age woman in the black coat, white hat. Thursday evening while I was doing the two-minute happy birthday hand wash, you walked right by 4 or 5 vacant touchless sinks yet you choose not to wash your hands. Last I saw you you were headed back by the fruits and vegetables. The shock and disgust I felt has morphed into anger. Like ultra mad. This is a fair warning, if I see you or your type do that again, I won't be the one regretting not speaking up, you'll be regretting not washing your hands.

I Apologize for Crowding at the Sacred Heart Vaccination Loading: On Friday January 22 about 5pm I was attempting to pick up my husband who was standing outside the entrance. I flicked my lights to attract his attention, but instead I created the impression I wanted the lady in the light colored van stopped in front of me to move out of my way. Please forgive me for being rude... it was unintentional.

Inslee?? Dear Cathy Must Retire, Thank You for Outing the Governor as the person responsible for the Malden Pine City Debacle. I thank you also for forgetting he is not responsible for the 400,000 deaths mostly our elders. I do thank you for sharing that your lapdog and spokesman are one and the same.

Yep! Worst Person in the World: So the "Mother Ship" newspaper ran an article about how Malden, WA is in the middle of Past President and Worst Person in the World and the Governor of the City of Seattle and all point West of the Cascades (other than Whitman Country and parts of the South Hill in Spokane) for a relief package for the devastation after the fire. Of course HOW could Anyone that wants money think (and I'm talking State of WA Government) that just because you've bad-mouthed the President EVERY chance you get and sued the President EVERY chance you could (think State Attorney General—usually over Illegal Immigration) that he wouldn't Fall Over himself to send aid immediately! After all the RED East of the Cascades is Often visited and Supported constantly by the Governor of Seattle EVERY chance HE gets—YES that is being sarcastic! I'm truly sorry the fine people of Malden are being hung out to dry by ALL sides! Frankly those in government are all spoiled children that are so thin-skinned as to be pathetic not even laughable! And Yet they are sent back to their offices over and over by the fine people of Washington State!

RE: Reflections on 2020 Whiners: One of the characteristics I've noticed about those writing in The Inlander is a failure to note the topic at hand. The person who wrote Reflections on 2020 Whiners seems to have missed the point of the original text. They state "A meal at a eat-in restaurant is going to cost more because you get a different kind of service and the food is generally better." No duh! Here is the problem brought forth by the original message. THE FOOD ISN'T BETTER!! So, why would someone want to pay more money for sub-par food? I think Spokane & The Inlander share the same problem. They're both sub-par. For the fools who say "move out", I say "great plan. That's what many successful people do. They move out". I look forward to new opportunities. Please enjoy your sub-par restaurants. ♦

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