I Saw You

Week of February 4


You Visit Me in My Dreams: I saw you on 10th and Perry, at the mini mart recently. You, an average sized man, 35ish-45ish, with dark brown eyes, ivory skin and strawberry hair tied in a pony tail. I am 5' tall curly blonde. We locked eyes just momentarily, and something stirred inside me. You seemed familiar, but I couldn't place you at the time. Not until later in the day, when it hit me. Your eyes are those that I look into while in dream land! You may be a stranger, but we've walked many miles together. I'd love to see what's under that mask. Have I kissed your lips before? I fear that I've lost my chance, but perhaps you remember me also? Let's walk somewhere warm next. wellwornshooz@gmail.com


Thank You: Thank you to the person who found my wallet at the Cheney Safeway and returned it to customer service. After a near-miss with a car in the parking lot, I was clearly thinking of other things and left it in my cart. You are the very best of folks.

Winco Northside: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! To the person that turned in my wallet at Winco on the Northside on Tuesday, January 26th at 5:00 pm. I am so very grateful there are still honest people in this world. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! I really appreciate your Honesty!! If I knew who you were, I would give you an elbow pump, in the future a hug.

Online Shoppers: Just want to give a big THANK YOU to all the folks whom I deliver groceries to from Walmart!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIPS!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate that some of you realize that it's not easy climbing 3 flights of stairs with 5 cases of Water, Gatorade and Soda. (Not sure if you knew that the those cases of water weigh 40 some pounds each.) It's not easy diving on the slick icey and slushy roads to deliver your groceries. But when customers tip or even say thank you, it makes it all worth it. When I pull up and the kiddos are in the window waving at me, yelling "Thank you," that makes my heart melt. I feel needed, and as if I am truly helping in my community!! Thank you, Airway Heights and Spokane residents, for showing your delivery drives you appreciate us!!! P.S. PLEASE TURN YOUR PORCH LIGHTS ON IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A DELIVERY. 1. WE CAN SEE UR ADDRESS BETTER. 2. WE CAN SEE WHERE WE ARE WALKING!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Cheers to the Person Who Jeered Themselves: As I opened the cheers/jeers section of the most recent issue, I noticed an exuberant amount of jeers. Yours fortunately was at the top of the list. It caught me off guard to see someone actually go through some self-reflection and apologize for something so seemingly insignificant as possibly showing annoyance to others. The world has become full of jerks and what you wrote has proved to me that there are still good people out there. Cheers to you.

Community College Security: Thanks to the local security team that helps keep our campuses safe. A drug deal was happening in the parking lot, and within minutes a campus officer arrived and made sure the area was secure/safe for the families picking up and the staff leaving the building. Thank You!

Hooray for Boobies: Thank You to Chris at Audrey's Boutique for the new fitting bra! For those of us with with larger chests it's hard to navigate the sizes, and you nailed it. Thank you for all the information and fabulous selections. Look forward to seeing you in nine months for a new fitting, which I learned is the average time a bra lasts. My back and FRONT thanks you!

Jeremy Post Office Next to Pawn1 in the Valley: Thank you for your kind gesture. After I already had been up to the counter and sent away twice by the old man, I finally had my package ready to be shipped. This time I got the window with the nice lady and when it came time to pay, I pulled out my phone and was informed that the United States Post Offices were not equipped with card reader that could take Samsung Pay. So there I am after I had been sent away from the counter twice already, now I got to leave and go online to pay... when the young manager asked, "How much is it?" And the lady responded "23 and change." He then said, as he pulled his debit card from his wallet, "I got it." He then inserted his card into the chip reader and paid for my shipping. I just wanted to say thank you, Jeremy, and thank you, U.S. Postal Service, for having wonderful People in the Manager position that are good.


PJ O'Rourke: Remember the days when The Inlander Cheers and Jeers section was funny, or at least interesting? It would be nice if those days would return. It was amusing to see a recent reference to a PJ O'Rourke quote in the Jeers section. If I were truly interested in reading drivel, I'd read more of The Inlander. Who cares what O'Rourke thinks about anything? Isn't he about 100 years old? Peace! Love! Dope! <- O'Rourke.

Indian Trail Road by Yokes: Please slow down through that area; many kids and adults alike walk to that store and have to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get there. My Grandson nearly lost his life last week as one lane stopped and no one else did, nearly running him over because they were going so fast. We have had numerous near accidents because of speeding cars; you take your life in your hands trying to cross over. PLEASE slow down and be aware of pedestrians, perhaps the city needs to put in a crosswalk with lights. Just a very dangerous area — please drive safely, so no one loses their life. We have witnessed too many close calls. I love my Grandchildren too much to lose them to a speeding car and a distracted driver.

Mr. Joe Cool: If you are living in the home of a smoker who smokes indoors... consider your options. (1) Move. Your headache will clear in a few days, and your clothes will return the sunshine therein. (2) Tell him or her to move. It really is worth it. Smokers are some of the most selfish people on the planet. At the Coeur d'Alene Casino these animals pile up by the hundreds. It's absolutely disgusting. (3) Build a smoking pit. Smokers like teddy bears and comfort during their nauseous endeavors. One smoker can easily fill a 2,000+ square foot home with poison. And, they don't care about you... they care about one person, maybe, itself. Smoke gets on the walls, art, furniture & you! (4) Enclose your room. Seal your door, crack a window [tiny], and buy a space heater if connected to central air (close and seal vents). If your parent doesn't want to pay the extra money for heat, call CPS and tell them what a **** your parent/grandparent is — you would honestly be better off in a foster home. (5) If you are dating/married to a smoker consider breaking up with him or her. It's a drug, and over time it will change a person in a very negative way. They will become moody and flaccid — and that's just, the way it is...

The Donald Has Left the Building: Jeers to the many people still flying Trump flags and bumper stickers. News Flash: He lost! You know he lost, so get over it. ♦

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