I Saw You

Week of February 25


Very Attractive: I saw you at ACE Hardware in Newport, Washington. My dad was asking you questions, about a propane tank. You helped my dad put the propane tank back into the van. Thank you for your time. If your not seeing anyone and would like to know me, please send me a message @ evelynryancarol@gmail.com.

Joe...Busker with Guitar at Lucky Leaf Valentine's day: Hi Joe. We made fast friends before and lost touch. I'd love to hang out again. I've been keeping my eyes out for you. Ryan mryan8826@gmail.com

In the Produce Section: I saw you in the produce section of the grocery store carefully squeezing the lemons, trying to find the best one. You caught my eye, and I was struck... by the sight of your nostrils hanging out above your mask rendering it so completely ineffective. As you breathed your potentially contagious droplets all over the food others may be taking to their homes that night, I couldn't help to notice that while you may feel like a rebel who can't be bothered to follow a basic safety rule intended to protect the most vulnerable in our society, you look like an absolute moron who can't figure out how to put a mask properly on your face. We are so close to maybe being past the worst of this pandemic. Please keep wearing your masks in public for just a little while longer. Thanks.


City of Spokane Plowing Crew: Cheers to the plowing crew up in the Eagle Ridge area on February 16! My husband and I both appreciated that when they plowed they didn't create 2-foot berms that we would either need to shovel afterward, or attempt a full-speed driveway exit attempt. After living here for 7+ years this is the best plow job in our area we've seen! Thank you for making it easier for us and our neighbors to travel safely!

Cheers To Chas, Spokane Arena, and National Guard: Received my first COVID vaccine Thursday. Yaay! Never been so excited to get poked-in-the-arm! CHEERS to Chas, Spokane Arena, and Army and Air Force National Guard units, and others involved in the planning and execution of this mass vaccination site. CHEERS to those who planned the stations, layout, calculated personnel required, and station timing. From start to exit (awaiting appointment check, where to park, security, and the half dozen stations) it took me a mere 65 minutes while hundreds of my fellow residents were also processing through. Flow from station to station was smooth, folks were well trained, cordial and helpful. WELL DONE!

Blue Eyes: I was willing to fight for you, not with you. I will always love you!... more than Dolly Parton... and you know how much THAT is. - Key of G...or C....or D.


Urgent Care: To the person that drives a blue truck that works at (or at least parks in front of) Franklin Park Urgent Care everyday. I first noticed your derogatory bumper stickers about a year ago, and I have avoided that urgent care location ever since. I have changed my families default urgent care to another company due to this vehicle that displays several Trump stickers, anti-LGBTQ with automatic weapons above the letters and an "all lives matter" sticker. Are you just trying to offend everybody? I get free speech, don't get me wrong, I am glad you're proud of what you believe in, but to park this offensive billboard at the front doors of this "professional" practice everyday? A bit much. I will continue to go elsewhere due to this, I hope you're glad that your location is losing money due to your racist and bigoted arrogance that you feel you must display.

Following Too Close: On Monday February 15th, about 3:15 pm while driving on Sharp heading toward Hamilton, there was a city cop driving an unmarked SUV riding my tail really! Sharp was not plowed, I am driving slow cause those Gonzaga students just walk out on the street and don't look, cops tell you to stay a car length behind when the roads are icy, but this cop didn't care; so when we got to the dumb roundabout I slowed down more but that cop was so close he or she was lucky I didn't slam on my brakes, how are we supposed to follow the rules of driving in the snow if cops don't, really now.

Re: Great...Now I'm the Bad Guy: I wholeheartedly agree with your premise that it is absurd to expect you pay for the person behind you just because the person ahead paid for you. BUT. You're going to f—-ing Starbucks. It's hard to take you seriously when your taste is Starbucks bad. If you're OK trading in your principles for convenience and a reward program, you deserve bizarre social expectations from your "barista."

Democratic Insanity: Double Jeers to the Democratic Party for their Un-American Policies that luckily should substantially reduce future votes for the party. Let's start with immigration. Open the borders, provide food, water, health care, shelter and COVID-19 testing and vaccination, regardless of criminal records & earlier deportation. REALLY! U.S. citizens, especially in Texas right now need water, food, shelter etc... Americans need vaccination before noncitizens. Americans need employment without supporting noncitizens in the current US state of affairs. Billions sent to foreign governments for assistance at this time is ludicrous & just Un-American. The federal and state taxes most citizens pay should first and foremost take care of our homeland, our environment & our citizens before any funds leave our borders. Never heard about any foreign governments assisting other countries; perhaps that's the reason they have universal health care for all citizens, for starters. We really need to take care of our own people & country now, more so than in any other time in history, unifying all citizens to stand as one, taking care of each other. Before long nobody will care, tyranny will follow, and our grandkids future, well, your guess is as good as mine

Dear Gal That LOVES the Pinch: I read your response to my "Pinched Off" jeers last week, and I must admit, I am a bit envious of your outlook on life. Somehow you manage to waltz around through life pretending that the Spokesman's Pinch isn't indirectly responsible for all of the pain, crime and suffering in Spokane. You've probably never even wondered where 98% of those Amazon rainforest trees have gone to (Hint: Those ancient trees became the Carl's Jr. coupons you love so much.) Well, I'm afraid to say that the "Pinch Gaslighting" campaign has spewed out another innocent victim. A far too common story, I'm afraid. They broke you. You had to start baking, and blowing paychecks on gifts, just to figure out what the hell you were going to do with all of those Pinches. On a lighter note... I've decided to learn one of your suggested hobbies: origami. I will now spend my time folding mountains of cheap newsprint into tiny paper bags. They will be filled with dog crap, set aflame, and left as free gifts, for others to enjoy. Who would complain? After all, it's free, right? P.S. Did you try to "fireplace shame" me? ♦

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