I Saw You

Week of March 4


Sorry I Embarrassed You: I was always happy to be seen with you. I'm sorry if I ever gave you reason to be embarrassed or ashamed to be seen with me.


Swing Time: Cheers to the couple in Mission Park last weekend who appeared to be on a hammock date! You're inspiring!

The Metaphysically Perfect Cheesiness of CPAC's Trump Statue: Owing to the worldwide shortage of fiberglass, the actual girth of the (thankfully) former president's backside is not to scale. The work will occupy a place of honor in the Trump Library and Kitsch Art Museum, along with all originals of the "Dogs Playing Poker" portrait series. There will of course be a complete absence of anything resembling books.

Got Jumped! To the kind couple who offered to jump-start my dead-battery car on Thursday the 25th in the parking lot at Pines & Trent: Thank you for getting me going. You were perceptive in noticing my plight and so generous to take time and energy to help. I was running late and forgot even to ask your names — but I remember your smiling faces!


Photo Opportunities: Jeers to the new president who has little to celebrate or demonstrate so falls back on publicity stunts like posing for a moment of silence for the 500,000 Americans who have "died from coronavirus." Although I dislike the idea of death, it happens. The older we get, the better opportunity we have to die for an assortment of reasons, including coronavirus, currently. For a little context, pay heed to this quote from the British Medical Journal authored by Owen Dyer. The article is called "African malaria deaths set to dwarf covid-19 fatalities as pandemic hits control efforts, WHO warns." Here is the quote: "Peter Sands, executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, said at a meeting presenting the new WHO report, 'The global health world, the media, and politics are all transfixed by covid-19 and yet we pay little attention to a disease that is still killing over 400 000 people every year, mainly children. This is a disease we know how to get rid of—so it is a choice that we don't.'" The majority of these deaths are babies and toddlers in sub-Saharan Africa who continue to die at an alarming rate just as they have for many decades. Unlike coronavirus, which will become an annoying and weak pathogen beginning very soon as cases continue to plummet, malaria will continue to kill. Anyone want to have a moment of silence for its victims? Many more millions will die from it. In the U.S., 655,000 people die each year from heart disease. For 2020-2021, that means about 1,310,000 people will die from it. Anyone want to have a moment of silence for them? Many quotes from The Catcher in the Rye seem appropriate, including this one: "......surrounded by phonies."

Four Seconds: It only takes four seconds for me to get out of the bus and retrieve my bike since I've been doing so for six years. Riders who need to retrieve their bikes when they need a stop are required to tell the driver as much and then exit through the front door. People getting INTO the bus are required to wait until the other person is out before getting in. You couldn't even wait four seconds. You let yourself, your friend, AND your dog into the bus before I could get out of it. And then you yelled at me because I told you I wanted out and y'all were in my way. I don't care what kind of disability or illness your friend has, I care about getting out of the bus. I am far more upset with you than I am with your friend, because YOU are the one you should know the rules better than him. If you cannot FOLLOW the rules of the bus, then you have absolutely NO business riding the bus!

Re: Urgent Care: If a sticker offends you then maybe it's best that you stay home. Should the owner of the truck replace their stickers that better fits your beliefs?? Stop being a crybaby.

Republican Insanity: So democratic policy is insane for opening borders? Even though Biden is setting limits and safety measures? I think it's insanity to tear children from parents and never reunite them. Oh that's right, Trump locked them all in cages. "Republicans" want to have their cake and smear it in our faces at the same time. How many Republicans have children in school paid by taxpayers? And how many of those kids get free lunches and free bus rides to school? And how many get free after-school oversight? For God sakes, can't we find middle ground? We all benefit from government assistance. Thus we all pay into it. Is "Democrat insanity" willing to go pick apples for work? I'm guessing not but I'm also guessing he purchases and eats those apples. C'mon folks, can't we find middle ground? Quit bitching and pitch in to find solutions. No human being is illegal.

No More Pictures of Me! To the photo department at the Spokane Valley Costco. It breaks my heart that you no longer have the tools to print pictures at your business. It hurts my heart, because I loved your ability to make me look good! I mean, during covid-19. I was able to go through that pile of pictures, and make my kids their photo albums that I forever needed to get done! You'll truly be missed!!

DownRiver Disk Golf: To whoever organized the event on Saturday the 27th at the Down River Disk Golf Course. By the amount of cars on Saturday it appeared to be a huge turnout!!!! Driving by Sunday morning around 10 am it looked like a Frat party!!!! My question is, who cleans up after that event?? Apparently nobody... Does the city of Spokane really need to be the ones to pick up after this, especially when disk golf is free?? I'd say no, I play a lot of disk golf, but it's clearly obvious the city needs to start charging people to use these parks or shut them down because of what the public takes advantage of!!!!

A Straightforward Solution For CM-R's Most Recent Ethical (LOL) Dilemma: Regarding your defined equivalence of disinformation and conservative messaging: Stifle those overwhelming urges to make pronouncements amounting to nothing more than perfect DNA matches to the Laboratory Standard for Horse Manure, realizing of course that doing so would cause your supporters great emotional distress.

Fired Employee: You didn't get fired over a "fake" bad review; you were fired because you're a terrible employee. Lady you're almost 40, and your life is a mess — yet you take no accountability. Your life will always be a mess if you never own anything and learn from it. Spokane is small. You're running out of options and time. ♦

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