I Saw You

Week of March 11


Redhead Cutie at Mod Pizza: I saw you at Mod Pizza Wednesday, 3/3, about 1:00, and I know you saw me. You were wearing hot pink, sling back pumps, and I was behind you in line. I complimented you on your hot pink bag, and before I left I mentioned how much your outfit would benefit from a nice manicure. I don't often meet a lady like me and would love to chat. Just looking for a sister. sisterfriendjms@aol.com


Sorry I Embarrassed You: I was always happy to be seen with you. I'm sorry if I ever gave you reason to be embarrassed or ashamed to be seen with me.


Kenny Runkle: Happy Birthday to you... And many more. We love you xoxo Hope your wish comes true. Love Brooke n Danielle, oh & Lucky too!

Bless Your Heart: To the woman in the car next to me at Rosauers on 14th today, March 4th, around 11. You pulled up next to me. I was in the handicap spot but hadn't put my placard on yet; I was trying to wipe my eyes and nose so I could put on my mask. I caught a glimpse of your son (?) flipping me off. I could be wrong. Watering eyes are just one of many issues. Anyway, when I got back to my car, my eyes were going crazy, and I was having a hard time seeing. You pulled out, rolled down your window and told me to have a nice day. I didn't hear you so I said, "What?" You said, "Have a nice day." I got in my car and cried. People think because you park in a handicap spot you have to be old or use a cane, etc. It's hard for me to walk; I have neck, shoulder and back problems. And the watery eyes. :) You never know what someone is going through. I don't know if you read the Inlander, but I wanted to say thank you. It still makes me cry because kindness is hard to come by these days. So, thank you to the lady in the white car next to the silver car at Rosauers on 14th today, March 4th. Bless your heart.

Chenny: To the the kids who helped me get home to Spokane... Thank you...from me and Loki

Neighborly: Cheers to my socially responsible neighbors who held a masked-up, physically distanced get-together in their front yard last weekend. Looked like fun!

Entwined in Thanks: Cheers to those who will stand up for others when disrespect and injustice presents. Cheers to those friends who are the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Cheers to those who see the good in all and the opportunity/hope for betterment in others. Cheers to the friend who would support without self-thought, and love without self-doubt. This family thanks you. We are entwined together, as humans, and as family. Signed T. Panda fan club

Swing Time: Cheers to the couple in Mission Park last weekend who appeared to be on a hammock date! You're inspiring!

Got Jumped! To the kind couple who offered to jump-start my dead-battery car on Thursday the 25th in the parking lot at Pines & Trent: Thank you for getting me going. You were perceptive in noticing my plight and so generous to take time and energy to help. I was running late and forgot even to ask your names — but I remember your smiling faces!


Could NOT Be More Insensitive! Lost on the general public is the new found knowledge by people in Government that under a crisis the general public can now be forced to put up with Any hardship asked of them without question. Completely lost on Both groups is how brain dead the public is and how completely insensitive to the economic hardship City Hall is to the impact on the average person. (The rent delay not withstanding as that is going to come back with a vengeance.) Case in point. Full splash front page article recently by the Mother ship of news as to how far behind at roughly $90K/yr our local police officers are when it comes to pay. Yes, some of us older folk can remember when working for the City or County was pitied by the working class as a second-at-best-tiered job. Low pay, menial tasks, etc. Boy have those days gone by the wayside. The paycheck-for-life folks are now the envy of most and, if not, they should be. Do you think ANY city employee has missed a paycheck during Covid? "Working" primarily from home? Any loss in insurance? The obvious answer is NO. Now they want us to believe that the public is taking unfair advantage of the public servants and need a raise in their pay package. NONE of the public servants give ONE INCH in having NO ONE that is actually paying them observe their behavior on the job. To say that the timing of this provocative position is Insensitive is such an understatement that it defies response. Yes, there are people that are having the best economic times they have EVER had. THAT is NOT the norm. Heh, City Hall you insensitive SOBs, get your heads out!

Family Ties: Dear "sibling," Tsk tsk. The audacity of complaining about nobody wanting to give you free labor when you and your partner are the most two-faced drama queens in that ridiculous "family." It is baffling how you would abuse me for *decades* for anything you could, then tell other people years later that you never meant it. Why even be mad? You got the entire net worth of every single thing you could, and, to be frank, nobody expects you to honor our parents' wishes

To the Deadbeat: Dear Shmiley Face. $8,823.56. Pay your bills before people figure out why you can't get a driver's license. Sincerely, Your Victim.

"Phony" Is Better Than "Former": Here's the down and dirty difference between COVID, malaria and heart disease: COVID is the only one of these that has the potential to evolve the ability to avoid detection and destruction by the human immune system, which means it poses a threat to the survival of our species.

Fired Employee: You didn't get fired over a "fake" bad review; you were fired because you're a terrible employee. Lady you're almost 40, and your life is a mess — yet you take no accountability. Your life will always be a mess if you never own anything and learn from it. Spokane is small. You're running out of options and time.

No More Pictures of Me! To the photo department at the Spokane Valley Costco. It breaks my heart that you no longer have the tools to print pictures at your business. It hurts my heart, because I loved your ability to make me look good! I mean, during covid-19. I was able to go through that pile of pictures, and make my kids their photo albums that I forever needed to get done! You'll truly be missed!! ♦

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