I Saw You

Week of March 18


Hangin': ....on "the" South Wall. You welcomed that guest into your home, and then started getting louder... and louder. You screamed that he/she? was passive/aggressive. Do you see the irony in your words? Your door was open. We heard you. How 'bout you open your heart to understanding, and healing. Those are the start to that fix. There is good help. Use it. Don't close the door; open your heart and mind. Hang in there. No one should be screamed at, unless in warning. We are quietly suggesting you try the calm.

Riverside Red: You strolled into the piano bar, Saturday, March 6. Earlier than later. Urban Pedestrian chic in a red/grey plaid jacket, grey beanie, hikers, and black leggings/shorts. Sparkly earrings, a red scarf, black gloves, long dark hair. In a booth. You loved the opening act. You left when the first glass broke. I walked out with friends to breathe. I realized as you walked away, you used to sing and play at Tuesday jams. You danced, beautifully with bouncer "Wayne." You sang at the corner karaoke joint at least one pandemic ago. Come back!!...if only to let me hear you sing...one...more...time. I left a message for you at the business where you stopped that night to look in the window. I hope you find me. I tried to "catch" you before you drove away. Maybe you took my breath away.

Aquifer: There are five old gravel pits located in Spokane Valley; they are deep dug into the aquifer; you can see the aquifer in the pits... The pit north of Broadway avenue is in the middle of a rail yard; the pit south of Broadway avenue by the fairgrounds appears to have barrels or waste in it; the pit at Broadway and i90 is deep, the new pit on Sullivan in the valley borders the river. All of these pits have direct input to the aquifer; when it rains toxic water cascades into these pits from surrounding areas, directly into the aquifer. There was a policy that said once a pit was no longer producing it has to be reclaimed. Recently the policy has been changed so the owner only has to fence it off and leave the pits for wildlife access. Someone got a major financial break with this change, and the aquifer is still being polluted. Maybe you could investigate these pits and why the policy was changed.

T.I. I hope my heart reaches yours someday: You came to visit me that night after I sent you a text saying "I miss the friend you used to be towards me." ... It made me really happy you came. It's your birthday soon, but I fear I may be to late to have this done to submit in time. It's hard to say that the distance has grown between us, but you'll always be near my heart. I wanted to share how you've melted my heart and shown me something I didn't think was ever going to be possible again. Our friendship is new and the time spent hanging out with you has been great. You showed me something unknowing to me. I realized I had feelings for you. I took a chance and told you the day after New Year's. It was a risk I'm feeling now, that things have changed between us and I'm sorry if I'm that reason. I just want you to understand no matter what you think, that I will try my best to be a better person than I was yesterday. I hope one day that you'll give me a chance to show you how much you mean to me. Waiting for the day I'll be able to finally kiss you. C.Y

I saw u with different pair of shoes on going to Spokane County Jail: We knew each other in high school. (I would of never dated you back then.) We met several times thru our lives, saying hello. You had a girlfriend, 2 kids, and I was dating someone with 2 kids also. Then the best day of my life came and there you were with my brother going to the jail to get your right shoe... I am so happy I ran into you there. We finally hung out, bbqed, had a few drinks, n we started dating. You worked out of town (which sucked so bad for me). Then we were married after dating for 2 months. You my sweet sugarballs are the love of my life. You complete me. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life. We have had our ups n downs but no matter what I will always love you. You are my knight in shining king. You are so precious to me... I love you and want you in my life for the rest of my life love always sugar tits


My truck was broken down in your driveway: While driving by Launch Powersports of Spokane on Highway 2 the fan on my truck came loose and I was forced to pull over in their driveway blocking it partially. I was there for about 40 minutes while making repairs and Launch Powersports sent a pair of representatives to make sure I was OK. Instead of complaining about my truck blocking their business, they offered their mechanics and miscellaneous parts if I needed them to get back on the road. Launch Powersports has restored my faith in humanity. You are a Class Act! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Keeping our city clean: To the two gentlemen sweeping and cleaning up the sidewalks on the Monroe Street bridge on Monday: Thank you for doing that work. I'm grateful for all the people who take on the task of keeping our downtown buildings and areas clean and sanitary. Your efforts are noticed and much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! To the beautiful young woman at Rite-Aid on March 12 who told me I had beautiful eyes, thank you! You made my birthday even though you didn't know it was. I'll be 57 again because last year didn't count! It was super sweet that you took the time to make someone's day. I'm still smiling! Bless you.

Willie Billy: Hey Willie what's cracking from the peeps at the pound.

Smile: Someday... there will be no more masks... then can see our smiles... someday.


Junky store on Sprague: Jeers to the junky "grocery" store (loose definition) on Sprague that seems to sell mostly "meat." Despite your ridiculous arrows on the floor that are largely removed and artificial rules about where your customers are supposed to stand and wait, you're in violation of social distancing mandates in the state of Washington. I watched as a plethora of people congregated too closely together. I also watched as several people attempted to maintain distance by standing away from others get chastised for not knowing where lines began and ended "the line starts over there." I really think stores like yours should be shut down. How is it that restaurants can hold only a minimal amount of people, but junk stores like yours can pack people who don't know any better in like sardines. Please, Spokane Public Health authories, you must know about these violations. Please, shut them down! I also witnessed employees talking disparagingly of customers who couldn't follow the poorly designed and deteriorating arrows on the floors. It's time to stop supporting businessed like these. I've learned my lesson and won't be back again and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know that they shouldn't risk their health by going into this little pile of junk store.

Who's wrong? Help me out, faithful Inlander readers: Is this a jeers for me or downtown bar/restaurant? On Thursday I popped into the place to grab an Inlander, and as I'm walking out the bartender sternly asks, "Are you going to buy anything?" I say no. He says, "So you're going to take an Inlander and not buy anything?" I respond, "Yes, it's free, I'm not stealing it, Inlander people drop it off, it doesn't cost you anything." He says, "You know we sell food here." I say, "And drinks. I've been here several times, and you guys are always great." Then I left. Other than their horribly tacky logo, I've enjoyed that place. I would've been in there 10 seconds if not for the conversation. I didn't use the bathroom or disrupt anything while grabbing a free Inlander. Who's in the wrong here? ♦

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