I Saw You

Week of April 8


You DO have a "health condition": I was inside the store at a gas station along 395, and I saw you walk in sans mask, despite the giant sign on the door, and the tidy station setup with free masks and sanitizer. An employee politely asked you to wear a mask, to which you retorted, "I have a health condition." The employee kindly offered to serve you curbside, so that's what happened. Your purchase? A carton of cigarettes. Ha! I'd say you do have a health condition, but it ain't donning a mask, sweetheart.

Cookie Monster bike rider: So I was on Division on Friday, April 2nd, heading back up to work from my lunch break, and I turned to the right to see you on your bike and you had a Cookie Monster cover for your helmet. Made me laugh a bit, but you definitely smiled back. On the drive up all the way to Wellesley and Division you kept glancing over, and when I turned into the parking lot I blew ya a quick air kiss! Feel free to email me ! You look like you're fun! bluered.bike31@yahoo.com

Saw you at north Winco: To the gorgeous guy at the north Winco around 11:30-midnight on April 2nd; we made eye contact once walking past each other in the seasonal/random home goods aisle. You were wearing a black zip-up hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes. I was the short guy with glasses and a Resurrection Records hoodie dressed in all black. I thought your eyes were stunning, and I wish I hadn't been too shy to make eye contact with you again when we walked past each other in the frozen foods section. Hopefully you see this and I could take you on a date sometime? northspokanewincoman@yahoo.com

Hit and run: Looking for anyone who saw a hit and run at Mission and Addison during the celebration for Gonzaga on March 3rd between 8 pm and 8:30 pm. Possible white car who turned down south on Addison. If you have video or took pictures or saw the accident, please email at Wazzmama@yahoo.com. Thank you.


Racing to get the kiddos to school: I have sent in I Saw You's before and since it's starting to get nice out, I thought I would drop another one, specifically for The River District (Liberty Lake) peeps!!!! SLOW THE HECK DOWN ON INDIANA!!!! Every morning I see you doing 40-45 mph in a 25 mph residential area, racing to get your kids to school! Maybe...just maybe we should plan a little better or kick them in their butts to get moving! This is also goes for anyone else who thinks Indiana is a thoroughfare! The River District is getting bigger, and there are too many of you flying down Indiana! Go out to MISSION!!!


Lovely lunch ladies: Cheers to the friendly and kind lunch ladies at Glover who took the extra time to make a vegetarian lunch kit for my daughter. Thank you!


MY311: Jeers to the City of Spokane! You started this great page so that people could tell you what's up and yet...nothing happens. Potholes, abandoned cars up on blocks with the hood and doors wide open. People living everywhere and forming huge camps in doorways, in disabled motorhomes, under bridges or just setting up a tent on the sidewalk! This should not be what people see when they visit our city! It's disgusting! Our homeless situation is out of control, and the City can't seem to find a solution, but having these makeshift camps is NOT the answer and puts a blemish on a beautiful city.

Barbershop manager: Dear Manager, You are a narcissistic, an unapologetic, racist, waste of space, not a leader. I have never witnessed such inhumane behavior towards others. Do you wonder why we have such a high turnover rate? It's because of cowards like you. You're not only homophobic, but you're sexist, and hate women. Who hurt you? Consider therapy immediately. You are NOT the only one having a bad day! We are sisters, mothers, aunts, and POC. Treat us with dignity or get out.

Teen boy texting all the way down Division: Jeers to the young teen boy who very clearly was driving his parents minivan full of carseats texting all the way off/by the Division Street exit clear up to at least N. Foothills where I finally turned off around 5:45ish 3.31.21. It was a minivan Toyota Sienna. I was behind you with my family the whole time, and we could see clear as day that you were texting, looking down more than looking up, riding your brakes, swerving in and out of your lane and having a delayed response go time at red lights because you were too busy texting. Its people like you who cause wrecks and kill innocent people all the while you would be the one who walks away with minor bumps and bruises. Stay off your dang phone. No text is worth a life.

Broken Teeth: Jeers to our greedy money hungry City Council for trying hard to shove down our throats the fluoridation of our delicious ancient glacial aquifer water we are blessed with here. Do we really want to shower in, make our coffee with, water our organic garden with, wash our newborn babies with, let our precious pets drink and whatever you use water for BESIDES flushing poop... all for failure to teach our children how to brush their teeth. Most kids drink bottled water or juices and soda anyway. Put the floride in some candy maybe. Maybe City Council has Sierra Springs stock?

Small but indicative: I have truly struggled with the paradigm of what the Inlander will print and what it won't. Some printed items seem WAY too edgy. And others that I thought reflect concerns about life in Spokane were NOT printed. A few weeks ago there was an item about three gates between the Health Dept and Kendall Yards and the grocery store. The issue is that the three gates are padlocked ALL hours except 11-2 pm. Now WHO would benefit from the gates being open 11-2? Well obviously County/City employees. And the rest of the time? Well I guess the public who actually PAID for the fence. Those people that might like to walk to the store rather than drive. What sincere public hazard to safety is waylaid by the gates being locked 21 hours a day? The Inlander was asked to find out why. I keep reading and so far nothing. As a civilian there would NOT be ONE county employee that would admit to making that decision to someone calling. Seems like a small thing — right? Think about it. In the same weekly they are decrying surface parking and that the citizens need to spend millions building parking garages downtown so the land can be used more wisely. Has anyone said "More Wisely" for what? I thought walking to the grocery store was doing a small part of my part. I have an old gas-guzzling eight-cylinder car I can more easily drive to the store. And I PAID for THAT TOO! ♦

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