I Saw You

Week of April 15


Beautiful girl at north Costco: I saw you at Costco on Saturday night around 6pm (4/10). You had just grabbed some food court items and were the last one leaving with your sister. You had glasses and knee-high leather boots on. I was speechless because you looked so incredible. I managed to at least get out a "Hi." You smiled and giggled but kept walking. We should grab a drink sometime. spokaneguy88@outlook.com

Cookie Monster bike rider: So I was on Division on Friday, April 2nd, heading back up to work from my lunch break, and I turned to the right to see you on your bike and you had a Cookie Monster cover for your helmet. Made me laugh a bit, but you definitely smiled back. On the drive up all the way to Wellesley and Division you kept glancing over, and when I turned into the parking lot I blew ya a quick air kiss! Feel free to email me! You look like you're fun! bluered.bike31@yahoo.com

Saw you at north Winco: To the gorgeous guy at the north Winco around 11:30-midnight on April 2nd; we made eye contact once walking past each other in the seasonal/random home goods aisle. You were wearing a black zip-up hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes. I was the short guy with glasses and a Resurrection Records hoodie dressed in all black. I thought your eyes were stunning, and I wish I hadn't been too shy to make eye contact with you again when we walked past each other in the frozen foods section. Hopefully you see this and I could take you on a date sometime? northspokanewincoman@yahoo.com

Hit and run: Looking for anyone who saw a hit and run at Mission and Addison during the celebration for Gonzaga on March 3rd between 8 pm and 8:30 pm. Possible white car who turned down south on Addison. If you have video or took pictures or saw the accident, please email at Wazzmama@yahoo.com. Thank you.


Thanks for the billboards: THANK YOU, thank you to the person(s) or entity behind the "Thank You Troops/Veterans/Law Enforcement" billboards spread across Spokane. It's heartening to know you value and appreciate the sacrifices made by members of the military and LE and their families. We serve for many different and personal reasons, but it's not often recognized. A hearty salute to you for the smile I get every time I look up and see this message of gratitude and respect. God bless you!

Thank you, Inlander: Thank You for posting my letter on theft and Spokane police. I don't think it got through to anyone, but I'm going to keep going until all are held responsible.


Krem 2 'Rah! Rah! Rah!' The incessant fawning coverage of Gonzaga basketball on Krem 2 these past weeks would be merely pathetic boosterism if it didn't use up air time for real news coverage. When did Krem decide its newscasters and weathermen and women should be a cheerleading squad instead of professional journalists?

Hope you enjoyed the package you stole: To the a**hole who stole a package off my front porch April 2nd on N Driscoll Blvd. You must have been following the UPS truck because I went to the door when it rang and nothing was there. I hope you enjoyed the dairy-free chocolate, you jerk.

WTF: Jeers to the person in the silver car that — STOLE my sewing machine at the Value Village on Sprague on 4/7/21 — you know who you are. I know what you are! All I can say is karma...

Small but indicative: I just read your story in jeers about the fence. This was not installed by Spokane County or the Health District. The fence was installed by My Fresh Basket. Please ask them why they installed it. Thanks.

Gun control advocates: Damn you people wanting common sense gun control and an AR-15 ban. It is our constitutional right to slaughter our fellow citizens, including numerous children. We would rather have a gun hanging on our wall than a cross, and a box of high-velocity ammo than a Bible. We have more faith in our guns than our God. Never mind Jesus was against the use of swords and faith in false idols is a grave sin. You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Which at the rate of random gun violence in the U.S. may be soon.

More interesting Cheers & Jeers: I've been very disappointed in recent months by the Inlander each week. At one time, there were much more interesting articles on craft beer. You dedicate a whole section each week for potheads. Why not the same for beer drinkers? Lots of craft beer companies are all over the area. Articles used to focus occasionally on that and suds & cinema w/ beer. Can't you publish something more interesting than virtual "get lit" (uninteresting) or half an issue on summer camp (in small print w/ little detail). Why is the Inlander even published? Just for advertising of dumb products or is it a legitimate publication? Sorry... even I can't write that without laughing.

Property tax bullies: Jeers to raising property taxes yet again to pay for half empty schools and teacher union pensions and bloated salaries. Why is it that money can't be found elsewhere without constantly going after property owners? Landlords will just raise rent, and many homeowners will gradually get priced out of their homes. What an extra burden during a pandemic with many people out of work. I guess property taxes will continue to go up especially with the estimated 40-50 million migrants Biden will bring in over the next four years, of which sanctuary city Spokane will certainly get its share. Bullies.

Lost dog and lost gratitude: Your dog got out; we found it and tried to return it. You saw us, stopped your car and acted so ungrateful I wish you hadn't showed up. Have we lost the ability to be thankful? Has COVID-19 robbed us of our gratitude toward others? Or are you just a stuck-up chick with a stick up your butt? Either way your dog has been returned by people who care more about your dog than about you. Hope he stays healthy and happy.

Fraudsters: Jeers to the cannibis outlets that REQUIRE a driver's license SCANNING machine for verification of "AGE." Choose to not patronize those establishments if you care about your information they really don't need on you... out there... all for a little jar of weed... Think stoners. ♦

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