I Saw You

Week of May 6


Kendall Yards: I'd love to say more than "Do you play hockey?" I saw you as I was leaving Mary Hill with my friends. Though I was too timid to say hi, my wing women did everything they could to get your information. They asked if you played hockey, and to find out, you play baseball. I'd love to "officially" meet you if our cards align.


To my angel at Spokane Tribe Casino: On April 17th I was enjoying my $2 Blue Moons and celebrating being on "vacation" (all the way from Spokane Valley). We were having a lot of fun!! Until we left and 10 minutes later I realized that I had lost my wallet. "Vacation" was surely ruined now. We went back and learned that someone good had turned it in with everything intact. I'm not sure if it was an employee or a guest that found it, but I was so appreciative and relieved that I didn't have to spend the next few hours canceling credit cards and going through the hassle of switching all my autopay bills. Thank you so much!! I cannot believe that I did that.

Downtown, downtown! Cheers to the young man who waved at my daughter and her friend while they were at a stoplight blaring Macklemore. Cheers to friendliness!

Hello doggy! Cheers to the guy who said hello to my dog while I was picking up a copy of the new Inlander in front of the Milk Bottle on Garland. I'm sorry he didn't say hi back. He was distracted by the delicious smells wafting from the diner.

Play ball! Cheers to the Spokane Indians ball club! Thanks for hanging in there and coming back stronger than ever. I am SO excited to see baseball games this summer!

Party on, neighbor women! Cheers to the neighborhood women down the street belting out Whitney, Aerosmith and Lizzo songs in their backyard on a Wednesday evening. Rock on.

Lifesavers: Cheers to the kind people who continue to follow the mask mandate. Your selfless actions protect everyone, from those who remember polio down to the unborn child and its mother. Thank you!

Returned wallet: Cheers to you for being an honest Man and returning a billfold to its owner. We were at a park on N. Standard, and my son dropped his billfold, and when you heard his name on the playground, you verified the ID and returned it. Thank you so very much! You are an awesome Dad setting the standard and doing the right thing. Bless you!

Raise your Dale-faced glass: It's time to raise our glasses to the man that filled them and whose face graces the pint glass in your cupboard. Cheers. To Dale's Brownes Addition, where I discovered my family, partying on a porch in the summer heat, the autumn chill, the winter cold, and the spring rain. To the Elk, El Que, la Trattoria, Pac Ave, Caffe Capri, and Brownes Tavern, which were, all at once, everything I didn't know I needed. To the Swamp. To Dale. For the late-night chats that ran into the morning. For the promises of a better tomorrow, and an always familiar face in the wild storm this world can bring. For Dale's river dreams, and all those bangin' Trump jokes. For the ones we've lost along the way, those that lost us, and the gems we've kept close. For every friendship that became the family we created for ourselves. Cheers. To Dale. For reminding us that tomorrow isn't promised, that love, loyalty, and friendship transcend even the darkest moments. This one is for you Dale. Cheers.


Disabled parking enforcement: Seeing way too many nondisabled, nonpermtted vehicles parking in Disabled parking spots! Three last week. No permit, no disability using spaces set aside for people with disabilities. Called in the latest and was told by Crime Check dispatcher that they do not enforce parking on private property. Winco North parking lot. Told me to call Store manager or 311! Called 311 and sat on hold for 25 minutes. No report. Why is this state law not being enforced? I guess if the City won't enforce the law, we can just go Costanza on the illegal parkers and trash their vehicles. Be considerate or suffer the consequences. Your decision! And City of Spokane, shame on you!

RE It's the criminals, stupid: You asked what all those cities have in common. The answer is "the Democrats," but they're the only ones who offer to change things when gun violence occurs. Thoughts and prayers don't stop a gun massacre, and the police take too damn long unless the offender is Black. If you actually hate mass shootings as much as we do, quit complaining about the gun control measures. You say you want freedom from gun control, but yet you bring nothing except "thoughts and prayers" to the table when a racist White man buys a massive military rifle, drives to Walmart on a Wednesday evening, and murders 30 people in cold blood. A White man committed a massacre, and the police took his ass to Burger King. Then George tried to use a fake $20, and the police suffocated him to death. THIS is why the Democrats don't like to work with Repubs, and why I am no longer a Christian. Sincerely, a Democrat man of color with no gun.

Jerk at CDA skatepark: To the adult skater who screamed "get off the f***ing dorito" at a bunch of young kids skating at the CDA skatepark Saturday May 1st, its people like you who ruin going to the skatepark for everyone else. I use the word "adult" loosely since the little kids you screamed and cursed at are much more mature then you. Only cowards feel good about treating kids like that, and u seemed pretty pleased with yourself after scaring them. You don't own the public skatepark, everyone doesn't have to get out of your way. I watched all the kids being respectful to each other, taking turns, and patiently waiting for a clearing to go... then there's you acting like an impatient immature donkey to a bunch of children. Grow up and skate at home if you can't be considerate to others. Or maybe act like a man, and set a good example for young skaters around you instead.

What are you doing even hanging out with a minor? To the adult (only by technical definition apparently) female who ditched a friend after the movies to go drink — what kind of person are you? Your underage friend buys your ticket to the movie, and you cant even give her a ride home because you are in such a hurry to get to the bar? I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt; but I was right — you have no business hanging out with anyone underage because you obviously are not concerned as to their feelings and more importantly, their safety; who does that? assholes, that's who.

Public safety: I grew up in Spokane. I remember taking the bus all over this town at all times of day and night. From age 12 and on. I never had much of a problem with anyone harassing me. My daughter was physically grabbed by a man at the STA bus plaza tonight around 8 pm while waiting for her bus to arrive after seeing a movie (the first she has been able to see in quite a while because of COVID). It happened on STA property, where there is how many police and security guards? Luckily my daughter had mace in her purse and sprayed the POS in the face. What is this city becoming? Not safe — that's what.

Bloomsday boneheads: There were people literally running in the middle of Monroe Street this morning near Kendall Yards (for Bloomsday, I presume). There is a perfectly fine, wide enough sidewalk for them, but they chose the middle of the street... When I honked at them, they flippantly waved me off. This is an example of how White people are the worst. ♦

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