I Saw You

Week of May 27


No life: Hillyard car wash: Me washing my Delta 88, you saw me. You caught my eye when you pulled up next to me by the vacuums checking me out. I could not help but notice how sexy you are, waiting patiently. When I walked around to sit at the wheel you was looking hard; smiling, you said hello I am Michael, and I said hello I am Melissa. You looked into my soul, melting me like butter. You persistent, me so flustered, I gave you the first three numbers wrong. So if you're out there and you read this, the first three numbers are 558 NOT 588. Michael, call me or see me at the car wash. Melissa (youwantmetositwhere@gmail.com)


Restaurant owners: Looking forward to a fully operational and vibrant restaurant scene. Some food for thought. The people who want vaccine passports are the ones who were happy to let you go bankrupt because they were afraid to go out for a year. The people who kept you in business are the ones you'll be banning.

Good deeds: Not once but twice within a month I have been thought of by two extremely honest people. The first time was when I left my purse on a bench & it was found & taken into the Rite Aid on 29th street & last Saturday when I laid my pink frozen food bag down on the cement by the Shadle Safeway. I haven't an explanation for why all of "this" took place, good luck or divine intervention? What I do know is not only was I saved heartache twice, but the two thoughtful & honest souls must have felt proud for their kind actions. Thanks & best wishes go out to both of them.

Lord of the Garage Sales: Cheers to the folks who referenced Tolkien on their garage sale sign!

Sweet furry feline: Cheers to Gertrude the Cat at Northwest Seed and Pet. My daughter had just had a super rough day at school so when she spotted you snoozing in the greenhouse and you allowed her to pet you and scritch your ears, you improved her day by a significant percentage. Thank you, dear Gertrude.

RE: Should have stayed in California: I couldn't agree more. They can go home anytime. Most that I have come across are rude, pushy and think they have the right to change how life here is. We are proud of our state and city and do not need your kind here. I have come across the California snobs on many of my walks, and they acted like you are someone to be looked down upon. I have a son that lives in California, and he has to deal with it there. Believe me he feels sorry for us having to endure their holier than though attitude. Go home and leave us in peace


Kootenai County Karen politicking at nonpartisan election: Can we just have a nonpartisan election for health board trustees without a wild-eyed redhead trying to hand out "Republican ballots" from the trunk of her car parked outside the polling place? She stationed herself just beyond the no-politicking limit (the poll workers checked). When I told her this was a nonpartisan election, she called me the worst name she could think of (Democrat) and chided me for wearing a COVID mask. The irony of trying to mask-shame me outside an election for people who determine health policy was obviously lost on Karen. Apparently she believes Republicans need to be told who to vote for rather than trusting them to look at the qualifications of the candidates and think for themselves.

Rude patients: Boo to the patients who think it's OK to talk down and be incredibly rude to nursing staff, office staff and other support staff and then smile suck-up the providers. We are ALL exhausted from the last year and a half of COVID. There is not one day we are fully staffed. Most days we do the work of two or more people. What happened to the "golden rule" of treat others as you want to be treated? Yes, your care is important; so is the patient before and after you. Understand we chose this profession because helping people is important to us. But the mistreatment we get on a daily basis is pushing us out of health care in droves. A little kindness goes a long way.

Emergency care in Spokane: My son woke up yesterday needing medical care. With several symptoms that seemed quite acute. We live in Spokane County, in Elk. When we called 911 (before 11:50 am) I explained what was going on and then was asked if we were in Spokane County.... well yes... they transferred my call... so I needed to start all over again. We waited while on the call answering the same questions repeatedly. Fire Rescue was first responder... Deer Park ambulance was next. Evidently 2 hospitals in Spokane said they were too busy to see him. Ultimately my son was taken by ambulance to Deaconess Urgent Care on Division near the Y. He sat in the waiting area after being dropped off for nearly 4.5 hours. The doctor who finally saw him did not know what to do, and told my husband and son, that he didn't have a whole lot of experience with this type of thing. Really? A costly ambulance ride to an urgent care.... and a doctor who didn't have much experience... my son arrived home around 9:45, no better than when he got to the UC Still in pain, but now also frustrated and angry... my husband and I could have saved time and money by driving him ourselves... so this is emergency care in Spokane.

Don't be a mask-hole: If you are still giving service workers grief over having to wear a mask in their establishment a YEAR after the pandemic has begun, you are absolutely the worst kind of person inhabiting this planet. Don't be rude to people literally just trying to do their jobs. What is wrong with you? Who raised you?

Manito Park management: Spokane's #1 tourist attraction is falling into ruin: weed and grass-choked borders, dead plantings along Grand Boulevard and Mirror Pond's noxious aquatic weed infestation are an embarrassment to our city. Instead of most park resources going to Riverfront Park development, why not throw some maintenance funding at the Grand Old Dame of our city parks?

30-day litter challenge: We've become so oblivious to our surroundings that most of us don't even notice how bad the litter is. It's in the store parking lots, on the side of the roads, in front of our houses, and we all simply step over it. Instead of joining a gym, I now walk and pick up trash everywhere I go. I challenge Spokane to join me in the month of June picking up litter., taking an extra bag and a glove when walking your dog or when you take the kids to the park. It's a great lesson to teach the young kids that this is OUR city, our world, and WE are all responsible for it. You don't necessarily have to go out and make a point in doing it, rather, on your way into the store or when you get home at night. Maybe you're involvement can simply be... don't litter or close the neighbor's trash lid so the birds don't pick through it. Saving it for the city to take care isn't practical. Do me at least one favor, the next time you go outside, pay attention to what's on the ground. Thanks, Bobbi & Abby

New mask mandate: While the new mask mandate claims to be a step in the right direction, I think it has started leading to even more judgment in terms of being vaccinated or not. As we now know, vaccinated people don't need to wear masks at some places. As a vaccinated person myself, I am still choosing to wear a mask. Unfortunately, some people are now considering the sign of wearing a mask to be that of someone who has not been vaccinated. While this is definitely the case for some, it isn't for everyone. You are almost scoffed at or get disgusted looks for still wearing a mask. Maybe people still want to remain cautious. Is there anything wrong with that? At this point, you are either judged for wearing a mask because it is "what the sheep do" or you are judged because "you haven't been vaccinated? ! you must be one of those people. I realize the irony in these stereotypes, but that is how our society has become. And it isn't right. ♦

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