I Saw You

Week of June 10


Car wash: I saw you at the west end car wash last weekend. You rubbing and scrubbing your black convertible. I offered to trade you for my bicycle, but you declined. You, the gorgeous blonde lady working hard to make your retirement car sparkle and shine. You need to get a headband, and let the hair down and blow in the breeze. What the hell, you worked for it, you deserve it. Would like to meet for a glass of wine sometime. Give me a buzz @ e.racer2@outlook.com


Smile: To the man who attends the parking garage at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. I have had a difficult couple of weeks. Your kind smile and friendly wave as I drive past you every day has been a tremendous help to get me though this. You never know the power of a smile. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Right of way: Here's a shout-out to everyone who understands how the right-of-way works at the All Way Stop intersections. For those who don't, the rule of thumb is that the vehicle on your right goes first and goes clockwise around. It does not alternate north/south then east/west.

Didn't realize: Dude, thank you for taking me to the Matchbox 20/Counting Crows concert and for always inviting me to the big float. I made it once, and it was amazing! When it came to GnR, I was a serious Mess. It wasn't Hot it was just a Mess, which isn't an excuse. I want to make Amends with you if I can. I hope your dreams are coming true. Four years have given me the room for a lot of self-reflection and growth. Your Flecks of Stars land on everyone you love. Just know I love you, and I think about you often. I wouldn't take your giving gestures for granted in the future, I'm sorry that I did then. K.Fox

RE: Should have stayed in California: If Californians want to come here, spend money to stimulate our local economy, pay sales taxes to pay for our services, and buy houses to increase our home values — then I say welcome! Bring a friend! Wait, did I say Californians? I meant all humans. Spokane is a thriving city with a six-digit population. Thriving cities grow, and they diversify. If you want to live in a small homogenous town instead, you sure can. There are dozens in the area that would love to have you. Suffice it to say, moving between states is so American that it's even a right granted in the privileges and immunities clause of the U.S. constitution.

Happy birthday: Now that you're old enough to know better, we thought we should let you in on the Big Reveal....We..Shared!! Yes! The Air Affair is no longer a secret. Come to find out your Babe has friends in common with Old Reliable!! Who knew?!?!?! We did!. We have, for some time!! Sorry, Honey-Pie, we thought it was well known by all adult parties involved that you aren't monogamous. Dang!! Oh, "he" knows, too. Good luck with that. Have you even played "a round" with,....well,...never mind. You should be so lucky to hustle a game there, now.

Thanks for the compliment! Cheers to the young woman walking into Northtown last week who complimented me on my look and my hair. You made my day!

New hairdo! Cheers to Lindsay at Blades! My daughter loves her new cute short hair cut!


Re: Manito Park management: Responding to how Manito Park looks. Considering the park staff is extremely understaffed dealing with continual vandalism and storm damage, I think the park looks better than it could. Instead of griping about how it looks, consider donating some of your time to help improve it. Are you apart of the problem, or the solution? Feel free to donate to The Friends of Manito, those funds go directly to the park.

Stacy: I don't know who you are but don't message my family about my health again. Its not your business so keep your nose out of it. My life, my choices period. Don't be causing drama over absolutely nothing. You have concerns bring it to the person involved not through messenger, harassing my family "concerned" about my mental well-being and fyi maybe you shouldn't message then block the person you write too.

Merging drivers: Spokane has the worst freeway drivers in the world. When these people leave home and get in the car to go somewhere they don't have have their car hat on. They get in the car with their house hat or their phone hat on, but not their car hat. You see them scuttling along in the righthand lane blocking other folk from getting on or off the freeway. When you get on the freeway get in the MIDDLE LANE. Then you can be passed on the right or left. If you stay in the right lane you are a rolling road block, and no one can get off or on on account of YOU. So put on your car hat when you leave and THINK and DRIVE. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!!!

STA scheduling: The schedules for various buses do not mesh well at all! I'm fine with having to wait a bit, but it's very irritating to get off at the plaza, only to see the bus I need to get home pull out. Sometimes this even happens when I'm right at the doors of the bus I need.

Overreacted: Wondering why eight police cruisers show up to a possible suicide and shut the streets down. Wow, what the hell did that cost, and why so many cops? BIG waste of my tax dollars... for two hours shooting the breeze.

Ostrich weathermen and women: Why do our local weathercasters bury their heads in the sand about climate change? They tell us about record-breaking heat, prolonged drought and what have become routine ruinous windstorms, but they dare not say the Double C words. One was asked directly on air about what is causing the current drought, and she said "because we didn't get enough rain." Really? That's it? Last I heard, meteorology was a science. It relies on data not only to predict but explain the causes (beyond the person's evasive toddler-worthy "answer") of weather patterns and trends. When the inevitable range and forest fires break out this summer, we will hear how hot and dry it is without a word of explanation as to the fundamental cause of the ongoing desertification of the West. I get it that a lot of locals are Ostriches too, but it does a disservice to viewers for these "meteorologists" to avoid mentioning and explaining climate change because it might ruffle some feathers.

Why are you on the road? Jeers to the drivers with expired or missing plates. That tells me you're not insured. Do you have a revoked license or warrant for your arrest, too? Get off the goddamn road! And SPD — do your job and start enforcing the law! I've noticed people are covering the Month tabs with the Year tabs. Are you too stupid to follow directions? You're also defrauding the county and state out of much needed money to fix those potholes you complain about. Step up!

We'll live where we want: Jeers to the people complaining about "Californians ruining our city/state." As someone who grew up in LA, and then went on to serve this country for over 20 years, last time I checked a map WA and Spokane are still in America. Suck it up. Instead of complaining about and blaming "Californians" for your issues, how about you ask yourself what YOU'RE doing to better your community, state or country. My guess is not a damn thing but complain about other Americans based on what geographic area, with made up borders, they grew up in or a perceived political ideology. We're here to stay, and you're just going to have to deal with it.

Not everyone is a 'wishcycler': Jeers to the City of Spokane for reducing recycling service to every other week. Spend some money to hire someone to do enforcement of what should be "recycled," not "wishcycled" and you would generate a mass amount of money rather than continue to lose on the recycling program. For those of us that "recycle right," having one bin picked up every other week now is NOT ENOUGH, even if you upgraded us to a 96-gallon cart, we are still only getting 75 percent of the previous service that we had. I am now being charged extra to have two blue bins picked up every other week rather than one bin picked up once a week. You have reduced our services and not provided any opportunity for those of us who want to continue to recycle the ability to do so without charging us extra. ♦

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