I Saw You

Week of June 17


Studly parking enforcement officer: Parking enforcer... Take those tight black tactical pants of yours and go throw it back on a stage for tips. Actually do our community a positive service with that country club dump truck of yours. I'm parked in a 24-hour zone with a monthly city parking pass, and you still ticket me. Wish I knew what you drove. I'd leave a nice steamy "ticket" underneath your wiper.


Blessed weekend: Ms B, this weekend past, we laughed, we cried, wading in time streams with You and Yours. I felt our souls bloom. Did You? Mr A

A checkout line moment: Me (bangs, glasses, and mask) thanking you (stocking cap, braid, and mask) for your spontaneous generosity in buying a Sunday newspaper for me! I'm still smiling with gratitude.

I saw you at Octapharma Plasma! You were wearing blue scrubs and a blue lab coat, just like all the others, lol. You were giving such great service to everyone. I don't get in very often, but I plan on coming in more now that some of the Covid restrictions have been lifted. It's nice to see someone who actually likes their job and does their best to help people in any way they can. In this past year of uncertainty its nice to know people still have compassion. Cheers to you and your co-workers for going above and beyond to help me feel safe and welcomed!

RE: Should have stayed in California: If Californians want to come here, spend money to stimulate our local economy, pay sales taxes to pay for our services, and buy houses to increase our home values — then I say welcome! Bring a friend! Wait, did I say Californians? I meant all humans. Spokane is a thriving city with a six-digit population. Thriving cities grow, and they diversify. If you want to live in a small homogenous town instead, you sure can. There are dozens in the area that would love to have you. Suffice it to say, moving between states is so American that it's even a right granted in the privileges and immunities clause of the U.S. Constitution.


The victim mentality: "POOR ME. I'm miserable, and it's not my fault. I have a crap job, and it's not my fault. I am broke, but it's not my fault. Paying bills, being responsible and adulting is too hard, and it's not my fault... working to better myself and what's happening around me is just way too hard. It's all YOUR fault. You went above and beyond for me, but I didn't tell you to do it." BOO HOO. We ALL go thru major life changes and struggles and pain; it's one massive roller coaster, no matter who or where you are, and in the end, you either have to keep up or be dragged. My heart goes out to those in times of suffering, of course, but too many people (especially here in Spokane) just can't escape The Victim Mentality, which just keeps ya small and weak...

Woman in pink that stole the server tips: Jeers to you, lady asking the server to split the check evenly then trying to justify not tipping because when he split the tip it added your "friend's" (I put that in quotations because who is so cheap they won't pay 2 dollars for food) additional toppings to your check. My girlfriend and I feel bad for your "friend" for the way you embarrassed her. Especially going back and stealing her credit card receipt. Your a mean person and a thief. Maybe the reason there is a shortage in hospitality workers is because their tired of being treated like garbage but stuck-up snobs who think were slaves and can be disrespected because you buy two waters and half-off appetizers.

What a joke!!! Downriver Disk Golf Gourse looks great, but the remaining part of Downriver Drive to the top of Petite Drive looks like a homeless dumpsite... if confused, drive that loop at 5 in the mornng!!!! Straight nasty.

Republican cowardism: When I read that the Republicans successfully blocked the formation of of an independent committee to investigate the "insurrection," I thought how un-American. To quote The New York Times, "The vote was a stark display of loyalty to former President Donald J. Trump and political self-interest determined to shield themselves from an inquiry that could tarnish their party." Haven't their actions already tarnished them? This was a cowardly act and should not have been a political issue but a Democracy issue.

Mayor Woodward: Summer is here, and it's getting hot, so all we hear is about the severe drought and pending water shortages. Our Mayor has asked us to conserve water. OK... but shouldn't the city of Spokane be doing the same? On Grand Boulevard at about 18th Avenue there is a severe water leak in the outside lefthand lane. I have called the city roads department four times since November 2020 to report this leak. The leak is so severe it is running out of the manhole cover in the middle of the lane. During the winter this is dangerous because it tuns into an ice slick. During the warm months it makes a mess out of your car. But more importantly it is a huge waste of city water at a time our mayor says we need to conserve. My calls to the city have been ignored, so maybe Nadine could call them?

Cotton-brained mother: To the mother in the article Cotton Classroom who made a mountain out of an anthill — yes, I said anthill: Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Raising a stink over an innocent five-minute lesson does not set a good example for your girls and further perpetuates stereotypes. Do better.

Not everyone is a 'wishcycler': Jeers to the City of Spokane for reducing recycling service to every other week. Spend some money to hire someone to do enforcement of what should be "recycled," not "wishcycled" and you would generate a mass amount of money rather than continue to lose on the recycling program. For those of us that "recycle right," having one bin picked up every other week now is NOT ENOUGH, even if you upgraded us to a 96-gallon cart, we are still only getting 75 percent of the previous service that we had. I am now being charged extra to have two blue bins picked up every other week rather than one bin picked up once a week. You have reduced our services and not provided any opportunity for those of us who want to continue to recycle the ability to do so without charging us extra.

Why are you on the road? Jeers to the drivers with expired or missing plates. That tells me you're not insured. Do you have a revoked license or warrant for your arrest, too? Get off the goddamn road! And SPD — do your job and start enforcing the law! I've noticed people are covering the Month tabs with the Year tabs. Are you too stupid to follow directions? You're also defrauding the county and state out of much needed money to fix those potholes you complain about. Step up!

Ostrich weathermen and women: Why do our local weathercasters bury their heads in the sand about climate change? They tell us about record-breaking heat, prolonged drought and what have become routine ruinous windstorms, but they dare not say the Double C words. One was asked directly on air about what is causing the current drought, and she said "because we didn't get enough rain." Really? That's it? Last I heard, meteorology was a science. It relies on data not only to predict but explain the causes (beyond the person's evasive toddler-worthy "answer") of weather patterns and trends. When the inevitable range and forest fires break out this summer, we will hear how hot and dry it is without a word of explanation as to the fundamental cause of the ongoing desertification of the West. I get it that a lot of locals are Ostriches too, but it does a disservice to viewers for these "meteorologists" to avoid mentioning and explaining climate change because it might ruffle some feathers. ♦

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