Handsome man at the car wash I was at the Coeur d'Alene Metro car wash when I saw you in your work pickup that had "Airway Service Inc." on the side. I don't know who you are, but you are very handsome and struck my attention. You had Texas plates, so hopefully by chance you run across this.

Rule out rule of thumb! Cheers to everybody who uses "common rule," "normal rule" or simply "rule" instead of "rule of thumb." For your information, the most likely origin of "the rule of thumb" dates back to the 18th century when a judge declared that a man could beat his wife with a stick so long as it were no wider than his thumb. Not cool. Thanks for removing it from your vocabulary!

Re: right of way Rule of thumb at a four-way/all-way stop. You are correct that the car on your right goes first if you get there at the same time; otherwise it is who gets there first.

Good neighbors Cheers to the folks at Barrister Winery and the Meals on Wheels for spending time, energy and supplies to pick up trash and abate the rampant graffiti along the alley outside their doors! Downtown's a neighborhood too — let's support businesses that treat it that way!

Thank you to the woman at Home Depot I didn't even catch your name, I'm sorry! But I am so grateful you helped me get that vanity home from Home Depot. I really appreciate your kindness, and will definitely pay it forward. :)

Dog lover at Thomas Hammer Thank you to the kind gentleman who stopped on his way into the Thomas Hammer parking lot on the South Hill to offer water and treats to our dog. For no other reason than his love of dogs. Cheers friend!

Jeers to a failed system Jeers to a failed court system. What happened to protecting DV survivors and abused children? I no longer question the amount of DV cases with sad endings in Spokane or abused children allowed unsupervised visits with their abuser. I have witnessed an extreme case in family court with multiple hearings completely fail after a hearing in Feb 2021. How can a father that was arrested/charged for felony (article 15) abuse against a child, a psychotherapy mental eval (proves abusive narcissist) and multiple counselors determined "no visits with children or supervised" have unsupervised and overnight visits? How does a judge just take the risk? Jeers to a very poor decision from a very poor judge that was never looking out for the safety or well-being of a child. This is a sad reality to why Spokane has more reoccurring domestic violence cases than any other county in Washington — it's the man behind the wooden box with a robe that has failed. Prayers that it's not another tragedy on the news because of a system that has failed again.

City of Spokane Since you have unilaterally decided to pick up my recycling bin every two weeks, I would expect to see a corresponding decrease on my utility bill. Not surprisingly however, this has not been the case. In fact, my bill has gone UP since you've implemented this "experimental" policy. Let's call it what it is: This is a straight-up bamboozle. Either pick up the recycling bins every week, or lower the damn bill.

Cheap hunnit for fentanyl You think you're immune, living a semi respectful life with your kids. You sell fake oxycontin — four for a hunnit, they're real, you texted my son. When your co-worker/friend — my son — believed you, he died that night. He didn't order a bullet; he did not order death. You didn't tell the dealer he died. Protect yourself, and your own two kids, right? You claim you cared about your friend, my son. Because you didn't speak up, that hot batch still got sold. How many others died? SHAME. Really, how do you look in the mirror? HOW? God help you.

A palpable void Awhile ago, "The Last Word" in the Inlander got kicked to the wayside. It was such good, concise writing I used it in my classroom. My students and I miss it. Please bring it back.

Honor....able? To the Big "Bad" Businesses NOW??... requiring their ever-loyal employees to present proof of vaccination in order to ditch the dirty masks!!...all while allowing throngs of customers to come thru the doors on "the honor system"!! How 'bout you flip that narrative. These are the STILL hard-working employees that hung in their with you PRE-vaccine! The same employees who were/are regularly screened, tested, quarantined, and berated by belligerent types who are stressed in their own worlds, dumpin' it where it doesn't belong. Those who worked your businesses to megaprofits all while "complying" with who-knew-what-was-next on the Fauci Fraud "FREE-way"!! Hundreds, and thousands, visit your businesses daily, with no masks, and no requirement to prove they are safe. (Good for them.....or do we start with the next contagious item on the list?) There are many. They are virulent. They are common. The bugs are prolific. Certainly, NO one is required to be vaccinated, but to work in your Money Machine without a mask, one must show proof of and be on record as "vaccinated." You can't honor the fact that these employees who have NEVER taken advantage of the Co-Vid "offers" of time off, time off paid, time off to worry, time off to?? aren't the folks who are going to show up to work sick, contagious or symptomatic!!! (Those are the trails of schmoes who will ALWAYS disregard safe work spaces. Crisis or not.) Is the Pandemic Payola still too huge for you to do right by these laborers?...Or is your hunger for power only growing with the $$$s you tally every day. Do the right thing. Do right by your employees. Especially those who have done right by you. Customers, ask the questions of management. Insist you know. Go where the workers are treated like the populace. At this point, can we REALLY trace "that" outbreak to "that" bigger than small business?? NO...we cannot. Get off your high horse and back down to business, not this now-phony-baloney gravy-grab. You know who you are, "Biggies." ... And it's a little more than a little bit of a sham-shame. If you require proof from your employees, ask for proof at your doors!!

Bad parent alert at Dishman Hills Was with my Adventure Dog Class last Wednesday and we were at Dishman Hills in the Spokane Valley around noon, and we were very shocked when a toddler started running at us totally naked!! She was with several other kids, and they had their clothes on. No parents around! Asked the kids where their parents were, and they said they were in the forest. This happened on the paved trail by the grass area. Minutes later four adults came down the trail, and our dog instructor asked if one of them was the naked child's parent? One, laughing, said yes. Meanwhile there are probably 30 kids and only a few adults in the large play field. I just don't understand how any parent would think that would be OK? That park is known for having a homeless problem, and the child had no shoes on. God knows what she could of stepped in. The park playground grass area had about 30 kids in it, and not many adults supervising. Wondering if this was some day care gone wild or what. It sure gave our little dogs are startle. ♦

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