I Saw You

Week of July 22


Northside Chiropractic: Same room when I was leaving and you said have a nice day. I would enjoy seeing you again. j

Listening to Taylor Swift @ Bigfoot: You came up to me at the Bigfoot during the live music and told me you liked the music I picked from the jukebox before the band started playing. You were cute and I should of asked for your number. If you are interested in getting a drink email me welcometothebigfoot@gmail.com. You had a beard. I had pink hair.

SCRAPS visitors and bad parents: SCRAPS is not Blue Zoo. Control your crotchlings! Better yet don't come in at all if you just want to TikTok the poor animals and get in the way of serious adopters and volunteers trying to help. They aren't here for your entertainment. Try the public park or Silverwood. Things are open now but that doesn't mean that you are entitled to do whatever you please.


Well done, human: 11 am June 12 at Thor and 5th. To the man working at Fred Meyer landscaping (Four Seasons) who ran across the street, gently took the arm of a man with a white cane, and walked with him across the street, and then ran back to work, well done. Kindness in action. You, sir, made my morning.

Your kindness will keep me rolling: Thanks to the super cool old guy that pulled up to Sportsmans Warehouse to check on me when I popped the hood of my red '84 vette. I've had my old death wagon blow hoses, die and catch fire mid-drive! Before now no one has ever offered a hand. It's amazing you offered to use your AAA membership for me, that kindness is a vestige from the golden years I was born too late for. It started a minute after you walked off, but you know that, at least I got to wave goodbye right as you walked out of the store.


"Bringing back" the Chronicle? Jeers to Cowles Publishing for resurrecting the Chronicle (sort of), when the SR doesn't run enough news to call itself a newspaper. The "paper" specializes in yesterday's news, weeks ago news, way-too-long stories that are of little public interest, pages of wire service stories rather than local reporting, "puff" pieces, games, puzzles, and just about everything except news. How about resurrecting The Spokesman-Review and making it a real news paper again.

CO2-emitting billionaires: How gross; billionaires rocketing into space. The average human produces 5 tons of CO2/year. The average American, 15 tons. And 20 average billionaires caused 8,190 tons of global-warming pollution each. And there are 2,153 billionaires in the world with more resources than half the planet. Would our elected representatives please tax these pollutors until they are mere millionaires? Please?...Right now!

Our Glorious Leader: Oh Glorious Leader, things are so boring without you. No one to show us we can look directly into a solar eclipse. No COVID-19 advice like drinking bleach and inserting flashlights. We miss your Stable Genius advice on business, like filing bankruptcy and refusing to pay contractors. The marriage example you set for all of us...you know...banging a porn star 4 months after your son was born. Sexually abusing at least 25 women and getting away with it. And the all-time RECORD of being impeached...TWICE! It took 245 years for a president to set that record. And your "only the best" people, how many of them have been prosecuted? 30? All crooks and all LIARS, and they got away with it because you pardoned them. I could go on all night, but I'm sure you're busy writing LOVE LETTERS to Kim Jong Un and your little buddy Vlad, so I'll let you go. Sweet dreams and good luck with the indictment of your company. I'm sure everyone will stand behind you as you throw them under the bus.

Deceptive work: To a Spokane tire shop: You told me in writing that diagnostics told you that I had a bad battery tho I had 2 years left on a 5-year battery. I bought one for $114+. Five days later my new battery is dead. I take it back in, and your diagnostics tell you I need a $600+ alternator because my alternator, according to a strip of paper, is operating at 30%. I got a 2nd opinion by a Honda specialist who said you straight-up lied. That strip of paper is bullshit. I had a bad radio that was draining my battery. He fixed it, parts and labor, $115. Not the $600+ you tried to scam me out of. I'm a 62-year-old single female that you thought was an easy mark. Screw You.

Jeers to STA: We should all go Rosa Parks on the STA. I was late to work because they didn't have any mask onboard, and I couldn't use my shirt. I'm already in an unstable living situation, and I depend on this job to improve my life. so Jeers to STA. I know I won't be riding anymore!!! Plz stand in solidarity and force them to carry more masks on if they are going to enforce that rule!!!

Road rage PUNK: You know who you are. We were by SCC; you long dirty blonde hair, crooked teeth, older red truck and a hater of older women I assume. I was just trying to squeeze in to take a right turn, but you were not going to have it. The finger would of been enough, but no you had to threaten me, called me names ("you immigrant"), repeatedly called me old (I thought 60 was the new 40), then you asked me if I was scared. All I can say is, I hope you're not married with kids because you probably beat your wife and kids. You PUNK

Heyday for Darwin: Really? One of the most successful and Free vaccines in history that work, but NO! I have never seen so much dumb crap conspiracies, fear and anger and lies squashing peoples brains. Fox, Red leaders and pathetic followers, you are exploding with lies. Delta Covid is way more contagious and nails you faster than the original. Do you like wearing masks all the time in public, at work? Get the vaccines, masks off, almost no chance of COVID. Duh! Needle shy? I don't like them either but life threatening, breathing ventilators, long-term health problems, and maybe death are way worse. Giving COVID to my kid or elderly mom is not what I want to do! I personally know 4 dead people from Covid and 4 that came close and will never be the same. Forty-five percent of Red male voters are vaccinated and 85 percent Blue males are! Red Women, I hope you are smarter. Stats say not. Do you people realize how you are putting more than yourself at risk of death? Do you have any empathy? Do you even know or care what that means? Science and medicine are nothing but facts and truths, but you people would rather believe in the lies from people who Gaslight (Do you know what that means?) you into stupidity. My nurse and doctor family and friends are trashed and bullied by you deniers in the hospitals as health care workers try to save the lives of your family in COVID units. How dare you stupid people attack the people who want to save your sorry ass. America, home of the free and brainwashed. The Dark Money, Red Cult Gaslighting of America is in full swing. Darwin...it is prime time for you. ♦

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