I Saw You

Week of July 29


O'Donnell's Cutie! You were waiting for someone who didn't arrive; I was enjoying a Guinness and the view! We chatted about the COVID restrictions finally being lifted. I was in a blue shirt and jeans, and a bad haircut! The owner chatted us up and said he was dating someone new, and I got too shy to ask you out! Happy early or late St. Pat's Day!

Short Girl — Sacred Heart Doctor's Building 7/20: I got the elevator on the fifth floor. You, short girl, came from the upper floors. You asked me what floor? I said, "main floor." You said, "Good, that's where we are going." You sounded cute under your mask. You told me to "have a good day" as you got off the elevator. I said, "you too." Do you want to continue this awkwardness over coffee? Leave me a message at my Google voice — 509-720-7612 — or email tcmang@live.com.


Firefighters Are Heroes: A big thank you to all the firefighters from the West Plains, as well as the multiple surrounding communities and states for responding to the Andrus fire and saving our homes. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for all the hard work you are putting in this summer. You are truly heroes.


81 Million: So the City of Spokane is Grappling with how to "Spend" $81 Million. If they are releasing $81 Million, you can imagine how much they have kept for themselves — a number that even THEY would be embarrassed by if the public would find out! So the future of this money IS a real question. In a world of frantic political correctness there are all kinds of feel-good ratholes this could go down. Support of wastrels and slackers looking for More handouts — for which there have been many opportunities. And I'm sure more to come. Don't get me entirely wrong this has been a period of unprecedented earnings for some and frightening disaster for others — desperate to hold on. Plus as stated above the chance of a lifetime to steal as much as possible. It used to be (Yes I'm old) that people were worried about handing their children and grandchildren overwhelming debt — BOY!!! are those days gone! So my two cents? (Well, at this inflationary period, it's probably more like 10 cents.) If you don't support little businesses that actually make this city survive and the people they hire (when the few want to work), then it doesn't matter how you throw this money away. The big multimillion-dollar companies have already hit the gravy train hard! Without the little firms you won't be around in the future anyway. The continual reports are the carrion are Always there with their hand out. And the honest don't really want to take the money, But they are the ones that make this City survive. Be Smart City Hall! For once in your lives!

Near Nature, Near Garbage: It's too bad the slogan for Spokane is "Near Nature, Near Perfect" because a more accurate slogan would be "Near Nature, Near Garbage." Along much of the Centennial Trail is exactly that. On any given day, one can see garbage vehicles parked for multiple days at the parking area just due east of the Greene Street Bridge as well as that close to Avista. Often, there is dirty clothing and other garbage on the trail close by. Dirty tents are set up on both sides of the river between the bridge and Avista, as well as east of SCC. It makes it really difficult for taxpayers to use and advertise the trail to others because of the filth and omnipresence of those camped out at all times along the river along with their garbage. Along these same lines, graffiti seems to be getting worse. The hardworking people who are putting up the new north/south corridor barely get a wall up and some talentless fool paints something ridiculous on it. In most cities where there is a lot of graffiti, at least it's often interesting or well done, but that's not the case in Spokane. Instead, it's a silly cartoon or symbol created by someone with no talent or eye for art. Can someone get rid of these "people" (term used loosely)? Is it possible for law enforcement to move these people along? What about Seattle? That's a nice place for people who want to live along or in bodies of water without paying for housing costs.

Pissed Off 1978 WSU Alumnus: WSU Football Coach Nick Rolovich needs to be terminated as soon as possible. The students, coaches and WSU staff do not deserve the embarrassment this cretin has bestowed upon them. This guy is not the leader we are looking for at WSU. No more money from this alumnus until Rolovich rolls out!

Smokers: To the person driving the silver Nissan license #***5278 on Pines Road on Friday the 23 at 7:15pm. You threw your lit cigarette out the window on the freeway bridge. Have some respect for the rest of the world. With the fire danger extreme, it's just plain being careless and A$$hole. Grow up, mommy is not picking up after you.

Boat Launch Etiquette: OK, it's quite apparent that kayaking and paddle boarding are increasingly popular pastimes, bringing hundreds more people to area waters. That's awesome. But with this influx comes the issue of knowing the procedure for putting your watercraft in and taking it out of a lake or river while using an official launch. There have always been people who ignore the "No Swimming / No Fishing" signs at these sites. Despite these scofflaws, they usually get the hell out of the way when I'm trying to put in or take out my small fishing boat using a boat trailer (which requires a bit of skill even without people lingering about the launch). True, some of these dullards continue swimming and fishing, letting their toddlers play within feet of my moving trailer, but they are not likely to read this, so that's that. It's you, my fellow outdoors people, who I'm addressing. The most common behavior I've dealt with is kayakers who bring their vehicle to the launch (which is fine — I get it — some people don't have the strength to carry the kayak to the water), but then basically set up their whole goddamed day right there! I'm talking bags, coolers, paddles, flotation devices, fishing gear...whatever floats their boat! People! Do that shit on the side, not ON the boat ramp when you clearly see another person waiting to put in or take out! That is incredibly inconsiderate. The launch is for launching and taking the boat out of the water — not strapping down your shit, not reminiscing on how great the day was, not eating lunch (yes, I've seen you do this too). Plan ahead, have all your gear in place, carry what you can, move quickly and safely, but GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

CDA Crying about Nelly Performing: Jeers to everybody crying about Nelly performing at the Kootenai County Fair; diverse music is good. Nobody says anything when bro country artists come — they sing about beer, sex-getting the girl, and smoking, but it's all good bc they mention God every now and then. Stop being hypocrites. Other people have a right to enjoy their preffered music too. I'm glad the fair board isn't pandering to everybody crying about this. Kootenai County is changing — get over it. Some people enjoy rap — get over it. Live and let live. And GREAT JOB to the fair board!! ♦

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