I Saw You

Week of September 30


Cops Taxing the Working Class: I am so sick of seeing cops pulling people over in the hours just before 9 am. I'm sorry, but are these people doing something so wrong that they deserve a ticket from law enforcement while ON THEIR WAY TO WORK? They are doing something right, and instead of a reward, they get penealized. For what? Speeding to get there on time? Not using their blinker? I mean come on! If we are going to police ourselves, lets prioritize our use of resources to target those who are the most dangerous - like pedofiles. Im not a cop hater, but I am awake and this appears like we are asleep at the wheel.

Vinyl Cutter HELP: HELP with vinyl cutter. Hobby Lobby north on/around 9/16. Talked with you and employee about Cricut v Silhouette. Thanks for the great tips, I am only looking for help with this from you or someone/anyone! I am not a complete newbie...but close! Can do this in person or via zoom. Whatever works for whomever can help me with crafting vinyl cutter and/or software. Thanks. canadianpugdad@gmail.com

Expounding on Disney at the Ace General Store: Whilst toy shopping at the General Store and Ace Hardware on Friday afternoon, my visit was elevated hearing you hold forth to your small companion wearing furry ears about Frozen and Pinocchio and Walt Disney. You were helping her shop for a gift for Lily, and the way you spoke to her like an adult caught my ear, and held it. This eightish-year old and I were both still listening several aisles later, and when I left, my car was quieter than before. When your goofy laugh and curly head full of ideas arrived at the checkout just behind me, what if I had turned to you and asked, do you want to build a snowman?


Happy Feet: Thanks for donating socks to the House of Charity. We always always always need them and they help keep our guy's feet dry clean and healthy. Anyone reading this, please donate clean men's socks & underwear, PJ's, and blankets to the House of Charity 32 W. Pacific Ave 99201


Not everything is about "Me": Wearing masks and getting the Vaccine is less about " Me" and more about "We." It is sad that our culture has deteriorated so much and that people in general  have become so selfish that everything is about " Me and my rights" and the common/greater good is not considered at all. anymore. " Personal Freedom" only goes so far when we're all in the same boat. When you're " personal choice" starts costing other people their health and lives that is NOT ACCEPTABLE and something has to be done. If people had any sense of personal responsibility then there would be no need for mandates. The actions of some people, (many of whom claim to be professing "christians") throughout this pandemic have been downright appalling, hypocritical and in direct contradiction to the Christian faith in my opinion. Jesus was the ultimate example of laying down one's life for the good of others....he went all the way to the cross for it.  I just wish people would step outside of themselves and realize that not everything in this world revolves around "you" and your " freedom". If you have a TRULY LEGITIMATE reason to not be vaccinated I understand and support that, but if not then I truly do not understand why you would not be at this point not only for yourself but for the greater good of society as a whole. Again, the world does not revolve around "you" and " your choices!" The longer people keep resisting the very tools we have to end this pandemic the longer we ALL will have to deal with it.

Jeers to all those "suffering" from Missing White Woman Syndrome: After being subjected to wall-to-wall national and local media coverage of the latest disappearance and murder of a blond white woman, the redundant press briefings aired over and over again, isn't it time to ask why? Why is this exhaustive coverage happening? There is an actual syndrome that identifies the reason: "missing white woman syndrome." This is at bottom an expression of racism cloaked in "concern" but that concern is reserved for Caucasian females and ignores the hundreds of incidences of missing and murdered Native and black and Hispanic women and girls who have also gone missing and been murdered. These are always tragic events but they are equally tragic for the victims and their families who are not white.

Re: Dodge Trucks: Which "dumb flags" are you referring to in your post? The US flag or the blue line flag which stands for standing by the police? Regarding the comment about reliability, I find it interesting that Dodge trucks have million mile motors. How long do Toyotas last? I got rid of mine as soon as I was able because it was awful. I am wondering if all the left wing wackos that drive Toyotas are the man bun wearing beta boys that they appear to be while driving down the road. Makes one wonder...

Re: Jeers Unvaxxed by Choice: I agree. Smokers should be denied treatment. Alcoholics should be denied treatment. Obese people should be denied treatment. People who cause accidents should be left to die by the side of the road. While the bouncer supposedly gave you a hard time, (he shouldn't have), if your health is so bad that you'll die if you are exposed, (your words), what the heck are you doing going to packed bars, even BEFORE covid? Hate to tell you, but you have been exposed. There are no covid laws. They are mandates, which some argue are unconstitutional. I think you are full of garbage.

Re: Dodge Trucks: I voted for Trump. I drive a Tundra. I'm unvaccinated and what you posted about Dodge trucks may be the stupidest thing ever. Omg, what if you drive a Ford or a Chevy?? Will the world end?..No dumbass its just a manufacture of your car/truck. Your car didn't cast your vote!!! Lol, the person who submitted the original post may be the dumbest MF I've never met

Re: Dodge Trucks: Generalizations suck. We are a Toyota-loving family having driven a Tundra, Tacoma, a 1985 pick-up and even going back to a 1977 Celica. BUT we have a 2003 Dodge truck now. Why? Because Toyota doesn't make the truck to do the job we need. If Toyota ever makes a one-ton, we'll be in line. If electric, maybe even beter. Please get off your high horse. Thank you.

Dogs on Scotchman: 22 years I have been hiking Scotchman Peak. First time there were no goats. Gee, I wonder why? The summit looked like Petsmart with all the dogs. Dog crap on the trail. Thanks ignorant dog owners for ruining the experience for everyone and driving the goats away. ♦

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