I Saw You

Week of October 14th

S. Regal Post Office I ended up holding the doors twice, suggested you may be following me. You commented on my truck; I explained it was a new relationship. I could take you for a ride.....

You Got Me A Cookie I was talking on the phone to my unvaccinated dad who has been in the hospital with covid for 12 days. He's tired of fighting. I was telling him he has to fight, he's so strong, he's the one who taught me to be strong. He said he wishes he had gotten the shot. You were walking your dog. You were beautiful. You walked by and you handed me a vegan cookie. "I got you a cookie" was all you said and you gave me an honest smile. Every day is so hard but this one random act of kindness helped. A lot. Thank you.

Rhino Cowboy You. Handsome, dashing man on the Rhino at the Davenport Tower. Me. Bashful brunette In the gold jacket. We shared a drink, convinced me to hop on the rhino. Was your name; Doug, Dovan or Doogie? Let's ride again. November 5th? KYL

Little Fireman Twenty years ago in the somber aftermath of the the 911 attacks, I was bemoaning the lack of Trick or Treaters in our Comstock neighborhood. Then you, your mom and sister rang the bell and made me smile. You were about 3 years old, dressed as a fireman and jumping up and down with delight. Your innocence and joy warmed my heart then and I hope that your life has given you much joy, too! If anyone knows who this little guy grew up to be, let this goofygam@gmail.com know how he is!

So thankful for your helping hand Friday afternoon I had taken my sick dog into the vet. Since I have so much trouble walking I put her in her stroller rather than wrestle with her leash and my walker. When we finished and I got her safely back into my car, I couldn't figure out how to collapse the stroller. I struggled for about ten minutes with a male driver one space over clearly seeing I was in trouble. I finally sat down on the bumper and out of no where came a wonderful man who offered to help. He was able to collapse it and put it into my trunk as well. I was so grateful for his kindness and I thank you again sir. For the man parked the space over, if your legs are broken and that's why you didn't offer to help, I wish you a speedy recovery. Otherwise, shame on you. Karma is real.

MY HERO/HEROES!! Walmart on Sullivan on Saturday! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to the amazing person/persons who turned in a wallet and phone at the Wamart on Sullivan, Saturday the 10th! You have rekindled my waning faith in my fellow man!!!! So busy shopping didn't realize I had lost it. Checking out I realized it was gone! I panicked and the associate who was helping me asked if I was missing a wallet with a phone in it, I guess all the pet food in cart tipped him off as he explained it was brought to him, found in the Pet aisle and he turned it in. I was so greatful cause of the ID and phone, and wrote off the cash, all I had to my name to feed my furry kids, but imagine my suprise when all my money was still in there! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My pets appreciate it too, they can eat this month. If you see this, "thank you" doesnt seem enough to express my gratitude so I would like to buy you lunch! I'll know its you, because my wallet has a one of a kind design. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

4th Ave. Farmers Market Flower Giver Blessings to the young woman who gifted me the bouquet of flowers she saw me admiring. Your gesture overwhelmed me and I don't think I thanked you properly. Thank you for your uplifting generosity.

The Police and COVID... from a Taxpayer So, not only do we have to deal with Trumptard parents sending their innocent children to school carrying COVID and sickening other innocent people, we now have to deal with the tax-funded protectors of our society refusing to vaccinate or mask? Pathetic idiots. Look, people, I'm already used to most LEOs practicing prejudice against innocent citizens who don't follow Trump (as evidenced when I was issued a lane-change ticket merely because I had a "F-TRUMP" sticker on my car). But these public servants took a vow to serve and protect at all costs. Well, if the LEOs of our country want to sacrifice their lives to COVID, that is their choice, but it is NOT their choice to infect members of society whilst on or off duty. SO, POLICE, DEPUTIES and TROOPERS — GET OVER YOUR POLITICAL BS AND GET VACCINATED! This is NOT a freedom issue; it is an international health crisis, and your Trumpish choices are nothing but selfish, macho, stupid and dangerous. My taxes allow you to hold your highly-trained positions, so I expect you to SERVE and to PROTECT.

I Saw That I was walking downtown and saw you kick the homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk. The person wasn't doing anything but sleeping. Didn't say anything to you, didn't provoke you. But, you kicked them. You kicked them and walked off. Yes, I asked what the matter with you was. You completely disgusted me, strutting around like you just did the world a favour by showing cruelness to another human being. You don't stop being human on the streets, you only lose your humanity when you commit acts of cruelty.

NFL is in USA "We live in America. The Star Spangled Banner is the appropriate anthem to play. The NFL is not an Olympic event."

GOP confusion The AMERICAN TALIBAN (Republicans) seems somewhat confused. Take women's healthcare for example. Republicans are so focused on dictating what women are allowed to do they seem to lose sight of their main goal. The AMERICAN TALIBAN hates women, minorities and science. So what do they do? Out law abortions! A woman that is forced to have a child against her will is probably not going to vote for someone that forced her to have a baby. If that woman is of color her children, being born in country, are going to have the right to vote. Chances are that child will NOT vote for the AMERICAN TALIBAN, so it seems as though this might not be the best plan If you don't want minority's voting.

Unmasked Nurses Went to a medical appointment where social distancing and masking for patients was the published Covid policy. Even small children sat patiently playing, masked in the waiting room. When I was called in to see the doctor I was shocked to see the nurses with no masks or masks pulled down seated at the nurses station, a location that every patient (many older or vulnerable) had to pass through. Hard to imagine trusting nurses who were completely unconcerned with the safety of their patients. And even with a 57% vax rate in Spokane, we cannot be sure that these nurses are even vaccinated. Astonishing selfishness.

MooseCuckle Hockey Boy Way to go Jody! You landed you a real keeper. How does it feel knowing your relationship is founded on lies? Staying true must mean you're a real WTDB. Do us all a favor; either shave your child molester mustache differently or don't even try... also you're an adult now; it's okay to wear your hat forwards. F'nDB. ♦

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