I Saw You

Week of October 21


Pounding Popcorn Guy: At the Chiefs game on Saturday against the Thunderbirds. You: In beer garden double fisting the popcorn like the world was ending tomorrow. Me: Cute Burnette above you in skybox wishing someone would love me as much as you loved that popcorn.

Re: Looking for My Hairdresser: Jayme (formerly at Oasis) is now at Sola SALON ON 29th Ave suit 1 - in studio 11.

Anarchy car: A red sports car parked outside Jimmy John's, with "ACAB," "Wake up!," and Anarchist symbols drawn on it. I thought, "This person seems rad; I wonder who they are." I went into Trader Joe's and when I came back out the car in your spot had a thin blue line sticker. Downgrade.

West Central Wailing: Hi my fellow neighbors, those living in houses, in cars parked on our block, or otherwise. I don't mind Terribly much if you insist on shooting up at lunchtime while parked outside my home and I don't care an Awful lot that you deal drugs out of the "broken down" SUV and the squatter rental on our street. But for all of us who aren't high on the hype with you - could you please stop wailing/whistling/raging/yelling at each other at all hours? We can hear you, our babies can hear you. Through the walls. Like I see you man. If you want to do drugs cool, whatever, but could you communicate to each other in regular conversational tones?


RE: S Regal Post Office: Thank you for holding both doors. I'd love to go for a ride if the truck won't get jealous :) Shoot me an email at cliffordthebigredtruck509@yahoo.com


Cheers to Successfully Scuttling the SRHD: Cheers to the Spokane County Commissioners for successfully scuttling the Spokane Regional Health District. The hiring of an incompetent Health District Administrative Officer to take SRHD down is a masterful means to kill this organization in sprit and purpose. Commissioner French has been a pillar of strength by missing more meetings of the SRHD Board than he has attended since becoming a County Commissioner. He can stare down looks from any community members that think he should should some courtesy and respect to the job he was elected to do. (I'm really not sure if French knows all the past SRHD administrators as he has been gone most of the time.) No doubt we can look to another great year with Amelia Clark smashing the SHRD against the rocks.

COSTCO SMILE: I don't know how many people you have touched. But the SMILE under your mask made your eye's light up! Thank you for taking the time to say HELLO, my day was grim, but after your grin...... it made me feel like I was walking on the clouds! Thanks Spokane Valley Receipt Costco Girl... the one with the short spiky hair!!!


AntiVaxx AntiMask Protests: Tell me you've never been oppressed without saying you've never been oppressed. Widening wealth disparities? You stay at home, offer no help to the homeless, and tell them to pick themselves up by the bootstraps. Police executing unarmed black men in the streets? You stay home and complain about someone breaking a window. Constant destruction of the earths environmental resources? You stay at home, tell people it's either fake or it's the necessary price to pay for capitalist society. Then finally, you're asked to do one simple thing to help prevent a deadly virus from spreading to your neighbors and coworkers? Here is where you put your foot down. To the corner of Sprague and Sullivan with signs and loudspeakers, the Karens will march, to speak out against this horrific injustice! Give me a break and let me sit at the stoplight in peace instead.

MooseCuckle Hockey Boy: Way to go Jody! You landed you a real keeper. How does it feel knowing your relationship is founded on lies? Staying true must mean you're a real WTDB. Do us all a favor; either shave your child molester mustache differently or don't even try... also you're an adult now; it's okay to wear your hat forwards. F'nDB.

Virus Tirades: Jeers to the comments about coronavirus and vaccine compliance, as well as The Inlander for continuing to encourage the foolishness. With respect to the most recent triteness, last week a word was used combining "Trump" and a derogatory term for those with intellectual disabilities. Shame on you who wrote the post! It's too bad you haven't progressed and learned that term is offensive. Jeers also to The Inlander for allowing the post. Also, in terms of the constant insults about Trump, some of us never thought highly of him while he was in office, but your inane ideas about him are making him more appealling by the day. Keep it up and you'll have him (or someone just like him back in office in no time)! Duh! Duh! Dumb! Oh.....and leave the ideas about coronavirus and vaccines to those who have the education and experience to have an informed opinion.

Idaho wolves: I was sickened to hear that Idahoans will be paid to kill 90% of their wolf population! Really?! In Africa when the elephants were going into the farmers fields and destroying and eating their crops, they came up with a creative way of keeping them out without harming them, which I won't go into here. Also, in India they have made elephant paths through their tea plantations which was the elephants habitat, so that they may still migrate through there without harm to animal or crop. In India they have also learned to live with the monkeys that are in the city streets and at their temples. (watch PBS once in a while, you might learn something!) I understand that the wolves are a danger to your livestock, and that's your livelihood. However, can't we be innovative and come up with a creative solution rather than mass murder of this wild animal that is just trying to survive the best it knows how? Sometimes humans disgust me. I know the a good majority of Idahoans won't agree with this...profit before wild nature at all costs. So sad...what right do we have? because they were here first..

Coeur d'Alene Coupsters Massing for an Attack: They sprang up like poisonous mushrooms overnight, yard signs lined up like good soldiers beneath "Trump 2024" flags, naming a full slate of candidates for school boards, city councils, mayors, even fire districts. Their campaign literature spews all the carefully chosen code words that barely camouflage their real agenda: "retain lawful parental rights...against Anti-American ideologies...remove divisive curriculum from all grades...reinvigorate North Idaho values..." Who are these people? White supremacists, homophobes, anti-Vaxers, climate change deniers, organized for a total takeover, counting on the votes of Qanon Trumpists to sweep them into office. Wake up Coeur d'Alene voters! The storm troopers are coming and hell is coming with them.

Only game in town: Jeers to TicketsWest. Josh Turner's concert was cancelled on 9/19. They said refunds would be forthcoming in 10 days. A month later there is still no refund and not much contact to answer questions. What is the hold up?

Apple Orchard Entry Fee: Jeers to the Greenbluff orchards that are charging an entrance/parking fee. It's still unclear what the extra $5 fee is for other than to stop up traffic. Perhaps it's for the priviledge of walking through apple tree orchards that don't have any apples? Or, it it for the priviledge of entering the store to purchase items? Or, it is so that you can enter so that you can pay for a child's ride? Or, is it so that you can enter to pay for a pumpkin? It's very confusing. When I enter the grocery store to buy (a less expensive) apple, they don't charge me an entrance fee. If the parking fee was going to charity, I'm all for paying. But, the ROI for the experience this weekend wasn't worth it. I'd encourage others to avoid the orchards that charge fees and go to those instead that aren't charging an extra fee. More than likely, they could use the money more anyhow. Also, please don't use the excuse that it's for controlling traffic flow into the orchard because there were people on top of people. Very tacky! ♦

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