I Saw You

Week of November 11


Please Read The Inlander: You: strikingly handsome, well-put together, bald and dimples to boot...watching the game and enjoying your lunch at Caruso's (Saturday October 30th). Then you walked out the door... Me: literally hands on the glass, staring out the window as you left, trying to see what you were driving away in, so that I could have more information to put in the 'I Saw You' I was going to write. (It was a navy blue Beamer, BTW.) I hope you didn't catch me gawking because I embarrassed myself....I know, I know, would've just been easier to say hi ;) Well, you struck me. Does lightning strike twice?


Banner Furnace and Fuel: Thank you so much for cleaning our furnace, getting us up and running. A special thanks to Ben and Christopher for your exceptional work and positive attitude. It's good to know there is a very reliable company. Thank you once again.

Mr. Taxi, Blue Ribbon Company: Big shout out to Andrew, Nate and Brittany for all your help with your taxi service through a really tough time in our lives! Hospital emergencies, doctors appointments, prescriptions, groceries, banks, you name it. Always have shown up on time, made sure we made it home safe, always positive attitudes. Thank you so, so much for your outstanding compassion and exceptional taxi company.

Happy Ol' Truck: Thank you to the fun family around 16th and Sullivan in the Valley for always making one smile as they drive by and see the cute old truck decorated with seasonal decor. Your hard work and creativity is much appreciated and enjoyed!

Getting Vaccinated at Walgreens: Cheers to the North Idaho man in Walgreens waiting 15 minutes after his COVID vaccine, sitting, minding his own business, who had to educate a fellow North Idaho citizen about his decision to get the free and widely available vaccine. Before I leaned over and saw what you were doing, I thought the person questioning your decision to get vaccinated against a highly contagious airborne virus was talking to a pharmacist. I was impressed by the way you reassured him that myocarditis is a very rare side effect of the vaccine that can also be caused by the common cold.

Thanks, Pfizer: Cheers to the FDA for approving Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccinations for kids 5 and up! This will help protect our germiest age group :) Just think, if all the kids get vaccinated in November 2021, we can go back to play dates and slumber parties in January 2022. Vaccinate your kids so they won't miss out on the fun!

Apple of My Eye: The downtown computer store shows business savvy and respect for customers by providing its employees with an alternative transparent mask in order to serve those who Read Lips. Thanks to others, including health care providers, who are taking this step. Masks are the new normal!


re: Glass Houses: "Glass Houses": What is your education with respect to coronaviruses or any other virus? What is your experience in the fields of infectious disease or public health? Where did you attend medical school? Why is it that those who are most opinionated about a subject are seemingly the least educated?

Corporate Greed: The other day I'm at a store on Division, checking out. There were two registers open with 22 — yes, 22 — people in line. I saw a young lady dealing with go-backs and asked if she might be able to open a register. She told me she was not logged in for use of the registers, and I'd have to wait. A lady in line told me I should have smoked a joint before coming in, and I wouldn't be bothered by the poor service. When I finally reached the clerk, I asked if the manager was around. She pointed to the lady I had asked to open a register; apparently managers can't offer customer service. I paid my 8 cents for a bag, and was given one of their flimsy bags. I asked where the multi-use bags were. I was told that corporate wanted them to use up all the old bags first and then would offer the correct bags. I went to two other of that chain's stores here, and they were following the same practice. Corporate greed at it's best...cheap bags at 8 cents each and poor service...I do believe they are breaking the law.

Shame on Spokanites: To the heartless person who hit a small gray puppy on Broadway just west of university and then just kept driving on Tuesday afternoon. How soulless you must be. Didn't even hit your brakes. In a hurry to get a latte or something else super important? And all the people afterwards who just drove around the poor puppy as he lay there convulsing. Too busy to stop and help a defenseless creature? My wife saw the whole thing, and she STOPPED AND HELPED. Along with a distraught younger woman who also witnessed the event. By then the poor thing was dead...no thanks to any of the inconsiderate drivers who couldn't bother to be inconvenienced. Shame on all of you. Spokane people USED to actually care and have a heart. Apparently not much anymore. I am proud of my wife and the other gal who showed they have a heart and are not too self-absorbed to stop and help those in need whether on two legs or four. I hope karma comes back and slaps you in the face.

Re: Trash Queen: Hey Inlander, how are you OK printing this kind of hate? The whole "I Saw You" section has become such a hotbed of negativity, quite disappointing. To be fair, "No Muffler Man" was at least a creative and funny way to make a jeers known. I just don't understand why you print this garbage. Does nothing good for humanity.

Stay In-house for Hiring Police: Jeers to Sheriff Ozzie for going to NY and CA to recruit new police officers. Are you saying there's no strong, young, smart people out of small towns in Washington or even Idaho? People coming from NY and CA is why we have more crime in the first place! That and society in general going down the toilet. Bottom line: Shop WA first for qualified officers. Shop local, dude.

Odd Ozzie Out: Sheriff Ozzie is lying when he says he cares about Spokane and then goes recruiting officers in CA and NY. If you think we have a problem with police brutality now, just wait. The cops of NY, especially Brooklyn, and Jersey enjoy breaking kneecaps before saying "Hello." The phrase "Get out of the car with your hands up" will sound to us like "Gett outta da ka wit yo hands soup" California is like Mad Max beyond Thunder Dome right now. The police in San Diego, San Francisco and L.A. before Beverly Hills won't answer shoplifting or carjacking calls. Is this what you want really Ozzie?! Next election he won't get my vote. Danny.

Right to Remain Silent: So Ozzie Knezovich gets so upset about a KHQ news story reporting the misspelling of a Spokane County PD recruiting billboard in New York that he not only spurns the news station's request for comment, but posts a YouTube video where he says, "Journalism is dead," and asks his viewers how long the "appalling" media should be "tolerated and allowed." Wow. Here's the police suggesting the press be shut down because of an embarrassing, albeit inconsequential, story. Sounds a lot like a police state to me. ♦

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