I Saw You

Week of November 18


Contra Dancer from Portland: Not exchanging numbers last week was foolish on my part. I really liked our connection, our waltz, and your great swing. Please come back for another Wednesday dance. Or contact me at this old email....nokes49@yahoo.com.

Winco Good Man: Early in week of Nov. 8... you were loaded with groceries checking out, and I commented to you that you got your workout for the day. You said that you were shopping for a mom who was disabled and a child disabled. Having been through that myself with tgwo parents, my heart goes out to you. I sooo wanted to help you bag those groceries, but didn't want to overstep into your space. If you ever have time, I'd buy you a coffee! Good man!

PocketToast: J- Thank you for putting my embarrassment at ease when I remarked upon my shame for eating sooo much food. Can't help myself when I eat there, I become a monster. The PocketToast was eaten within minutes of driving down the road. I'll be back for more next week.


Deion at McDonald's: I've had that $100 bill in my wallet for weeks & I didn't want to spend it, but that's all I was down to & I wanted to make sure my son was happy. Thank you again so much for your kindness

Lady at Speedy Shop at Airway Heights: This goes out to the older lady that works at the Speedy Shop in Airway Heights. YOU are awsome!! You always have a smile on your face, a skip in your step and are always eager to help everyone. It must suck to have to fill propane a hundred times a night, but you do it with a smile!! I love that you always greet our kids and dog like they were your own. I have gone into get gas many a time and have had the worst day ever, but you always have me cracking up and feeling better before I walk out!! I have seen you dig change out of your purse and give it to people that don't have enough or give it to someone who needs air or gas. This world needs more people like you!! Thank you for all you do, and thank you for the advice, the smiles, the great attitude you have, thank you for the change you have spared many a time. Just... thank you!! You're a wonderful lady !!!! And the best cashier I have ever met!!!

The Only Person Who Knew Me: Cheers to you and your life of happiness! You are the most kind and deserving person, and may every day bring you more love and joy! No other person can stand so resolute and righteous! You are all that is good and true in this world, and this is me making sure the world knows it! Thank you, forgive me, and regardless of what may come to pass, know you will always hold the spot in my heart where forever is defined.

Random Act of Kindness: Dutch Bros., E. 931 Francis, 14 NOV 21-SUN, about 7:10 a.m. Lady in SUV ahead of me bought my coffee. It was my birthday, so your random kindness was extra special and meaningful. Did you know Saturday the 13th was World Kindness Day? You shared your spirit of kindness and generosity through this past weekend,and I won't forget. Thank you, and I pray for blessings for you as well.


Sheriff Ozzie: Don't bitch about Ozzie looking for officers in other states, blame LIBERAL POLICIES! Cops can't even do their jobs anymore. SO when someone robs, tries to stab you, etc., call a counselor.

Discompassionate Care for Loki: I cannot believe the discompassion I and Loki have received from Hunter and the emergency vet. Loki is my life. Glad you got your flipping pay check. My life is now empty.

Greenspace: In the frenzy to build during this mass immigration to this area I read little of retaining any greenspace. I see areas like the acreage where the performing arts building is to be built in SV when not too long ago it was greenspace-grass, a few juniper and a stand of young ponderosa pine fading away. We all remember, well some do, from high school learning about photosynthesis how plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. So that land in SV having had the vegetation bulldozed off is no longer giving off oxygen but by the time that land is covered with buildings and pavement, it will be emitting carbon dioxide instead of oxygen along with waste and be a user of natural resources. This example has become pretty much the norm not only here but in other areas as well. The area around the new Ridgeline High School near Liberty Lake is also destined to go from greenspace to "development." Since carbon dioxide is one of the culprits in the "greenhouse effect," our response to this seems to make little sense. The aliens watching us from afar are certainly scratching their antennas and thinking what the hell are they doing.

Re: Re: Trash Queen ... for your info, the original post is directed at a trash human being who lived with, used, abused and broke every trust that was given to them. They lived a double life and lied to not only myself, but the doosh canoe that continues to believe their lies. This post is more of a warning to others that might cross paths with this horrible human being... An abuser of myself and kids... so jeers once again to these low life's and their miserable existence. Eff DRB.

Homeless in Motorhome: You parked in front of my house. I felt sad for you, could tell you were living in that beat-up motorhome with the broken-out windows. I was a bit worried that you were planning on staying there. You got out to walk your dog, who you let poop in my yard. Then when you got back in your rig, you dumped all your trash out in front of my house before you left. Human pigs with no thought for others. Glad you left, don't come back.

Time to Face Facts: Each week there are heartfelt pleas for all kinds of behavior changes for the betterment of mankind in the Inlander. Whether it is Vaxing or be kinder to your fellow traveler in life's journey or gun control OR a raft of other issues — to include thanking God Almighty that Trump isn't president any longer (and hasn't been for some time, so get OVER IT). The ones first off that READ the Inlander probably don't need to be reminded (well, sometimes) to do all these things and the majority of those that these pieces are written for NEVER read the Inlander so you're wasting your time and limited space that could be used for other things. It's time to look in the mirror and face the facts that there are people that will NEVER get it! Never be kind, giving, get COVID shots, etc. without mandates/laws, and even then it is iffy! That is the way it has been since Christ's time, and the way it will be until this whole mess implodes. Do you know WHO can make a difference though? It's how YOU act each day. It's called lead by example. The rest of world can NOT be changed by some paragraph in a weekly rag in Spokane, WA. It, of course, sounds wonderful, but it just isn't going to happen. Sorry. Time to move on. Nothing to see here.♦

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