I Saw You

Week of November 25


Meow Kapow! You were in the produce section of the Super 1 on 29th singing to the '80s hits, and occasionally dancing. You wore a sweatshirt featuring a kitten throwing a grenade. I liked the silver in your hair. I complimented your dancing skill and your shirt. You made me laugh. Want to meet up and dance to '80s songs? I have a kitten shirt I can wear too.

Still Thinking about Our Brief Encounter: I saw you at Wal-Mart the one on Sprague. We both comment on our good-looking appearance. You were looking marvelous in the dress or the dress was looking marvelous on you, but I am still thinking about that moment. I was so taken away by your total beauty (I wish I could have seen your eyes hiding behind stylish sunglasses) that I paid your bill. I hope you see this and respond; I want to continue our encounter.


For Jason: After you kissed me, I couldn't look you in the eye. Mine shut tight, without me asking them to. They closed themselves, stubbornly, and would not budge. But how does one sit like that across from this man who has kissed you well, whose gently insistent hands never stop gliding, telling you your own needs, watching you hide in plain view? One can't. Anyone can see that. Even this stumbling version of me, unrecognizable, but with my same sane thoughts saying, "This is just stupid," behind my closed eyes that stay closed, no matter what true unkind things my thoughts say about them. My eyes would not behave...refused to be windows to anything. Left you where you were, watching, eyes waiting. I didn't need to look to know that. And yet... I found them looking back, amused, but not unkindly. And then my seen unclosed eyes were adrift, looking everywhere for anything to settle on but yours. Hand. Knee. Denim. Nothing to help me, to save us both from this embarrassing loss of ability to look, to be seen. You waiting, witnessing, wanting. Unable to give you my eyes, I offered something else. Created a diversion of skin. Your eyes fed, I watched you see me. Now all I see is you. Yours, Maggie

Coming Out: Hi! I was a trainwreck of a comedian, a mediocre improviser with jokes about hooking up with dragons and being a polite schoolgirl. I podcasted, I tried to be undeniable and above all I loved the Spokane comedy scene. But I couldn't get anything to work, no matter what. When my mother passed, madness claimed me. I was trying like hell to burn all bridges and upset the right people enough to get hate crimed by local fascists. None of it worked. When I started playing nonbinary or cross-gender characters, I was facing the idea that I didn't really identify with masculinity. When I started playing the one I'm known for as "agender," I didn't realize I was testing the people around me for amenability to that sort of thing, and I was scared of all the people failing that test. So I went back to the weird edgelord routine until my mother passed and my family disowned me, and I just let insanity claim me. I didn't see any road back, nor a place I wanted to return to, and I genuinely thought my obit would include the words "senseless tragedy." But I'm here now, and I can't just keep sitting in the shadows waiting for old friends to notice me, so here I am with a message: I, the voice of Doctor Donut, the absent technical improviser, the embodiment of mania themselves... they are a trans she/her, and now I no longer have to lie about it, and whatever that does to my reputation, so be it. I'm not afraid anymore, and I have nothing to lose. If you know me... come say hi!


Cheers to the Bruncheonette: Cheers to the Bruncheonette staff for enforcing masks. Such a simple act! While eating we witnessed an angry Idahoan attempt to provoke an altercation with the very kind staff who simply stated they were following guidelines and state mandates to ensure and support public health measures. That angry man retorted that he "would not be coming back." Well, kudos to you, Bruncheonette staff, because for that exact reason, we will gladly continue to support your local business! Our waitress was also awesome! Give this place your money! Warm regards, prudent and considerate HCW Spokanites

Good Neighbors: Cheers to the folks at Barrister Winery and the Meals on Wheels for spending time, energy and supplies to pick up trash and abate the rampant graffiti along the alley outside their doors! Downtown's a neighborhood, too — let's support businesses that treat it that way!

Female Response to Man Who Waved: To the succinct lady making very clear why women recreate outdoors. THANK YOU!!! Most of us worry about unwanted male interactions when we are doing what we're doing. Women being outside IS NOT AN INVITATION...to anything. I LOVED how you focused on exactly what is going through your mind and body when you (we) work out outside. It's NOBLE AND HEALTHY AND STRONG and has absolutely nothing to do with passing males. There was something transcendent about your wording. Almost like... women have a whole myriad of reasons for fitness, working out and adventure... just like men. Hmmm! Anyway just wanted to send a huge thanks!!!!

Thanks for Making Me Happy!! Mr Bill, I've been in love with you since the day we met. You've made me so happy, and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I love you very much, and I hope you never forget that.


Re: Trash and Recycling: Wow. It's one thing to be upset with someone, and an entirely different thing to add the garbage attitude to the hate you spew. Hopefully you got the initials correct, but acting salty is probably not a way to get the engagement you OBVIOUSLY are trying to provoke.

Delivery: Just an FYI for delivery recipients. There are not many delivery drivers out here that will accept an order to deliver for no to little tip. Gas is so expensive right now, so if you don't want to go out, please respect the drivers that bring your order and give them at least a nominal tip. We want to get your order to you, but if it doesn't even pay our gas, let alone our time, chances are we won't accept your order to deliver. ♦

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