I Saw You

Week of December 9


Nobody Loves Me But My Mama: Wallace Idaho, July 11, 2015, blues festival weekend. Charlie Butts was playing at the Red Light Garage/Cafe. You: long hair, long dress, slender, very pretty. Me: long curly blonde hair, ivy cap, blue eyes, jeans. We danced! WOW!!! We danced like we had been dancing for years. Your name Deby, sax player. My name Gary. I lost your business card. Let's dance again!!! Unclemac@email.com

Christmas Tree at Greenbluff: You and your son talked with a friend of mine on Friday, Nov. 26. I believe you were there to get a Christmas tree. She had such a nice time and a huge smile when she talked about it, that it just seems like maybe you guys should meet up for a coffee. She wouldn't think to post this or look, so I'm doing it. If you think this is about you, please respond to the email address provided. mclaude@mail.com

Kawaii Aesthetic at Candy Works: Hey there! No idea if you even read the Inlander but just wanted to shout out to one of the people who work at this shop! Thank you for your fantastic use of color (pastels) and Jfashion! Your attire is fantastic :)

Billy Idol Concert: I was on duty working the concert when you (pretty female) and your male friend (Sergei?) approached my coworker and began to talk to him. I thought you were his date so I didn't pay attention to you. You (pretty female) stepped in front of me and said hello. You closed the distance and told me it was your 28th birthday. I wished you a happy birthday, and I mentioned that you were still quite young. You asked me my age and then asked if I was single. I confirmed I was single, and you asked me out. I was not expecting someone as pretty as you to ask me out, and I got nervous and turned you down. I suck, I know. But I thanked you and told you I was flattered by your gesture. When you walked away, I immediately regretted turning you down. If it means anything, and the offer is still good, I'd like to get to know you. You know where I work.


Near River near Garbage: Let me be the first to ask an insenstive question. Why does Spokane tolerate filth along the Spokane River? I'm fairly certain that if I were driving down the road and threw a bag of trash out the window, I'd be ticketed for littering (assuming law enforment witnessed it). However, at various spots along the river, people live there in tents and throw their garbage all over the place. Arguably, one of the worst spots is just east of Spokane Community College (directly across the river from the Avista substation on Upriver Drive). Currently, there are perhaps as many as 30 tents set up along the river (with one on a large rock in the river). From Upriver Drive, you can observe all of the tents as well as their voluminous garbage all around the tents in what would otherwise be just beautiful pine trees. How long is this deposition of filth going to be tolerated? These tents should disappear (along with the garbage), and the river and foliage be allowed to recover.

Downtown Dog Owners: We love your dogs, but for the love of our beautiful city and all that's good, could you please pick up after them. Next time it might be you who steps in their stinky remains.

Killing More History: Please quit killing history. Bad enough we lost a statue, the Patsy Clarke house and a Native American culture center, and the old Spokesman building you want to take this too? Why is it we adopt things from Europe like roundabouts, but we can't seem to keep our historical buildings with our modern ones? Why can't you keep the building as a museum and charge people to see it? Load it up with art from local artisans and help the community that way. Your plan to knock down a historical building for new "affordable" apartments is silly. By the way "affordable" is not $1,000-$1,100 per month. Do you know how hard it was to make ANYTHING 100 years ago? Quit trying to kill history, and make it into a museum full of local art to sell. Splash it on travel sites & watch the cash roll in.

Valley Afternoon: To whom it will concern! To the irresponsible mother today, whose terrified 2-year-old toddler was screaming for her Mommy and was being carted around the store by an old man trying to find her mother! I can't believe a mother is so stupid not to notice her little girl was lost and missing & ignored her crying and screaming for you! It really pisses me off! Maybe you wanted to leave her on purpose! Really downright irresponsible.

Doordash: When ordering Doordash, keep in mind the price of gas is through the roof. After three hours of dashing, including tips, made less than $25 dollars. Won't be dashing anymore in the Spokane area because every delivery gave a five-star review and zero tip, so jeers to the non-tippers—when it says they can't find a driver, this is why.

The Divided States: Obviously we are not the United States, but the Divided States. It's fascinating to me; there was a time when one was being responsible for wearing a mask. If one was not wearing a mask, they were selfish and you get what you deserve. People like me — fully vaccinated, and I still mask up, everywhere — are looked at with such disdain; people shake their heads and make comments under their breath. And yet, non-mask-wearers are welcomed and smiled upon; they're the best. Can you tell when someone has been vaccinated, or isn't? Didn't think so.

Don't Buy the Division: In the Sept. 23 edition, Inlander took it upon themselves to highlight the post of a fed-up medical employee who is tired of treating COVID patients. The poster goes on to berate our neighbors in Idaho in a very negative way, as if they are to blame. Tell us, where is that invisible line in the dirt where COVID goes away? First off, stop your complaining. If you can't handle your job, quit and save us all the whining. Many have done as much or more without lashing out like a child. Second, review your facts before you open your mouth. The U.S. stands at 54 percent FULLY vaccinated... I'll say it again, FULLY. That means two shots if required. Idaho stands at 45 percent FULLY vaccinated, a 9 [percentage point] difference. Many Eastern Washington counties have the same vaccination rate or lower than Idaho has as a whole... for example, Whitman/42 percent fully vaccinated. Adams/46 percent fully vaccinated. Grant/48 percent fully vaccinated. Pend Oreille/35 percent fully vaccinated, Stevens/34 percent fully vaccinated. Where to you think these folks are being treated? I am sick and tired of this mindless division that is pumped at every level to pit one person against another, or one state against another, or one group against another. Grow up and stop buying the division being fed to you! ♦

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