I Saw You

Week of December 23


They Say the Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul: A couple of weeks ago you were at an event you must've known I'd be attending. We hadn't communicated since September. I saw you were trying to make eye contact with me, so I met your eyes. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't help but smile at you with my eyes since we were both masked, that I saw what looked like anger in your eyes boring into me. The same person who once wanted me to look in his eyes when we made love now made dagger eyes at me. I could have looked back more, but some deep instinct made me shield myself from you. I couldn't bear what almost felt like hatred in your eyes after I had bared my soul at my most vulnerable to you. So my soul felt like you should not have access. And before that moment, my heart was so happy seeing you there, with all that energy you always have, like nothing can contain you, and my god when you stretched and I could see your muscles strain against your blazer like you were going to bust out of it. I was melting all over the place ready to forgive you for everything... All I know is, I may be no millionaire, but I have my word, my honesty, fidelity and loyalty, authenticity and integrity. I would never bite the hand that fed me even if you hurt me because of everything thing else you did for me and to do otherwise goes against who I am. I know things change, time changes, tides. But I must have faith. I must follow my heart and dreams. I will be true and follow the course through.

Thank You for Changing My Life: The past six months working with you have been the most exciting and confusing time of my life. You drive me crazy, and yet still manage to make me feel like the most special person in the world. Your compliments have made me so much more confident in myself. Your witty banter makes me smile, even when you aren't around. You have made me think deeper about life then anyone has in a long time and your intelligence inspires me. It's a once in a lifetime thing to connect with a person the way we have, and it is something I will hold close to my heart forever. I hope I have done for you over the last six months even a fraction of what you have done for me. I will never forget you, and I hope you never forget me. Maybe in the next life, right?


Thank You: Cheers to the young woman in Albertson's parking lot who gave a beautiful red gerbera daisy to an old lady, me. She said she bought a bouquet for her mom, but when she saw me wearing a coat of the same color she wanted me to have one. In this time when we are all on edge, wondering what horrible thing will happen next, she made me feel good. I want to thank her again for her sweet act of kindness.

Sunday at the MAC: To the wonderful lady in the green coat who gave us tickets to the MAC and the Campbell House, THANK YOU!! We were celebrating a birthday, and we had planned to do this since October. Thank you for sharing your tickets with us... you rock!

Kudos to Downtown Coeur d'Alene: Just had the best day with my daughter and granddaughter in downtown cda !! Did the elf on the shelf scavenger hunt — what a win/win deal!! So much fun and made me fall in love with cd all over again, my granddaughter found all 29 elves, and I had my eyes opened to all the great boutiques and art galleries — so many things to go back and buy!!

Safety First! To all of you who recognize driving is a privilege and comes with responsibilities, thank you for keeping your cars (especially windows and headlights) clean and in good working order. It's tough enough to drive safely in a clean car with headlights, brake lights and blinkers working properly. It pains me to see dirty cars with one headlamp on, driver seemingly uncaring about how dangerous that can be. Spokane, please clean your auto windows of snow and dirt, and check your lights. When one goes out, replace them both!


Tearing Down an Icon for Fast Food: Jeers to the lack of vision in this city to allow our iconic white elephant store on division to be torn down for a Panda Express. What an opportunity missed to embrace our city's iconic shops. How cool would a "White Elephant Brewery" have been instead?! But no...we will just tear it down to make way for more fast food. Lame.

I Don't Believe Coddington: Brian Coddington, we don't believe you. We're sick and tired of your lies and half-truths regarding available shelter beds in Spokane. We're not stupid. We remember your candidate for mayor ran on a platform of eradicating the homeless "problem" from Spokane, and your actions have achieved that goal. We know, that despite your assurances otherwise, there are way too few shelter beds in Spokane. How do we know? Aside from a preponderance of anecdotal evidence and independent surveys of available beds, your lack of transparency is most telling. And no, your made-up spreadsheets are not convincing in the least, because they're not backed up by anything other than your say-so that they are legitimate. The rising heap of frozen dead bodies have served well to discourage homeless from coming to or staying in Spokane, which is exactly what your candidate promised in her campaign. Congratulations. Job done. Promises kept. We know this is true. If not, prove it. Open up your system of determining available shelter beds to public scrutiny. All and any of the public. Let us watch and see when and how and listen in as city officials collect that daily data. Remove the gag order that prevents shelters from sharing available bed data with any member of the public. Stop the SPD policy of falsifying citations to prevent violating the sit and lie enforcement ban. Brian, we don't believe you.

Re: Junk Artists (Dec. 16): Aw, why so salty? Some of us really do try to beautify things a bit. Way back in 2008, a friend and I took it upon ourselves to spread a little felonious cheer, "tagging" a few spots with an elephant rising to the skies under a bundle of balloons clenched in its trunk. To this day, five colorful pachyderms continue their eternal ascent on the retaining wall at the corner of North Wall Street and West Cascade Way. Countless scribbles have come and gone on either side, but our Beautiful Babars, our Delightful Dumbos, our Heavenly Hortons remain unblemished. Come to think of it, that kind of proves your point, so I suppose this Jeers is actually a Cheers! Which is, after all, the only gift this Junk Artist ever wanted to give.

Re: Jeers: People Who Ghost: Everybody you know will eventually ghost you in life, hon... everybody dies, that's life. In the meantime, we are all in a process of continual challenges, changes, and growth. Sometimes friends can share and help each other face their challenges, but more often they cannot. The greater the challenges, the greater the changes, and the greater the growth... but also the greater the need to confront those challenges alone. No bestie belongs out on the airfield next to Ilsa standing between Rick and Viktor Laslow. Sometimes you will meet your friends on the other side of their challenges, changes, and growth. Sometimes your friends will change and grow and fly over the horizon in different directions, separate from your own. Sometimes you will walk off into the sunset working with new people on greater causes... and it will be the beginning of beautiful new friendships. You'll see. Best wishes, Grandma.

Thank You, Spokane: Thank you Spokane for keeping us all in business! Without your "no one can tell me what to do" attitude, our jobs would be far less busy. Thanks for not vaccinating or masking up. We will be seeing you very soon. The mortuary team. ♦

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