I Saw You

Week of December 30


Sent with a Stamp: I am part of you. You will always be part of me. You can take the girl out of Hillyard and Spokane, but ya can't take Spokane or Hillyard out of the girl. I MISS YOU ... With Love Arkansas...

Red String Tugging: I saw you so many years ago / I saw a future, I had dreams / They crashed into a bitter reality / I left. It's over. It's done. / It's clear you were not the one / I move on. I crashed and burned / I tried again with a lesson learned / Now you are back full of ambiguity / I can't do this to you or me / Please dont tug the string / Its strain I can no longer endure / You were once my everything / And I was a mat at your door / Please don't tug, don't try to pull me back / I left, I'm gone / There is no happy ending / Only memories of a time long ago / A time when I loved you so / And you said no. / Please just let me go. / Let us stay friends, / With a caveat, / let us not utter a word of the things we are not / Of the things which make me weak / The feelings that leave me meek / My soul cannot endure a trip down this lane / Into the memories of what could have been.

In the Produce Section: I saw you in the produce section of the grocery store carefully squeezing the lemons, trying to find the best one. You caught my eye, and I was struck... by the sight of your nostrils hanging out above your mask rendering it so completely ineffective. As you breathed your potentially contagious droplets all over the food others may be taking to their homes that night, I couldn't help to notice that while you may feel like a rebel who can't be bothered to follow a basic safety rule intended to protect the most vulnerable in our society, you look like an absolute moron who can't figure out how to put a mask properly on your face. We are so close to maybe being past the worst of this pandemic. Please keep wearing your masks in public for just a little while longer. Thanks.

CO Freddy: To all those years ago you took my breath away and you don't even know how much I still think of you ;) I wish I had my life together to actually have a chance with you <3 truth is I'm still trying to find my grounds since my identity felt so miserably taken. I had some bumps on the road (yes, you would know), but you were there to make me smile and take my mind off things. I should have taken the chance when I had it. The truth is I wouldn't know what to do with a guy like you, and I am a #screwup #gettingoverthatlife #2ndtime #embarassed. If you actually read this, I don't expect a response back, but I just have to put this out there. My feelings for you are never going anywhere.


Beyond the Call of Duty: A very busy new Mom was shopping at Michael's while trying to mix formula, feed a hungry baby and find cash in her wallet to pay for her crafting goods. The lovely lady clerk stopped ringing up the sale to reach under the glass partition to feed the baby her bottle so that the new Mom could finish the transaction. They didn't miss a beat! That is customer service!!!

Post Office Positive: Thank you for your kind gesture. After I already had been up to the counter and sent away twice by the old man, I finally had my package ready to be shipped. This time I got the window with the nice lady and when it came time to pay, I pulled out my phone and was informed that the United States Post Offices were not equipped with card reader that could take Samsung Pay. So there I am after I had been sent away from the counter twice already, now I got to leave and go online to pay... when the young manager asked, "How much is it?" And the lady responded "23 and change." He then said, as he pulled his debit card from his wallet, "I got it." He then inserted his card into the chip reader and paid for my shipping. I just wanted to say thank you, Jeremy, and thank you, U.S. Postal Service, for having wonderful People in the Manager position that are good.

Thank You: Thank you to the person who found my wallet at the Cheney Safeway and returned it to customer service. After a near-miss with a car in the parking lot, I was clearly thinking of other things and left it in my cart. You are the very best of folks.

Cheers to the Person Who Jeered Themselves: As I opened the cheers/jeers section of the most recent issue, I noticed an exuberant amount of jeers. Yours fortunately was at the top of the list. It caught me off guard to see someone actually go through some self-reflection and apologize for something so seemingly insignificant as possibly showing annoyance to others. The world has become full of jerks and what you wrote has proved to me that there are still good people out there. Cheers to you.

Bless Your Heart: To the woman in the car next to me at Rosauers on 14th today,around 11. You pulled up next to me. I was in the handicap spot but hadn't put my placard on yet; I was trying to wipe my eyes and nose so I could put on my mask. I caught a glimpse of your son (?) flipping me off. I could be wrong. Watering eyes are just one of many issues. Anyway, when I got back to my car, my eyes were going crazy, and I was having a hard time seeing. You pulled out, rolled down your window and told me to have a nice day. I didn't hear you so I said, "What?" You said, "Have a nice day." I got in my car and cried. People think because you park in a handicap spot you have to be old or use a cane, etc. It's hard for me to walk; I have neck, shoulder and back problems. And the watery eyes. :) You never know what someone is going through. I don't know if you read the Inlander, but I wanted to say thank you. It still makes me cry because kindness is hard to come by these days. So, thank you to the lady in the white car next to the silver car at Rosauers on 14th today, March 4th. Bless your heart.


YOU Make the Call: It's easy — either get the shot and potentially be one of the rare hundreds who experience a breakthrough COVID infection and survive, or don't get the vaccine and be one of the millions who have died from COVID-19...YOU make the call... It's a no-brainer... The folks who aren't getting the vaccine do exhibit signs of not having a brain, soooo?

Lost Girls & No Men: "Welcome to a world of stupid girls and no men! There once was a time when girls had self-respect and dignity — when they wouldn't ever dream of hooking up with low-class trash who have no job and multiple baby mamas. What in the world do you girls see in these losers?? They are not MEN — they are boys in adult bodies who want to act like a man — but NO MAN! A man takes care of his family, holds a job and doesn't stand on the corner looking for a handout or robbing from people who are trying to make a living your loser dude refuses to do. The verbal abuse alone is enough to stay away, let alone the physical abuse you choose to take. In this world when one has so many resources available to help you girls stay away and out of these relationships, you still desire to stay with these losers. Why — a thousand why's — do you ever even look at them, let alone get involved. Then you're stupid to think he's going to change, and you end up bringing innocent life into the mess you created. I blame you girls!! You're the ones responsible for your body and the life you carry. The world needs more men, stronger women and less losers!!!

Urgent Care: To the person that drives a blue truck that works at (or at least parks in front of) Franklin Park Urgent Care everyday. I first noticed your derogatory bumper stickers about a year ago, and I have avoided that urgent care location ever since. I have changed my families default urgent care to another company due to this vehicle that displays several Trump stickers, anti-LGBTQ with automatic weapons above the letters and an "all lives matter" sticker. Are you just trying to offend everybody? I get free speech, don't get me wrong, I am glad you're proud of what you believe in, but to park this offensive billboard at the front doors of this "professional" practice everyday? A bit much. I will continue to go elsewhere due to this, I hope you're glad that your location is losing money due to your racist and bigoted arrogance that you feel you must display. ♦

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