I Saw You

Week of January 6


Happily Ever L'after: I saw you through the window and knew we were at the start of a memorable adventure. You looked a-door-able. I had been feeling a little blue, but seeing you vastly improv-ed my mood. I want to walk into the bar and give you 185 roses, which might be the world's worst idea, but I want you to know how I like my lover like. I volunteer my heart to you. IYKYK. Happy birthday!

Any Dog Out There? Snuggie (10 months old) purebred Lakeland Terrier is looking for a friend. Yes, I realize this is NOT a dating site! lol Lakelands are a vanishing breed. NO, I am Not looking to breed her. Just would like to find someone in the main part of Spokane with a Lakeland and with a fenced-in backyard for play dates. She grew up around other terriers before I got her, so she is socialized but with the usual terrier attitude toward playing. I would like to find someone with a like-sized dog and age for her to work off some of the steam that doesn't get worked off on LONG daily walks. Not sure how we're going to communicate but would like to know if someone out there has a Lakeland.

2am@casino1/3/22: As I was walking out u asked to use my lighter. Ur name is Anthony, and I think u were trying to hit on me. U said u would maybe write an isawu for me and asked my name. U were very respectful and polite. If I wasn't such a hot mess right now and stuck in my miserable marriage, I definitely would have liked to continue chatting with u. I like ur look very handsome guy.

Reggae CDs and Blues: You had music on tapes or CDs downtown. With the hair, I didn't notice if you had any. I don't know anything about your offer, or if I'm too late to listen to a track or find out about the artist. Or was this just a brief sentiment?

A Barber Who Made My Day: I came into your shop looking for a change during a major life transition. I asked you to make some recommendations and went with it. We chatted about Christmas plans, your cooking tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. I tried to steal a joke from a comedian, and you caught me. Thank you for your kindness. It made a rough weekend rougher. I'm kicking myself for not asking for your number before I left. Perhaps next time.


CdA Super One: Christmas Eve. You were behind me in checkout, and when I couldn't find my wallet, you paid for my groceries. I was so surprised and moved by your generous act I started to cry. Thank you so much for brightening my day. Now, let me tell you "the rest of the story." I'd been stressed, as this has been a difficult year. I haven't worked since February; I had cancer surgery last year and am long overdue for follow-up to assure it hasn't returned; I expect to lose a beloved elderly pet soon. But most of all, I haven't worked mostly because my mother was having health issues and she died in August. We were facing our first Christmas without Mom. At the time of our encounter, I had not 100% decided whether to be sad and lonely by myself, or (possibly) sadder and lonelier with my siblings. Again, thank you so much for your much appreciated kindness. May we all strive to put kindness out into the world. Happy and healthy 2022 to you, and to all. (P.S. had a nice reflective Christmas with siblings)

To the Couple Who Returned a New Mom's Wallet: I didn't realize how real "mom brain" was until experiencing it myself. I had forgotten I put my wallet in my baby's stroller at the Valley Mall, and when my husband loaded it into the car, my wallet must have fallen out. As we pulled into our driveway, I got a call from my dad that someone was calling to find the owner of my wallet (smart of the person to look for a number to call in my wallet!) We were able to meet up a few hours later to pick it up. It was such a blessing that it was you who picked it up!! I easily could have had a major disaster on my hands had it fallen into the wrong hands. Thank you so much for being a good person and allowing this new momma to have one less worry!!

Tip and a Hug! To the anonymous woman who gave me a tip and a great hug while I was delivering fuel in Sandpoint, THANK YOU! You are making this world a better place!!

Angels at Firehouse Subs: Wanted to acknowledge the crew working at Firehouse Subs on North Division on Sunday! I left my purse on the chair when we were done eating there. Didn't discover it 'til we got home. Called, they said they had it safe in the backroom! I was SO grateful, in tears. The integrity and honesty of young people is often questioned in these times, but today I was the recipient of their honesty, integrity and admirable intentions! My husband is having heart surgery in three days; if I'd lost all my personal belongings in my purse, the stress on top of that would have been simply horrible for us! To the Angels of Firehouse Subs: Bless You with our sincerest appreciation! You're the BEST of human beings!

Cheers to the STCU/Best of Broadway: Cheers, and thank you, to the STCU/Best of Broadway for offering Student Rush tickets to the Broadway Show, "Anastasia". It made a day at the theater VERY affordable to many families.


Re: Tearing Down an Icon for Fast Food: If you did a little research you'd find out that the Conley family (owners of both White Elephant locations) sold their property directly to Panda Express. The City of Spokane played a minor part. Uninformed accusations are lame.

The Unvaccinated Infringe on the Rights of the Vaccinated: For those claiming that their "freedoms" include the right to refuse to receive COVID vaccinations, they need to understand that with this refusal comes a number of other rights, including: (1) the freedom to contract COVID and spread it to your family, friends, neighbors and community; (2) the freedom to contribute to the continuing overburden of our already overworked hospital and health care providers; (3) the freedom to contribute to the real possibility of renewed shutdown of businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues, putting others' financial well-being at risk; (4) the freedom to getting laid off as the pandemic continues to threaten our economy; (5) the freedom to put vaccinated people with immediate health issues such as strokes, heart attacks and tragic traffic accidents at risk as the unvaccinated continue to overcrowd the already limited numbers of ICU beds; and (6) last but not least, the freedom for your loved ones to watch as you die a slow and painful death, and as a result leave them not only with their loss, but also huge medical bills. As a reminder, existing laws, regulations and societal norms come with numerous limitations to your "freedom." While driving, you are not allowed to text or drink alcohol; but you are required to follow the rules of the road, wear your seatbelt, stop at red lights and stop signs, yield to emergency vehicles, etc. You do not have the freedom to smoke wherever you please, walk around in public with no clothes on, refuse to pay sales tax on purchases you make, or yell "Fire" in a crowded auditorium when there is none. These limitations (and many others) on "rights" are necessary, for without them our society would become chaotic and unruly, threatening the health, safety and well-being of all. So please spare me your insistence that your refusal to receive the COVID vaccinations is an infringement of your "rights" — your claim severely impacts the rights, livelihood and health of those doing the right thing and getting vaccinated.

Sissies? Stop giving nonvaccinated sissies attention by complaining about "them." After listening to the explanation of a burly man(?) in my building, I learned that "I've always been scared of needles. When I see the needles on TV being put into arms of those being vaccinated I just cannot go thru it." So, macho men — "we" who have weathered the storm and have had this painless injection — see "you" for who you are: sissies!

Worry about the Other Washington: Cathy, Cathy, Cathy... You're in the wrong lane again. Why are you promoting a state initiative when you should be working to solve the gridlock in Congress? I just received a drama-filled letter from CMR promoting an initiative challenging the state's long-term health care bill. Under Cathy's smiling face, the letter contains inaccurate and misleading information about the new law. She neglects to mention that the governor has asked for implementation to be delayed while the Legislature works to modify or delay its effect. Once again, CMR is casting blame instead of proposing solutions. Get off I-5, Cathy, and get back on the D.C. Beltway. Instead of always blaming Dems for everything... get to work, support better health care. ♦

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