I Saw You

Week of January 13


Hit and Run: We saw you and so did other good citizens. Shame on the uninsured "electrician" that totaled my son's car then left the scene. On Wed Dec 29th @ 9am my son was on his way to work heading east on West Fifth (getting on I90 East), and an older white E350 Econoline van (two fiberglass ladders attached to roof) was traveling north on Walnut and ran a redlight and totaled my son's car. Thankful my son was not more injured than he was. My son is a hardworking 19-year-old, and an irresponsible con artist man in his late 60s who claimed to own an electrical business and was on his way to work was operating a company vehicle without insurance. The man apologized and admitted he ran the redlight and offered to pay for tow fees and to fix the car, but when I arrived on scene and asked for proof of insurance etc., he refused to produce these. I told him I was calling the police, and he left the scene of the accident and paid for nothing. There were witnesses that saw the accident and stopped, but due to the chaos we were unable to get everyone's contact info. Anyone who witnessed this accident or has further information, please contact hitrunwhitevan1229@yahoo.com

Still Thinking about Our Brief Encounter: I saw you at Wal-Mart, the one on Sprague. We both comment on our good-looking appearance. You were looking marvelous in the dress or the dress was looking marvelous on you, but I am still thinking about that moment. I was so taken away by your total beauty (I wish I could have seen your eyes hiding behind stylish sunglasses) that I paid your bill. I hope you see this and respond; I want to continue our encounter.


Directions to Division: You approached me in the parking lot of Value Village and asked me how to get to Division; after I provided them, as you began to pull away, you complimented me, stopping again when I thanked you. I answered your very personal questions, and we made arrangements to meet up at a different location.

Ace Hardware Parking Lot: You were very pretty with a great smile, and you drove a red Toyota Corolla (I think.) You came out of Ace hardware at Sullivan and Sprague on Saturday 6/26 as I was getting out of my truck, and you said, "Sorry I didn't park so well with the lines," and I said, "It's OK; they're only lines." I should have asked you out on the spot, but I did not.


Snow Blowing Saint: Thank you so much to the person who snow blows the block just north of Wellesley on Maple. It has been such an extreme blessing to discover this already done. I hope you know how much your actions mean to those around you.

Lorax: You have given me the answer to a question I've been asking for a while, that being what I could write about. Well, former friend of 25+ formative years, real life seems to be turning into an epic read, thanks to your blast stains of presence that did cause me for the first time to doubt my sense of optimism for my fellow man. You hurt me deeply with your betrayal, yet I rise. I don't allow treacherous humans to get me down. I take all the lessons and use them for my highest good. You are reading this sitting next to your new boyfriend, my ex-husband, and maybe wonder if this is about you. Rest assured, it is...thanks for an epic story that I could never have considered writing if it hadn't really happened to me.

Lifesavers at Octapharma Plasma: I saw you at Octapharma Plasma saving lives! We appreciate every single one of you who comes in and donates plasma at our facility. It is people like you who are responsible for creating lifesaving therapeutics around the world and here at home. Every donation you make gives someone out there a better life. The plasma that is collected every day is used in so many great things from treating trauma to severe burns to mother/baby compatibility and so much more. You are making a difference every single day, and we couldn't do it with out you. I truly thank you for all you do!


Bad Neighbors: Earlier this year, Idaho Republican Doug Okuniewicz of Hayden got his wish to basically punish out-of-state [Washington] outdoors enthusiasts by doubling fees for us at nearby popular state parks. Now, Washington hospitals are seeing an influx of Idahoans with COVID. At the same time, Idaho Gov. Brad Little refuses to enforce safety measures regarding the spread of the virus, claiming President Biden is "out of touch" when challenging mask and vaccine mandates from the federal level. Out of touch? Really? Here's an idea: Charge the sick Idahoans double for their hospital stay in Washington, that is, if they even pay at all, seeing as how many don't have insurance. But if they don't pay, let's at least call it what it is, in the eyes of such people — socialism. So Idaho, you can come to Washington with your "fake" virus, not get billed twice, or even anything, but admit it — you are receiving free medical care, and that, by your definition, is socialism.

Level of Ignorance Is Unreal! At a chain restaurant a family of four walks in right past all the signs on the door that say a mask is required, yet the puzzled look on the wife's face saying she didn't realize they had to wear masks. Their kid looks like he was running a fever, and he was wiping his nose with his arm. So if your kid is sick and you won't protect yourself or others by wearing a mask, then you shouldn't be going into places like that because you're going to end up killing people by spreading this disease!!! The restaurant did supply them with a mask so they put them on and they were them down on their chin?! You might as well not wear one you flippin' moron!!!! Then there was an older woman standing in line who had a plate of food right in front of where you serve up your items; she had her mask down and was eating off of her plate and licking her fingers and continued to leave her mask down as she was walking through the line and using the utensils to serve herself. So I would highly recommend if you are someone with a weak immune system, please stay away from places like this. I even said something to management, and it's sad because there are signs everywhere that say you must keep your mask on the entire time you are in the restaurant except if you are at your seat. Those reckless people are the ones that are spreading this disease because they also are not vaccinated and they don't care. ♦

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