I Saw You

Week of January 20


Please Help My Neighbor Find This Kind Man: This is my neighbor's story. She is a lovely kind elderly women from Indonesia, Here is her story: On Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022, I was the fortunate senior on the receiving end. I was on my way to an appointment at 10:30 am. Walking on Victoria Drive and crossing 13th to 14th, I slipped. The other two times I slipped in less than one week, I was able to get myself up. Not this time, but an angel appeared... this young man said I will help you up. Once I was standing, he inquired "Are you OK to stand on your own?" and said, "I will get your cane." And then he said, "Just wait here. I will get my car and drive you." In these days of the pandemic, helping a senior Indonesian lady is more than an act of kindness, it is also a heroic act. Arriving, he waited as I pushed the intercom till the manager appeared. I thanked him, but forgot to ask his name and address? I plan to get a gift certificate from Starbucks for this kind man, as a small token of my gratitude. He had a Starbucks cup on his dashboard and might be a self-employed painter or carpenter. He mentioned he could not get his truck out from his snow-covered driveway. Please, please if anyone out there might know him, please give me his contact. Thank you for your help. Please share my post; maybe I can find this very kind young man. Thank you.

Blue Fannel Suits You: It was a couple days before Christmas. You entered through the Sweet Frosting entrance. Briefly thought you recognized me but completely unsure as you rushed away. The blue flannel was unexpected, but you wore it well. Hope you have been good.

Missing Something? I saw you at Mass, a family of adults. There were boxes of masks at every entrance. The cantor's first words: Please wear a mask. The priest wore a mask. Your faces were bare. A woman approached you, smiled, offered you masks, and asked you to wear them. One of you said, "I'm good." The woman laid the masks, one each, on the pew between you. Your faces — your mouths, your noses — remained bare. Then you all got in line to receive Communion with your sisters and brothers, so many so much older than the oldest of you. You joined them and stood in line in front of them and behind them. They sat in the pews beneath you at your right elbow as you breathed in and out, head bowed. They passed you in the aisle, face to face, elbow to elbow. I saw 100 strangers wearing masks for each other — and for you. I saw Jesus on the Crucifix. I saw you, maskless, receiving without giving. I wonder: Does it ever seem like you might be missing something?


Thanks for the Caffeine! Cheers to the STCU Rocket Bakery barista at 2:44 on Tuesday for being so patient with two frazzled, un-caffeinated teenage girls who cannot make up their mind on what they want AND for so kindly bringing it to the table, when we have made ourselves at home. We know you were just doing your job, but it helped cheer up some sad sacks who needed a nice stranger and a lot of bean juice.

Thanks to Kind Lady at Fred Meyer: So I was checking out at Fred Meyer, and I was a couple dollars short, so I proceeded to take a couple things off, and the lady behind me said I'll pay for your stuff. So then I tried to give her the $ I had, and she wouldnt take it. So I just wanted to say thanks to the very kind lady at Fred Meyer! It mesnt a lot to me, and I will pay it forward some day most definietly!

Not So Fitness: The signs on your South Hill doors state "No Mask No Entry." Yet 99% of the people in your facility do not wear a mask. Change the signs to state "We Do Not Give A Crap About Our Exhausted ICU Workers." Hard to be fit when you are gasping for every breath with COVID pneumonia. Maybe our hospitals should put signs on their doors: "If You Don't Try To Help Us, Don't Expect Us To Help You."

Jeers to Jeers: It used to be mildly entertaining to read the Jeers section each week. But, lately they've just been so stupid that it's hard to find anything of interest. Perhaps it's time to retire that section of the "news." I have a suggestion to offer in its place similar to The Green Zone. How about The Hop Zone or The Beer Zone? Each week you could spend as much time talking about a local alcohol product (such as beer) as you do marijuana, thereby supporting local business and economy. "Spokane: It's not just for dummies anymore...or maybe it is."

Black Congressman Billboard: The Spokane GOP has placed a billboard on Francis just off of Division in North Spokane touting that fact that the first Black congressman was a Republican. While that is factually true (It was Joseph Rainey, a Republican from South Carolina who served in Congress from 1869 to 1879), I found the billboard to be quite disingenuous. The Republican Party at that time stood for equality and the elimination of barriers to political participation by formerly enslaved people. The Republican Party of today is engaged in a variety of voter suppression tactics designed to reduce participation in elections by members of marginalized communities. The hypocrisy of this billboard is blatant.

North Central Tire Thieves: To the brazen jerk tire thieves that came into my fenced yard and up to my back door at 7 am to steal one of my sons mag wheels and tires, I'm sure you planned to take the rest until I interrupted you when I chased you to your accomplice in the waiting U-Haul van. I wish I would have had a handful of heavy objects to throw at your thieving a— and rented getaway vehicle! Since it took crime check four days to call me back to take the report, I have little doubt you will get away with your crime, I also have NO doubt that karma and the highest authority will NOT be as incompetent! You've caused a severe hardship to a wonderful young man who probably would have given it to you if you had asked, and definitely did not deserve this! I am the young mans father, and I wish you nothing but misery and hardship.

Drunk Girl at Fiddler on the Roof: To the girl in the middle of row Y on Friday night's showing of Fiddler on the Roof: I consider myself to be a very patient person, but you were incredibly loud and drunk. I missed so many scenes simply because you kept swearing, tapping your feet, and talking with your boyfriend. You openly criticized the dialogue as they were saying their lines. You openly criticized the music as they were singing. I'll remember this as a show with great dancing, great music and an obnoxious drunk girl. Your boyfriend apologized to us, and I hope you apologized to your boyfriend. Next time your drunken self wants to go to a show, please don't. Let the rest of us enjoy what we paid for. ♦

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