I Saw You

Week of January 27


Snowmobile on Sprague: I saw you driving a snowmobile in downtown Spokane. Actually it would be more accurate to say I heard you, that thing is loud! Last month some friends and I were handing out cocoa to unsheltered people sleeping under the bridges between Erie and Sprague around 7 pm when you came roaring past for the first of several laps. You seemed to be having a great time and were either oblivious or indifferent to the gigantic ticket I'm sure you would get if caught snowmobiling on city streets. At one point a man on a bicycle was riding the other direction up the street in bicycle shorts despite the icy roads and snow falling all around. As the two of you passed each other, I genuinely wasn't sure which one of you was crazier. I hope you had a good time and didn't get caught.


Thoughtful Francis & Monroe McDonald's Ladies: Last week when I reached your drive-up window to pay for my two muffin order, I commented I had a really low blood sugar that morning and needed to boost it. You insisted on giving me orange juice along with the muffins. So kind! Thank you.

Canceled: It turns out someone was trying to cancel Aaron Rodgers, but it wasn't a woke mob or cancel culture; it was the San Francisco 49ers!


Cinderella Doesn't Know How Good She Had It... She could have had a stepmother far worse than the one in the old Disney film... or any of the remakes. She could have had you. When dad died, you didn't even wait a single day before you gave your son, who hated my dad, his truck. I didn't judge you. It hurt, but I told myself that we all handle grief differently. But then you had us waste time and money on the boat, only to sell it before we ever got to spread his ashes like you promised. Saying that your 22 years with my dad was a roller coaster would be an incredible understatement. Regardless, you said we were a family, and I believed you. Then you moved in the biggest loser and thief I had known from my years at Ferris, completely cut off all communication with me, my brother, and the three boys who thought you were their "nana." No call on their birthdays. After 22 years of Christmas Eves together, you didn't invite us, for the first time... my dad died, and you were glad to wash your hands of us and his grandkids, whom he adored (the ones you manipulatively pretended to love while he was alive, just like how you said you loved my brother and me as if we were your own kids). He said that you were sick. He called you a liar and manipulator and fake. My biggest regret is not believing him. Every single thing he ever said about you, you have now proved to be true.

Surgery: With all the hospitals in Spokane you would think our governor and city officials with all their intelligence could find a way to keep one hospital open for surgery. People still have medical needs. Doctors have people on hold for months pending surgery and other medical needs. What is this world coming to? Demonic forces at work for sure.

Lack of Integrity: Jeers to the early morning gym patrons working out without a mask. Just because there is no attendant doesn't mean you're an exception to the rule. Just more privilege and lack of basic integrity on display. The sign is at the front door to wear a mask, and you know the requirement by now. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Many Spokane citizens need to get some.

RE: Not So Fitness: Hey buddy, have you ever tried to ball with your bros wearing a mask? Do you even ball at all? I would love to see you try and bench 225 with a mask on. I would love to see you get buckets with constricted air flow. How about instead of trying to make the rules for the ICU... ICU on the court next Tuesday to settle this.

It Is (Almost) Your Birthday: Banks trash. The rest of your crap can be found in a landfill. Where all your delusional absent-minded reality came from. Hope you're fabricated existence comes crashing.

The Argh Show: Jeers to the folks so proud of staging a Covid super spreader confab for the people who put food on our tables. No masks and no vaxes required at the Ag Show! The promoters of this infection convention apparently think all farmers would risk dying to see a new combine.

Spokane Roads: Potholes and mess galore. Where is all this tax money going? All the money from marijuana sales!!! These streets are horrible, and all of us should be suing the city for new tires and car alignments. Super disappointed. Do it better Spokane!!!!

Save the Chancery: Jeers to the real estate company that owns the Chancery Building. I'm so sick of historical things being torn down. Why don't you make it an art gallery for local artisans.? This helps local artists & you make money; it helps them get discovered, and good publicity can be contagious. It could be a tourist site. Duh! You are losing out on culture and profitability. Same with the Spokesman-Review building; why can't we spruce up old machines, hire actors & show tourists what newspaper life was like through the ages? Grow some brains & some sets and start preserving historic buildings & recycle them to actually benefit the city.

Where Are the Masks? We just got back and since it's the weekend, the place was crowded. We were shocked to see almost half the customers were not wearing masks! I asked one of the supervisors about it and was told that they no longer require them, as the corporate office felt they were losing money by mandating the wearing of masks in the store. Apparently money is more important than the health and safety of their customers. I don't like wearing masks, but I want to do my part to try to end this pandemic. I am very disappointed.

False Gonzaga Gods: First it was Mark Few getting a Do Not Go to Jail card when he got caught driving drunk. Now it's another minor basketball deity, getting to sit unmasked at crowded games until other fans complained. John Stockton, purveyor of dangerous lies about athletes dying from Covid vaccinations, should have been ejected from the very first game he watched with baldfaced arrogance. But wait! He's another Zag God, hovering high above the laws that apply to mere mortals. The worship of basketball — that's the real religion at Gonzaga University.

Mask Up, Man: John Stockton, get a mask! Get a vax! Kudos G.U.! Who do you think you are!? Pompous? Elite? Ignorant? ♦

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