I Saw You

Week of April 21


Downtown Wells Fargo ATM: Were you missing something when you left? You were using the machine with your silver Sentra parked at the curb. I approached from the east and gave you distance. Let me know what you are missing and what I was wearing when I approached. I will give it back to you.

We Never Actually Got to See You: Since March of this year, you had been "dead" to our family, but on December 23rd you had actually died. For my sibling and I you were our first death. But for my moms? They had already experienced the pain of losing a father and brother. Honestly I am still in denial about what our family had gone through because of you. We all struggled to unlearn the generational trauma that started with your mother and lack of father. When we decided to try and grow, you and your wife decided to stay behind. I was called ungrateful and immature. My mother was called narcissistic. In reality that was you two. Even with all of that, I miss you. Some of my best childhood memories were formed in your shop, kitchen and home. Just because we had a family fight does not mean we never stopped loving you. Everyone in the home cried that day. I'll never forget what you inspired in me and the messages your music and art left behind for us all.

Meow Kapow! You were in the produce section of the Super 1 on 29th, singing to the '80s hits, and occasionally dancing. You wore a sweatshirt featuring a kitten throwing a grenade. I liked the silver in your hair. I complimented your dancing skill and your shirt. You made me laugh. Want to meet up and dance to '80s songs? I have a kitten shirt I can wear, too.

Cookie Monster Bike Rider: So I was on Division on Friday, heading back up to work from my lunch break, and I turned to the right to see you on your bike and you had a Cookie Monster cover for your helmet. Made me laugh a bit, but you definitely smiled back. On the drive up all the way to Wellesley and Division, you kept glancing over, and when I turned into the parking lot I blew ya a quick air kiss! Feel free to email me! You look like you're fun!

Beautiful Girl at North Costco: I saw you at Costco on Saturday night around 6 pm. You had just grabbed some food court items and were the last one leaving with your sister. You had glasses and knee-high leather boots on. I was speechless because you looked so incredible. I managed to at least get out a "Hi." You smiled and giggled but kept walking. We should grab a drink sometime.


Show Spokane Some Love! Spring is here, and April is Spokane Gives month. The city doesn't have enough employees to manage all of the litter. Show our city some love and pick up a block or two... organize a few friends and pick up an empty lot. Make Spokane somewhere you can be proud to have family and friends visit! It takes all of us!

Bless Your Heart: To the woman in the car next to me at Rosauers. You pulled up next to me. I was in the handicap spot but hadn't put my placard on yet; I was trying to wipe my eyes and nose so I could put on my mask. I caught a glimpse of your son (?) flipping me off. I could be wrong. Watering eyes are just one of many issues. Anyway, when I got back to my car, my eyes were going crazy, and I was having a hard time seeing. You pulled out, rolled down your window and told me to have a nice day. I didn't hear you, so I said, "What?" You said, "Have a nice day." I got in my car and cried. People think because you park in a handicap spot you have to be old or use a cane, etc. It's hard for me to walk; I have neck, shoulder and back problems. And the watery eyes. :) You never know what someone is going through. I don't know if you read the Inlander, but I wanted to say thank you. It still makes me cry because kindness is hard to come by these days. So, thank you to the lady in the white car next to the silver car at Rosauers. Bless your heart.


Jeers to Spokane Parks & Rec: Fall of 2021, the South Hill dog park was demolished from a forested 15-acre lot to a 5-acre open space. We have made due with the space as we witnessed over 100 old-growth pines be clear-cut in the space where many dogs used to play and roam. Now this 5-acre lot will close a year from now (April 2023) with no promise of a similar option. Parks and Rec is spending $750,000 on a dog park less than one-acre big. Yes, this will look aesthetically pleasing for Riverfront Park but is impractical and a poor use of taxpayers money. Dogs and humans need actual space for off-leash activities. Parks and Rec's own mission statement refers to enhancing and protecting a diverse system of parks. So, how does enhancing and protecting apply to demolishing a well-loved 15-acre dog park to then spend an extravagant budget on less than a one-acre space in the center of the city?

What Is Real Newsworthy: I have two news stories, you tell me which is the most newsworthy. First we have one millionaire slapping another millionaire during a live prima donna social that every news outlet could'nt stop reporting on even weeks afterwards. The other news story is about another black male shot and killed by another police officer during a traffic stop in Grand Rapids. I found out that through youtube from a local ABC affiliate, nowhere else. I admit I don't watch every newscast, so they may have mentioned it, but nothing like the millionaire story.

Good Guy BS: Open carry adherents should take into consideration a would-be shooter will probably take out the person with a weapon visibly located on their hip first. Get your concealed. I know it doesn't advertise any of the perpetuated pro-gun myths you conspicuously buy into — i.e., you'll save the day, you're a tough guy(gal), don't tread on me BS — but the life you save could be your own by remaining anonymous. Good guy(gal) with a gun fantasy is pure poppy cock; you're more likely to injure or kill an innocent bystander. By the way, you make your surroundings more dangerous, as nobody in your vicinity knows whether you are trained with your weapon or just some wanna be nutter with a hero complex. Quit the obsessive, ridiculous gun worship, please.♦

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