I Saw You

Week of May 12


Baby Please don't go! "Dreams aren't real. Wishes don't come true. Words cannot express the depth of my love for you. Life is nothing like movies, there are no happy endings. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn sell happiness to helpless hope fiends, Hopeless romantics, and everyone in between..... Me? Traded my Chevy, got something red, a type S 300... You thought id look good in it. I said ""not until you are sitting next to me."" I used to know the right things to say. I'm supposed to start feeling better right? I mean any day... I miss you, I need you. I said things outta spite. I can't let you go. It just doesn't feel right. I hurt inside and I'm finally feeling the emotions from that one cold December night. Are you gonna be FAR? GO! If you must. This feeling is love. Nothing like lust..... Yet we're in real life, this isn't the movies. Where's our happy ending? Do you still feel the same for me? Because if you do, well I have one wish... I wish that you would forgive me for acting so erratic. If I had a dream that were to come true, I'd dream that you were still mine and I'd live forever with you! But in reality ...Dreams? Ha, they're not real. Wishes,they don't ever come true. Baby Please Don't Go.... I'm still in love with you! "

Garland Rocket Bakery: We passed each other grabbing coffee Monday morning and caught eyes. Sweet Arc'teryx jacket. Grab your drink next time? Climb? Ski?!


To my angel at Spokane Tribe Casino: On April 17th I was enjoying my $2 Blue Moons and celebrating being on "vacation" (all the way from Spokane Valley). We were having a lot of fun!! Until we left and 10 minutes later I realized that I had lost my wallet. "Vacation" was surely ruined now. We went back and learned that someone good had turned it in with everything intact. I'm not sure if it was an employee or a guest that found it, but I was so appreciative and relieved that I didn't have to spend the next few hours canceling credit cards and going through the hassle of switching all my autopay bills. Thank you so much!! I cannot believe that I did that.

Play ball! Cheers to the Spokane Indians ball club! Thanks for hanging in there and coming back stronger than ever. I am SO excited to see baseball games this summer!

Returned wallet: Cheers to you for being an honest Man and returning a billfold to its owner. We were at a park on N. Standard, and my son dropped his billfold, and when you heard his name on the playground, you verified the ID and returned it. Thank you so very much! You are an awesome Dad setting the standard and doing the right thing. Bless you!

Hello doggy! Cheers to the guy who said hello to my dog while I was picking up a copy of the new Inlander in front of the Milk Bottle on Garland. I'm sorry he didn't say hi back. He was distracted by the delicious smells wafting from the diner.

Smells like kind spirit! Cheers to the young Burger King drive-through employee with the great hair who complimented my mom on her Nirvana t-shirt. You made her day!

Entwined in Thanks: Cheers to those who will stand up for others when disrespect and injustice presents. Cheers to those friends who are the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Cheers to those who see the good in all and the opportunity/hope for betterment in others. Cheers to the friend who would support without self-thought, and love without self-doubt. This family thanks you. We are entwined together, as humans, and as family. Signed T. Panda fan club


Baby Daddie$: Fine, you can be the post-abortion generation. Welcome to child support payments! FOR EVERY BABY YOU SPAWN! Oh yeah. That's how this is going to roll. Nobody wants to pay for your babies, man. It's going to be on YOU. You dum-dums. Didn't you notice that every other guy out there is in a financial hole right up to his neck because he's hitched to child support payments for DECADES? Looks like we can expect about a million more baby daddies a year.

Revised branch of goverment: It looks like it's time to revise one our three branches of goverment, we have the legislative, executive and judicial, which should be revised to "Political Ideology" considering a recently leaked court opinion draft.

Party of who? Republicans say that they're the party of Lincoln, i don't see how that can be true considering thier objection to slavery being taught in our schools. I think a better face of their party would be one of Pinocchio. If you think about it, it makes perfect sence, their master Trump is a compulsive liar, McCarthy, Jordan, Greene, etc, all liars. And of course we have lying-under-oath Supreme Court justices.

Re: Bloomsday Cheers and Jeers: Kudos to the Cheers and Jeers Bloomsday insight. I couldn't agree more. However, I don't see the participant behavior improving. For one, Spokane is a town of people who express the behavior "who cares about you? I only care about me." So, if they line up ahead of where they should be, then jog for a hundred yards before coming to a comatose walk, they don't care how many people have to swerve around them. Some people who "ran" the event actually started walking the opposite direction. Imagine having so little brain power that you walk against roughly 25,000 people going the opposite direction. Oh wait a minute. It actually wouldn't be against 25,000 since the fools that did this started ahead of where they should have started. Also, here is a study aid for those who can't understand where to walk. If you hold up your left hand (that's the one on the left side of your body), that's also the left side of the road. When you walk Bloomsday, that's the side of the road you're supposed to be on. Please move to that side of the road next year and let the runners have the right side of the road.

Great... Now I'm the Bad Guy? To the Starbucks employee expecting me to pay it forward. I am so sick and tired of this whole gratitude, show kindness BS! It legitimately has me on the brink of a breakdown. The next car ahead of me that pays for my drink may result in a fit of unexpected rage. I could care less if you've got 50 pay it forwards in a row, I am not making it 51! The soccer mom behind me with her 5 bratty kids are going to have to pay for their own blended frap-crap and cake pops. When did it become a crime to enjoy an unexpected gift? This isn't about good people showing gratitude. It's about the fact that no one wants to be the a-hole. Well, guess what? I'm the a-hole, and I am going to enjoy the hell out of my free drink. ♦

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